Theological Shark Week

Theological Shark Week

Every few months or so, Daily Theology hosts a focused week of blogging on a particular topic or theme in contemporary theology. We hope that these posts will serve as leavening in the wider theological conversation, whether that be in other blogs, at parishes, or while sharing a meal.

If you have an idea for a future topic or theme, please email The Editors.

VIII: Sexual Assault and Higher Education: An Octave of Theological Reflection (Sept. 13-20, 2015)

Featuring posts by Katherine Greiner, Brianne Jacobs, Bridget O’Brien, Megan McCabe, Jenny Peek, John DeCostanza, Lorraine Cuddeback, Christine McCarthy, and Katie O’Neill.

VII: What is–or should be–Catholic higher education? (Feb 15-24, 2015)

Featuring posts from Katherine Greiner, Amanda Osheim, Brian Flanagan, Kevin Ahern, and Stephen Okey.  With responses from Christopher Pramuk and Daniella Zsupan-Jerome.

VI: What Should Pope Francis do on his visit to the United States? (October 6-10, 2014)

Featuring posts from Katie O’Neill, Stephen Okey, Meg Stapleton-Smith, Bridget O’Brien, Leo Guardado, Christine McCarthy, Jennifer Owens, Gregory Hillis, Nicole Perone, and Kevin Ahern.

V: “Holy Hell?!  DT considers the afterlife.” (October 28 – November 1, 2013)

Featuring posts from Stephen Okey, Christine McCarthy, John Slattery, Michael Avery, Katharine Mahon, Aaron Pidel, Amanda Osheim, Krista Stevens, Andrew Staron, and Michael Rubbelke.

IV: “Pope Francis, Theology, and the Church of the Poor” (April 28 – May 5, 2013)
Featuring posts from John Slattery, Kevin Johnson, Heather DuBois, Michael Rubbelke, Stephen Okey, Brad Rothrock, Marc Rugani, and Kevin Ahern.

III: “What is the Role of Faith in the Classroom?” (September 9-15, 2012)
Featuring posts from Stephen Okey, Katherine Greiner, John Slattery, Katie O’Neill, Brad Rothrock, and Kevin Ahern.

II: “Why I am (still) Catholic” (February 13-19, 2012)
Featuring posts from Jen Owens, Brian Flanagan, Amanda Osheim, Kevin Johnson, Brad Rothrock, Marc Rugani, and Kevin Ahern.

I: “Whom does the theologian serve?” (October 17-21, 2011)
Featuring posts from Kevin Ahern, Amanda Osheim, Steve Okey, Marc Vincent Rugani, and Kevin Johnson, with a follow-up by John Slattery.

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