Introducing Theological Shark Week VI, What Should Pope Francis do on his Visit to the United States?

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What Should Pope Francis do on his Visit to the United States?
October 2014

 Pope Francis is expected to make his first visit to the United States in 2015. While nothing is formally confirmed, he is rumored to visit Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families; New York, where he is expected to follow his predecessors in addressing the United Nations General Assembly; and possibly Washington, where he has been invited to address a joint session of Congress (how many of the “founding fathers” are spinning around in their graves at that idea!).

This upcoming trip got us at Daily Theology thinking, “what should Francis do (#WSFD) on his visit to the United States?” This is the question that will guide our 6th installment of “Theological Shark Week.” We have a full week with ten thoughtful posts on this topic. Please share this with others.

It may seem a bit presumptuous and maybe even a tad irreverent, but we have asked our amazing group of blog writers and some other promising young thinkers to muse on what they would suggest to those planning the pope’s agenda. Is there a special parish or school that he should visit? Is there someone you know that he should meet? If he addresses Congress, what should he say?

At the end of the week, we will compile these reflections and send them on to the Vatican through our partners in Pax Romana, the international network of Catholic intellectuals and professionals.

We invite our friends in other blogs and social media platforms to join us in asking this question with the hashtag #WSFD.

Theological Shark Week VI: Schedule

Monday, October 6th

  1. Kevin AhernHealing the Wounds with Tea: Why Francis Should Visit Sr. Elizabeth Johnson
  2. Nicole Perone (Guest Post): Dear Pope Francis, Welcome to America! (An Open Letter to the Pope) 

Tuesday, October 7th

  1. Greg Hillis (Guest Post):  Pope Francis at the Corner of 4th and Walnut
  2. Jennifer Owens:  “Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy”:  An Open Letter to Pope Francis

Wednesday, October 8th

  1. Christine McCarthyAccompanying the Huddled Masses: the Homeless of New York
  2. Leo Guardado (Guest Post): Pope Francis, Visit the American Lampedusa and Teach Us How to Weep

Thursday, October 9th

  1. Bridget O’Brien (Guest Post):  How Should Francis Love My City?
  2. Meg Stapleton-Smith:  Living Solidarity, Living Catholicism

Friday, October 10th

  1. Stephen Okey:  Let’s Take Francis Out to the Ballgame
  2. Katie O’Neill:  Cupich for the Win #wsfd


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