Theology & Racial In/Justice: Introducing Shark Week XII

Welcome to the return of Theological Shark Week!

This installment of Daily Theology’s Shark Week turns our attention to racial division and injustice in the United States today.

As seen in the news, at rallies, and on social media, leaders of the “Alt-Right”, white supremacist organizations, and other groups who espouse far-right ideologies have been successful in the past few years at bringing white nationalist and far-right sympathies into the mainstream political and cultural arenas. Yet many Americans—particularly white Americans—believe that we live in a post-race society: one where racism has already been overcome by the Civil Rights movement, where the Nazis and white supremacists have already been defeated. Our authors this week will be turning our attention to a number of issues surrounding race in the United States and to the recent rise of mainstream white supremacy from a wide range of theological perspectives. Just a few of our posts this week include: what it means to call racism America’s original sin; the celebration of the Eucharist and solidarity; the role of the internet’s anonymity in hampering dialogue and feeding hate; writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and the theological dimensions of hope; and pastoral considerations and obligations to those who do not see the damaging effects of white supremacy and racism in our midst.

This promises to be a week of important conversations. It features both excellent jumping off points for those of us who are just beginning to think about the theological complexities of race in the United States and also compelling reading for those of us who have been involved in these conversations for years.

Monday, 10/23:
Lorraine Cuddeback on When Paul Corrected Peter

Tuesday, 10/24:

Wednesday, 10/25:
Andrew Prevot on Race, Roots, and Blood

Thursday, 10/26

Friday, 10/27

Saturday, 10/28
Luis Menéndez-Antuña on Academic Talk is not Racial Justice