The Daily Theology Podcast

dt podcastThe Daily Theology Podcast features conversations about the craft and vocation of theology. We speak with theologians, ministers, and people of faith from a variety of disciplines and traditions.

The podcast is produced by Daily Theology contributors Stephen Okey and Michael Avery. New episodes come out the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month.

Where to Listen
The post for each episode includes information on the conversation and the guest as well as an audio player to listen. You can also listen to episodes through iTunes, Stitcher, and any podcast app on your smartphone.



Podcast Episodes
You can find all episodes here or you can find podcast episodes by:

Season Episode Host
2018 Season
2017 Season
2016 Season
2015 Season
Michael Avery
John DeCostanza
Dannis Matteson
Stephen Okey
Amanda Osheim
Stuart Squires
Matthew Tapie

Music Credits

The music for the podcast was created by Matt Hines of the band Eastern Sea, whom you can find on Facebook, Twitter, or Spotify