VII: Catholic Higher Education (Feb 2015)

Theological Shark Week VII:Cropped Lake
What is–or should be–Catholic higher education?

Sparked by questions over the University of Notre Dame’s CORE curriculum review and possible outcomes for undergraduate theology requirements, throughout the week we’ll be examining the intersection of education and Catholic identity in colleges and universities.

“Catholic Colleges and Universities in the United States:  A Historical Overview” by Katherine Greiner (2.15.15)

“Models of Catholic Higher Education” by Amanda Osheim (2.16.15)

“One Size Fits All?  Catholic Higher Education in the Diaspora” by Brian Flanagan (2.17.15)

“The Catholic Campus and the Gospel of the Marginalized” by Kevin Ahern (2.19.15)

“Catholic Identity and Online Education” by Stephen Okey (2.20.15)

Responses to Shark Week

“Seeds of Light and Love:  The Contested Identity of Catholic Universities” by Christopher Pramuk of the Hope Sings So Beautiful blog in reply to Kevin Ahern (2.20.15)

“Relating Sacramentality in Online Teaching” by Daniella Zsupan-Jerome of Loyola University New Orleans in reply to Stephen Okey (2.24.15)