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We at Daily Theology are writers, teachers, ministers, and professors who are seeking to enrich and educate the daily lives of Christians across the world with theological reflections and engagements. This site is neither a “lite” version of academia nor a news organization, but a collection of essays about faith, theology, and daily life. Below are a list of the active contributors to the site, but we are always adding new voices and finding new words. We invite to you read, converse, and write with us.

John Slattery

John holds a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology and the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Notre Dame and is currently living, writing, and working in Washington, DC. He is the author of Faith, Science, and Notre Dame (2019) and the editor of Christian Theology and the Modern Sciences (2020).

Tweet at me @JohnSlatteryPhD; See more at http://www.johnslattery.com/; read all of John’s posts here.

Lorraine Cuddeback-GEDEON

Lorraine Cuddeback-Gedeon is Director of Mission and Ministry at Mercy High School in Baltimore, MD. She holds a PhD in Christian ethics (2017) and an MDiv (2012) from the University of Notre Dame.You can find her on Twitter @RaineVeronica and see more of her writing at www.lcuddebackgedeon.com.

See a full list of Lorraine’s posts here.

Katherine Greiner

Katherine Greiner is an assistant professor of Theology at Carroll College in Helena, MT. 

See a full list of Katherine’s posts here.

Benjamin Durheim

Dr. Benjamin Durheim is a visiting assistant professor of theology at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University in Minnesota. He is the author of Christ’s Gift, Our Response (Liturgical Press).

See a full list of Benjamin’s posts here.

Stephen Okey

Stephen Okey is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Theology, and Religion at Saint Leo University outside of Tampa, FL.

You can find him elsewhere on the web: TwitterAcademia.edu, and his own website. See Stephen Okey’s posts here. And see Podcast Episodes Hosted by Stephen Okey.

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