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Seeds of Life and Love: The Contested Identity of Catholic Universities

Chris Pramuk, Associate Professor of Theology at Xavier University and editor of our partner blog, Raids Across the Color Line, has published a response to DT’s recent Shark Week, specifically to Kevin Ahern’s post from Thursday.  We’ve […]

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How Should Francis Love My City?

By Bridget O’Brien

As a native daughter of Philadelphia, I’ve been following news of Francis’s planned trip there since it was more an assumption than a fact. That probably seems reasonable—it’s not every day the pontiff visits your hometown—but if I’m honest, it’s not Francis-mania that makes me scroll through pages of coverage. I’m excited about the pope . . . but the level of energy I’ve invested in following rumors of Francis’s impending visit to Philadelphia is not significantly lower than the energy I invest in rumors of friends’ spouses’ cousins’ visiting Philadelphia.

Philadelphians are obsessed with Philly.