Tag: Public Theology

DT Podcast Episode 31 – Kevin Ahern

Season 3 of the podcast continues with Stephen Okey’s interview with Kevin Ahern. Since first meeting at Boston College in 2007, they have become close friends, collaborators, and occasional housemates. They sat down during the 2017 Annual Convention of the College Theology Society to talk about how Kevin’s […]

Bodies, Power, and Post-Truth Politics

By Callid Keefe-Perry I’ve come to think about the present political and social moment from a perspective informed by public theology. That is, though my own Christian Quaker faith is a large lens through which I see and speak of the world, it is more important than ever […]

A Christian Case for a Third Party

Two weeks: the remaining until the population of the United States will vote for one man (this time around, at least) to hold the most powerful political office in the world.  As is usual every four years, we–the faithful public–get to choose between two imperfect candidates as representatives […]

Public Theology and Scientology

The Huffington Post is reporting that Katie Holmes, following the finalization of her divorce from Tom Cruise, is returning to the Catholic Church. First off, in the spirit of Mr. Kotter, I’d like to welcome Katie back to the fold. Second, while the details of their divorce remain […]

The Public Vocation of the Theologian

Whom does the theologian serve? In a certain sense, it’s an easy question to answer: the theologian serves God and neighbor. But then again, what theologian would stop with an easy answer? Bernard Lonergan would probably say that this answer raises further possibly relevant questions, the first of […]