From the Editors: News for Fall 2015

Dear Faithful Readers,

Happy beginning of a new semester! As modern-day theologians, our lives cycle with the rest of academia, so the whispers of September welcome in new students, new committee meetings, and new graduate coursework for all of us here at DT.

Second, you may have already noticed this, but we welcomed three new regular bloggers to Daily Theology this summer: Dannis Matteson, John DeCostanza, and Lorraine Cuddeback!!  Click on the links to find out more about these new contributors and to read some of their posts.

Pilgrims to Romero's Beatification
Pilgrims to Romero’s Beatification

Third, we are happy to announce that we have also added a second “blog partner” this summer, entitled “Super Martyrio: The Martyrdom Files of Archbishop Romero.”  We at DT have always been huge fans of the late Bishop and Martyr–as can be seen from the many posts on the holy man–but the interest spiked this year with some first-hand posts during Bl. Romero’s beatification.  The blog “Super Martyrio” has been following Romero’s path to beatification and canonization for many years, and we at DT are excited for the possibilities of partnership in the future.

Fourth, The Daily Theology Podcast has been going strong, with our 10th episode (with Vince Miller) coming out last week. The podcast will wrap up its first season November 17th with episode 16. It will then go on a winter hiatus until January 2016. If you have feedback on the podcast or suggestions for guests you’d like to hear, please let us know!

Finally, mark your calendars!  We have two exciting events coming up.  First, from August 28-30, we have three posts planned to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina.  Second, from September 13-September 20, DT is hosting “Sexual Assault and Higher Education: An Octave of Theological Reflection,” with eight consecutive days of blogs on this extremely important topic.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you and continuing the conversation!