Lorraine Cuddeback

ProShotsmile2Lorraine Cuddeback recently defended her PhD  in moral theology and ethics at the University of Notre Dame (2017), on the topic of ethics and practices of inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities. Before she took up the academic path, she received an M.Div from Notre Dame (2012), and a BA with a double major in theology/writing from Loyola University in Maryland (2008). She grew up in New Jersey, but has spent time on the west coast (as a Jesuit Volunteer in San Francisco), and has now been in the midwest for over half a decade. Her research interests include the Catholic social tradition, feminist ethics, sexual ethics, liberation theologies, and theologies of disability. When not talking theology, she loves to talk about theater, writing, comic books, and anything in the Netflix category “science fiction with a strong female lead.”

Lorraine’s posts.

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