Dannis Matteson


Dannis Matteson is a PhD student at Loyola University Chicago and is part of the Integrative Studies in Ethics and Theology. She served the Catholic Common Ground Initiative since October of 2014.  Dannis received her M.A. in Theology with a concentration in Systematics from Catholic Theological Union as a Bernardin Scholar and was honored to continue the legacy of Cardinal Bernardin at CCGI.  Dannis and her husband Thomas Cook (Associate Director of Spiritual Formation for Lay Students at CTU) helped to create an intentional community, the Hope House, at the Port Ministries from May 2015-May 2016. Dannis’ theological interests include Trinitarian theology, political theology and eco-feminist theology.  Aside from ministry, Dannis and Tom spend their time chasing their puppy, Paulie, biking on the Chicago lakefront, and living the not-so-ordinary lifestyle of discipleship.

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