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  1. Keep speaking out & taking actions to end this cancer within our Church. It is ironic that this atom bomb of a scandal fell on us at the same time that Dr. Richard Sipe died. Dr. Sipe has been doing research on sexual abuse by priests and bishops for years.
    He was frustrated that the Bishops & Cardinals turned a deaf ear to him. It will be extremely difficult, but we must ALL work together to excise this cancer from OUR CHURCH.
    John Sheehan

  2. Ever since 1988, when I first heard about the pervasiveness of this crime (in Los Angeles), I have said this Church owes the world one big massive “Mea Culpa” as it STOPS this horror. I have had a long wait. That mass resignation certainly would qualify as a start, and is long overdue.

  3. I consider all of the following statements to be equally credible:
    Most priests did not abuse children.
    Some priests did abuse children.
    All bishops covered up priests’ abuse of children.
    The rot at the center of the Church is the episcopate, and it must be removed.
    We must not expect the bishops to reform the Church.

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