Healing a Betrayed and Wounded Body: An Invitation to Share Stories

How is your parish or diocese responding to the abuse crisis?  What structures are changing? Who is speaking up? Send your story to dailytheo@gmail.com.

Last week, Daily Theology hosted two responses to the release of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s comprehensive grand jury report documenting clerical sexual abuse in the Catholic Church of over 1,000 children across Pennsylvania.  The first, a statement from Catholic theologians, educators, parishioners, and lay leaders called on the United States Catholic bishops to “prayerfully and genuinely consider submitting to Pope Francis their collective resignation as a public act of repentance and lamentation before God and God’s People.”  As of August 23, 2018, over 5,000 people have signed this document.

The second response, posted by Daily Theology editors, titled, “Four Incomplete Ways of Reforming the Church” presented four voices addressing the question, “As a theologian, what church reform do you think is necessary to address the systemic enabling of abuse in the Catholic church?”  

In light of both of these posts – recognizing the profound and pervasive sin of abuse, while at the same time insisting that the Catholic Church can and must reform — we at Daily Theology felt a strong call to be resource for stories of healing and change.  Because of this, we invite you to send us stories about ways in which you, your parish, your priest, or your institution has responded to this crisis in a way that hopefully will bring accountability, repentance, and new life to the Church.

Please submit your stories to dailytheo@gmail.com with the subject line of “story submission.”   We will be posting stories on a weekly basis for as long as it seems helpful for the body of the Church.