20 Best Catholic Theology Pick-up Lines

Are you passionate about Catholic Theology?  Are you unsure about how to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in light of two millenia of Catholic Dogma? DailyTheology‘s got your back.  As a followup to our remarkably popular 15 Best Catholic Social Teaching Pick-up Lines from last year, we bring you a whopping 20 pick-up lines this year, featuring the best (best??) that we theologians have to offer.  We make no guarantees they will get you a date, but we can assure you that you’ll get noticed one way or another.

1. There’s nothing common about your good.

2. You’re the type of man I’m fishing for.

3. The Holy Spirit is driving me into the wilderness of your temptations.

4. Do you say the rosary? Cause I’d love to spend some decades with you…


5. When I saw you I knew why Jesus is coming back.

6. Give me something to repent this Lent.

7. “Oh, I’m definitely Latin Rite, but you’d make me consider going biritual…”

8. I’m a man of substance, and you’ve got beautiful accidents.

9. I’m a son of the morning, you’re a daughter of day. Let’s build a City of God.

10. I know we’ll never be worthy, but you’re always welcome under my roof.

11. So, you’re what Aquinas meant by the beatific vision?

12. Baby, you’re at the top of my angelic hierarchy.

13. Are you the 8th virtue? ‘Cause I’d like to pursue you.

14. I know a few good spiritual exercises we could do back at my place.  practice-just-us

15. If you want peace, we can practice … just us.

16. Forget those griefs and anxieties – let’s work on sharing each other’s joys and hopes tonight.

17. This Valentine’s Day, we can practice the virtues of prudence and self-care together.

18. Normally I believe in being men and women for others but tonight I’m all yours.

19. I’ll be the lost lamb.  You be the good shepherd.

20.  Balaam’s ass has nothing on yours.

Have your own lines?  Add them below!  
Happy St. Valentine’s Day!