A Heartfelt Plea to Americans from a Young Syrian Mother

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us
Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us

As people across the world respond to the call of Pope Francis to join together in prayer and action for peace, what are civilians in Syria and Syrian refugees saying? Last week an open letter from Trappist nuns in Syria asked the chilling question:

“Will the Nobel Peace Prize winner drop his sentence of war onto us? Despite all justice, all common sense, all mercy, all humility, all wisdom?”

Today, Tony Homsy, a 28-year old Jesuit from Syria offers an insightful prayer asking Jesus “what if you were a Syrian in your thirties?”

In recent days, I have been in touch with friends and contacts in Syria and Syrian refugees. It breaks my heart to hear the plight of good people in the face of war. For nearly two years, they have been asking me on Facebook and Skype how the United States could help to find peace in their land. Now, they are pleading with us for peace. With their permission, I reprint a slightly edited plea by a young Syrian mother in her 30s to Americans. She has been forcibly displaced by the conflict and is going between Syria and neighboring countries. She asked that I not use her name.


A Heartfelt Plea to Americans from a Young Syrian Mother

furnishingsMy_Pictures2Regarding the war against Syria, as a Syrian citizen who happens to be Christian I have several concerns as well as questions Why another war? Hasn’t the United States learned that there has been enough blood and damage from what they have created in our area?

Look at Iraq, you started a war based on total lies. You destroyed a country and stole all her civilization for what for democracy? Yah right!  Sadam is dead now for more than 10 years Where is democracy? I don’t see anything or any road that could accomplish democracy. I see only a war of blood that will never dry.  Everyday for  10 years, more that 50 Iraqis are being killed in Iraq. But of course your news will never mention that will it.

Look at Libya. Kazafi is also away. Why are Libyans still being killed everyday?  You will tell me no that is not true. Please go to the roots and see the reality. Enough watching and getting your information from the a media that hides the truth and shows only the side that they want to show

And now Syria. Why because, you say you want to save the Syrians. If you really want to save Syrian blood then you don’t start a war. Instead you start a strong diplomatic dialogue. Wars never save lives. It could only costs more innocent lives and leads to more misery.

Secondly, why will you start a war because of the chemical weapons. God, I have tried to buy this excuse and see things the way US wants me to see.

First there is no proof until now that the Syrian regime committed this crime

If the American government has proof then it should first show and present this to the United Nations, American citizens and also to the Syrian people. Both the Americans citizens who are about to start a way and us Syrians have the right to this.

Another thing, if US was against the chemical weapons (I will also try to believe in this even though its so hard to buy this lie as well) why didn’t US open her mouth or try to take an action when there was a chemical attack on the civilians in the north of Aleppo in khan elassal?

Also why wouldn’t US open her mouth when Israeli government has used phosphorous against the Palestinians? Instead US used the veto power in the UN Security Council to prevent any punishment against Israel. Why its obvious? Because Americans believes they are god on this earth. They are the judge and they decide whatever they want. Well God is fair try be fair.

Now the second part is the takfiri groups. I believe if you just saw the videos you will be throwing up because it’s so awful and so inhuman what u will see. The best part is that US government who is against terrorists presented through Al-Qaeda on their land are supporting them on other peoples land. But we have to always remember what Hillary Clinton said “we are with the Syrians we care about the Syrians.” If you care then stay out of my country and focus on your and your own problems. Trust me you have enough problems to deal with If you care about the Syrians as you claim then don’t interfere and stop supporting jihad s groups and Al-Qaeda in my land stop giving them weapons because you are killing Syrians more than the regime have killed.



This reflection does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Daily Theology or its contributors. For more reflections on Syria by DT, see the earlier posts by Kevin and Steve.

Technology now allows us to be in instant touch with people in war zones across the world. Let’s make use of these opportunities to act for peace and hold the people in of country that we may bomb in our hearts and prayers.

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