Blog Partners

“Blog Partners” is a phrase we like to use for blogs, like Daily Theology, that seek to embody the essence of our mission statement, which is made up of three parts: bringing the study and practice of theology into conversation with the diversity of human experiences today; exploring a wide array of relevant topics through various theological disciplines; and promoting honest and open dialogue through “accessible, critical, and self-reflective writing.”

 Like an outgoing 6-year-old, we are always looking for new friends.
Unlike the Borg, we do not require assimilation.  

While there are many blogs that likely share these goals, “blog partners” are ones that, quite simply, have expressed interest in joining into an arrangement with DT where some of their blogs might appear on our site and some of ours might appear on theirs.  It is an arrangement that allows each blog to remain independent while still interconnected, all the while upholding the ideals of promoting open dialogue and exploring the wide catholicity of ways in which we can interact in an online world.

Interested?  If you really like your own blog, but would like to become a partner blog of Daily Theology, we’d love to talk!  Drop us a line to begin the process at dailytheo [at] gmail [dot] com.