DT Podcast Episode 44 – Megan McCabe

Megan McCabe, Gonzaga University (image courtesy of Gonzaga)

Closing out March, this episode of the podcast features Megan McCabe! She spoke with Stephen Okey about her path to studying theology, the idea of “cultures of sin” and how it relates to social sin and structures of sin, and the centrality of tradition in Catholic theology.

Dr. Megan McCabe is an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. She earned her BA in Theology from Fordham University, her MTS in Moral Theology from University of Notre Dame, and her PhD in Theological Ethics from Boston College. Her current research focuses on the idea of “cultures of sin,” drawing on Fr. Bryan Massingale’s work on racism to talk about sexual violence. She has been published in Sojourners, America Magazine, and Daily Theology. For the America pieces we discuss in this episode, see:

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Podcast music courtesy of Matt Hines of Eastern Sea, whom you can find on Facebook, Twitter, or Spotify

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