4 responses to “Donald Trump’s Jesuit Education

  1. I feel a bit sheepish commenting on an article by a Ph.D. student, but why not? It doesn’t sit well with me that either Trump OR Kaine graduated from this Jesuit university with some of the values they have. I don’t blame the university for that, but reading the Catechism, “a sure norm for Catholic teaching” (PJII), I don’t understand how Kaine or any of his Democratic Catholic colleagues can play the Catholic card in their campaigns while being for abortion rights, for example. I can’t stomach Trump either, though. And the strong social justice emphasis and experience Kaine had was definitely appealing to me. I’m one of those “conservative Catholics”, and frankly, I couldn’t stomach either Presidential candidate. Voted 3rd party.
    I think it’s an interesting point that the author makes, though, about not letting someone like Bonhoeffer be the leading voice in a protest movement. It seems the problem isn’t that he wasn’t right, but that because of who he was (white, privileged), people today would take one look at him and simply not relate. It’s like this post I tried to write about the Women’s March on Washington. My wife quickly told me, “That’s a bad idea. You’re a man.” If I’m sympathetic to the Women’s March, or if I’m right about my views (possibly), is beside the point. I’m the wrong face to be talking about that sort of stuff. But maybe the author meant more than that? That precisely because Bonhoeffer was white and privilege, he is not even possible to talk authoritatively about issues today? curious. thanks for the post.

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  4. “…the President of the United States by electoral vote…” ~ don’t you mean “the President of the United States by the US Constitution? Sure you do. Because THAT’S why he’s president – because we have a Constitution and that’s how the Constitution says we elect presidents. Maybe next column you should leave your political biases, and your grade-school understanding of the Constitution or your snark, whichever it was, on the editing room floor.

    The fact is, we elect a president using 51 separate and discrete elections. We do NOT have federal or national election. So your veiled reference to the “national popular vote” is equally grade-school juvenile. There never has been and, absent a Constitutional amendment, never will be a national popular vote (sic) for president.

    I expect better from a product of my alma mater, Boston College.

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