DT’s First Ever Open Call

Do you have a passion for theology?  Are you willing to share your passion and insights with the broader public?  Have you considered joining a community of theological bloggers?  

Daily Theology (DT) is issuing an open call to anyone who wishes to consider joining the DT blog.  Daily Theology is a community of bloggers, rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, that seeks to bring the study and practice of theology into conversation with the complexity of daily life.  

Daily Theology is particularly interested in becoming a more diverse online community.  We would especially welcome applicants rooted in expressions of Latin@ theology, Asian American theology, Indigenous/Native American theology, and Black/African American theology.  Furthermore, we seek greater diversity in theological disciplines such as biblical studies, liturgical studies, and comparative theology.  

This desire for greater inclusion lies in our mission to better reflect the diversity that undergirds U.S. Catholicism in all its forms. Additionally, we realize that this diversity is rarely reflected in graduate programs of Catholic theology.  As Gustavo Gutierrez writes, “discourse on God is not real and challenging except in the diversity with which it is formulated.”[1]  

We, as a community of bloggers, seek the challenges and gifts that come with diversity.  

How to apply:

Potential bloggers must either be in the process of acquiring a graduate degree in theology or already have such a degree.  We welcome those in academia and pastoral work.  

To apply, simply email dailytheo@gmail.com with your name, current employment/education status, and two attachments:

First, a 500-1000 word blogging-ready essay that answers one or more of the following questions: Why is blogging important to you?  What place does theology have in the online sphere, and how can you contribute to that?

Second, a 500-1000 word blogging-ready essay on a theological topic of your choosing.  Be creative, be relevant, and be yourself. 

You can find a wide range of samples of both essays in DT’s archives.

This open call extends through June 1st.  We look forward to hearing from you!


[1] Gutierrez, Gustavo. “Theological Language: Fullness of Silence.” The Density of the Present. Orbis Books, 2004. 200.