4 responses to “M.I.A., Refugees, & the Church–“What’s up with that?”

  1. Thank you for calling for accountability of the Church. When we are tempted to feel helpless amidst these human injustice crises and that only the big governments and religious institutions can do something about them, the teachings of Christ do promise us that we as individuals within Him, can change the world. It starts with every day when we wake up we can commit to consciously living the Church. We can make sacrifices on behalf of anyone in the world–God knows who, trust Him–and these sacrifices will assure Life. Refugees won’t drown, we won’t drown. Prayer and supplication are the solutions to transforming the world, “so it is not a privileged place for some and a hellish existence for others.”

  2. Thanks for these thoughts, and for directing me to this song. I hope we, the church, can leave fewer and fewer MIA until we, like the wings of Christ, can gather all the refugees into a place of sanctuary and grace. Your post is akin to my own, “The act of personal belonging” at themikepowell.com – thanks again!

  3. When the Syrian civil war began years ago, I was a strong advocate for opening our hearts and doors to the inevitable refugees pleading entry into the U.S. Then I became aware of ISIS. I watched the beheadings on YouTube. I became acutely aware of my proximity to the Canadian border (1/4 mile), predicting that Syrians would be seeking asylum there, just across the river. For me, a few renegades have made me less welcoming and more supportive of my own child, my own family, my own country. ISIS is nicely settled in Syria for its base. Of the thousands of refugees, how many are actually intent on doing harm? Had I lost someone in San Bernadino, the answer: too many. It doesn’t take many terrorists to radicalize even a hundred regular human beings. There is no place of sanctuary and grace except for our own prayers in our own churches. Syria needed us years ago and we were absent, WE being everyone on the other side of the border. Now evil is creeping across the border with innocence. The Israelites didn’t wait for their enemies to scale the walls of Jerusalem, for the most part. They actively went out into battle, under God’s mandate. We should have done the same. Now what? Why can’t WE give Syria back to its true people instead of throwing away the sieve and inviting all of them, innocent and evil, onto our soil? Pray without ceasing; we will be fighting here or there. I fear not only for the loss of refugees’ lives but of our own, who only want to be trusting and welcoming.

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