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(Re)discovering a Theology of Organizing

To the determent of both the church and the wider movements for social change, US Catholics have been slow to respond to Pope Francis’s call to organize. The time is now to rediscover a new theology and spirituality of organizing.

Holy Sense of the Faithful, Theologians!

My first graduate course in theology sucker-punched me.  The subject was ecclesiology, and studying the church while thinking for the first time about the Holy Spirit’s work blew me away.  One idea in particular caught my attention:  the sensus fidelium.  First, because cool Latin phrase.  But second, and more substantively, because […]

The Discerning Pope

Francis’ recent interview is replete with language of discernment, which is not so surprising from a Jesuit pope.  Often discernment is described as a strategy for decision making, and indeed discernment is at the service of the choices we make for both communion and mission.  Yet the Spiritual […]