New Faces, a Summer Shark Week, and so much more…

To begin with, let’s just make one thing clear: we at Daily Theology are always looking for new voices to join our conversation.  We pay in gratitude and conversation–that works for most people, right??   Anyhow, over the past few months we have been in contact with several of our guest bloggers, and today we are excited to announce the addition of three new bloggers to our guild!

1. Katharine Mahon, a Ph.D. Candidate in Liturgical Studies at the University of Notre Dame
2. Christine McCarthya Ph.D. Candidate in Systematic Theology and Ethics at Fordham University
3. Krista Stevens, a Ph.D. Candidate in Systematic Theology at Fordham University

Keep your eyes open for more posts from them over the next few months, including…our upcoming Shark Week!

In this vein, we’re excited to announce our next Theological Shark Week, entitled “Visions of the Holy Spirit,” which will go from Pentecost Sunday to Holy Trinity Sunday, June 9-June 16.  It will feature posts from our three newest bloggers, as well as John Slattery, Stephen Okey, Brad Rothrock, and Michael Rubbelke!   Later in the summer, look to DT for an exciting new series on the Gospels in contemporary theology and pedagogy entitled: “Vacation Bible School: Gospel Edition”!

Also, if you look around Daily Theology, you may notice a few new things, including a Mission Statement page and a Comments Policy page, both under the “About Us” tab along the top menu.  The editors at DT have been working hard on making our blog not only a great place to have theological conversations, but a positive space in an online world where negativity can often dominate discourse.  We are far from perfect, but with the addition of our mission statement and comments policy, we hope to come closer to realizing the potential for online discourse: one that lifts while challenging, supports while critiquing, and always assumes charity.

Finally, as Kevin Ahern and Katherine Greiner recently discussed in their recent posts,  several of us at Daily Theology were able to connect at the annual meeting of the College Theology Society this past weekend at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA.  We had many excellent conversations with theologians from around the country and, as good editors, wanted to give you a taste of some of the excellent work our own bloggers are producing these days.  Three Daily Theology bloggers presented at the conference:

Kevin Ahern presented on “Ecclesial Movements and the Justice Mission of the Church,” touching on many themes in his recent post.

Katherine Greiner presented on “Claiming Vocation, Vulnerability, and Vision: Call the Midwife as “Counterspace” for Catholic Women Theology Students,” reflecting on the positive practice of employing the TV Show Call the Midwife as a way to create a space for women who are graduate theological students to discuss the challenges of that journey.

Andrew Staron presented on his recent experience in raising a family while serving as a campus chaplain at Georgetown University, in “Campus Community with a Familiar Twist: Residential Ministry with “Families-in-Residence.”

As always, thanks for reading, and we look forward to conversing with you in the years to come!