9 responses to “It’s Time to Stop Bashing Cardinal Bernardin

    But you don’t need to mention the names of detractors… even ‘negative publicity’ is still publicity.
    Attrition is the best ‘policy’… just a thought.

    • Thanks Chris. I agree with you! I also do wonder if we need to name (in a spirit of sibling correction) the destructive and divisive attitudes that threaten Christian unity and deny the fullness of the Catholic faith. We need to say basta! But, you are right – let’s avoid free publicity too, particularly when there are people making money by sensationalizing ecclesial debates.

  2. This is a wide-ranging comment from someone not in the Church Magisterium:

    Joseph Bernardin’s moral vision, best articulated with the phrase “consistent ethic of life,” should make us uncomfortable. Rooted squarely in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and the Christian tradition, this vision challenges all of us to humbly reflect on how our politics, lifestyle choices, and ideologies promote or harm human dignity, with particular attention to the least among us.

    May you spend many hours meditating on this, and many years on the defense of this minimalist position.

    • Thank you James for your comment. I actually spend many hours meditating about this point and have spoken with many bishops, members of the Roman Curia and theologians on the legacy of Bernardin (a member of the Magisterium). My point is that the consistent ethic of life is very Catholic. We can see the same meaning in the writings of John Paul II on the Gospel of Life (from conception to natural death) and Paul VI and Benedict XVI on integral human development. One bishop who is now a cardinal in the curia told me that the he could not understand why Americans hate the late cardinal so much who is seen by many in Rome as a holy bishop.

      As an aside, theologians have often been considered part of the magisterium–well into the late medieval period. I don’t claim that title, but it is worth noting.

      If you have a statement from an authority in the church (Holy See office, curial position or cardinal) that condemns the consistent ethic of life, I’d love to see it. If it is so bad, then why haven’t we seen an outright condemnation?

      Thank you for the invitation to meditate more on the consistent ethic of life.

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