Theological Shark Week IV: “Pope Francis, Theology, and the Church of the Poor”


In the weeks since the election of Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope Francis, the world has been struck by how the new pope has comported himself. Everything from his sartorial decisions (dropping the ermine-lined mozzetta and the red shoes) to his living arrangements (paying his hotel bill in person, staying in the Casa Santa Marta instead of the Apostolic Palace) to his choice of the name Francis has stimulated conversation about his simplicity and what that might mean for the present and future of the Catholic Church. For many, his disposition so far is summed up in his simple statement “Oh, how I would like a poor Church, and for the poor.”

While the question of Papal style and Papal substance will remain a live one in the months and years to come, the contributors this week have been inspired by Pope Francis’ election to take a close look at the relationship between theology and poverty.

The schedule of posts for Shark Week IV!

Private PropertyMondayA Theological History of Private Property by John Slattery

Jorge Mario BergoglioTuesday: Transfigured Knowing — A Poor Mind Serving a Poor Church by Kevin Johnson

BEE1Wednesday:  The Amoral under the Immoral: Mainstream Economic Theory by Heather DuBois

Francis Waiting for Crowd's BlessingWednesday:  A Prayerful Church for the Poor: Pope Francis on Encountering Christ in Prayer and Solidarity by Michael Rubbelke

christ and rich young man with hot carThursday: The Rich Young Man and Privilege by Stephen Okey

newbornFriday: Dependency and Reality by Brad Rothrock

HappyPlanetIndexSaturday: Happy Are the Poor. (Yes. Really.) by Marc Rugani

Slide1Sunday: The Pope and the Power of Humility by Kevin Ahern

We look forward to your comments and insights!