Theological Shark Week I: “Whom does the theologian serve?”

Theological Shark Week

On July 27, 1987, the Discovery Channel began its very first Shark Week. This coming Monday, Daily Theology will begin its first.

We will not, of course, focus on the theological significance of sharks.* Rather, we hope that by focusing our posts for the week on a given theme, we might highlight an issue or concern of particular interest to the theologically-minded public. To this end, our theme for next week is the question of “Whom does the theologian serve?”

We have created the following schedule of posts on this theme:
Monday: Kevin Ahern
Tuesday: Amanda Osheim
Wednesday: Stephen Okey
Thursday: Marc Rugani
Friday: Kevin Johnson

We look forward to your comments and for the conversations that this theme may generate.

*At least not this time around