VBS: Mercy Edition

Mercy Bible 3

Vacation Bible School:  Mercy Edition
July 6 – August 20

Prepare for the upcoming Year of Mercy with Daily Theology by exploring the theme throughout scripture.  Impress all the other kids with your ability to “love mercy” even before the jubilee begins in November!  Bonus materials:  we’ll probably touch on how to “act justly” and “walk humbly,” too.

Genesis:  “Creation:  A Merciful Conspiracy” by Amanda Osheim (7.6.15)

Job: “Theological Grudge Match: The God of Mercy vs. The Book of Job” by Andrew Staron (7.13.15)

I & II Samuel:  “The Merciful God of David” by Christine McCarthy (7.14.15)

Psalms: “How Can We Keep From Singing?”: Mercy and the Book of Psalms” by Katherine Greiner (7.16.15)

The Prophets:  “Many Prophetic Voices, One Merciful God” by Michelle Marvin (7.20.15)

Ezekiel:  “Please Do NOT Pardon the Interruption:  Ezekiel, Prophetic Imagination, and Mercy in Contemporary Social Movements” by John DeCostanza (7.23.15).

The Synoptic Gospels:  “Staring at My Pile of Dirt:  The Cost of Growing the Kingdom of God in Chicago” by Dannis Matteson (7.30.15).

The Gospels:  “The Gospel, Mercy, and Chemotherapy” by Meg Stapleton Smith (8.3.15)

Gospel of John:  “Memorizing Transformation: My Experience of John 3:16 Then and Now” by Dannis Matteson (8.3.15).

1 John:  “Believing and Acting with Mercy in 1 John” by Stephen Okey (8.7.15)

Letter to the Philippians:  “Vulnerable Mercy:  Sharing the Mind of Christ” by Amanda Osheim (8.19.15)

I & II Thessalonians:  “Living Mercy in Anticipation of Christ’s Return” by Krista Stevens (8.21.15)