DT Podcast Episode 42 – Holly Taylor Coolman

Holly Taylor Coolman, Providence College (photo credit Coolman for RI campaign)
Happy New Year from the Daily Theology Podcast! We come back with a new episode featuring Stephen Okey’s conversation with Holly Taylor Coolman. They talk about how the evangelical subculture she grew up in provided the grounding for her interest in theology and how studying scripture drew her into questions about Jewish-Catholic dialogue. They also talk about the campaign she ran for a seat in the Rhode Island statehouse, how Thomas Aquinas shaped her motivation to do so, and her reflections on being a Catholic in politics.

Dr. Holly Taylor Coolman is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Providence College in Providence, RI. She did her undergraduate studies at Wheaton College, her masters at Princeton Theological Seminary, and her doctoral work at Duke University. Her research interests are in Christianity and Judaism, ecclesiology, and the theology of St. Thomas Aquinas. Her work has been published in Journal of Moral Theology, Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations, and America Magazine among others.

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