DT Podcast Episode 38 – Fr. Robert Imbelli

Fr. Robert Imbelli
Today on the podcast we have Fr. Robert Imbelli! Now emeritus from Boston College, Fr. Imbelli spoke with Stephen Okey by phone this summer about how he found his vocation to theology within the Italian-American Catholic subculture of the mid-twentieth century, how that led him to study in Rome during the four sessions of Vatican II, and why he thinks Dei Verbum is the central text for interpreting the texts of that Council and the mission of the Church since. We also talk about Fr. Imbelli’s work in writing for popular publications and the movie A Quiet Place, which Steve is still too scared to watch.

Fr. Robert Imbelli is Associate Professor Emeritus of Theology at Boston College, where he taught for thirty years. Prior to that, he taught at St. Joseph’s Seminary (colloquially known as Dunwoodie) in New York. He earned his BA from Fordham University, his STL from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, and his PhD in Systematic Theology from Yale. His most recent book is Rekindling the Christic Imagination: Theological Meditations for the New Evangelization (Liturgical Press, 2014). He also edited Handing on the Faith: The Church’s Mission and Challenge (Crossroad, 2006), which came out of a meeting organized by Boston College’s Church in the 21st Century Center. Fr. Imbelli has written widely for popular audiences, including for America, Commonweal, and First Things.

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