DT Podcast Episode 35 – Pim Valkenberg

Pim Valkenberg, Catholic University of America

The DT Podcast returns with this conversation with Pim Valkenberg! This past spring he was giving a lecture at Saint Leo University, where he sat down with Steve Okey. Listen as they talk about how Muslim migration to the Netherlands impacted Pim’s interest in interreligious dialogue, the importance of empathy and seeing the other’s point of view, and why agreement is not the real goal of dialogue. Stick around until the end to hear them talk about Dutch food and coffee culture.

Dr. Pim Valkenberg is the Ordinary Professor of Religion and Culture at the Catholic University of America. He earned his BA in theology and religious studies at Utrecht State University, his MA, MDiv, and PhD at the Catholic Theological University of Utrecht. He previously taught at the Catholic University of Nijmegen and Loyola University Maryland. His research focuses on Catholic-Muslim dialogue. He has worked on the Mid-Atlantic Muslim-Catholic Dialogue (sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America and the USCCB) since 2008. He is the author of Renewing Islam by Service: A Christian View of Fethullah Gülen and the Hizmet Movement (CUA Press, 2015), co-editor (with Anthony Cirelli) of Nostra Aetate: Celebrating 50 Years of the Catholic Church’s dialogue with Jews and Muslims (CUA Press, 2016), and editor of the textbook World Religions in Dialogue, Enhanced Edition: A Comparative Theological Approach (Anselm Academic, 2017).

ccjsSpecial thanks for this episode to Dr. Matthew Tapie, Director of the Center for Catholic Jewish Studies at Saint Leo University making the recording of this conversation possible.

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