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  1. A wonderful piece, Stephanie. Thank you.

    The key seems to me to be trust, and the Church has lost it. When it loses trust, it loses power because people are no longer willing to cede their own power to the people named to coordinate the work of God.

    How does the Church regain trust? In my view, the Magisterium must advocate for a complete removal of the statute of limitations on these crimes – both civil and criminal statutes. It must release from holy orders any priest who is convicted of sex abuse and have them fend for themselves on the general economy. And it must re-dedicate itself to the Word and people of God, especially the least of these. Homilies must inspire.

    Currently the Church makes a fortune from donations to the poor and grants from the government in administrative overhead. It has real estate holdings that do not serve the people of God. Instead of serving the “least of these”, the Church builds beautiful cathedrals and buys vestments and gold chalices. There is a place for beauty, to be sure, but not at the expense of the people of God. (Ez 34:1-11)

  2. The Church, people of God, need to have an honest and open dialogue as to what may be feeding these issues. For example:
    living along is isolating – no accountability without community;
    accepting married priests as too many churches are closing, esp. in poor areas;
    ordaining women called to the priesthood;;
    gathering for people for mingling and snacks prior to liturgy;
    form management teams so priests can do ministry with the people.

  3. How do we make our voices heard? I saw nothing in the article about petitions, etc, to join the call for accountability.

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