The Murals Must Go: An Open Letter to Fr. Jenkins

This letter originally appeared in the The Observer on November 28, 2017. If you wish to add your name to the many signatures below, please follow this link and your signature will be added within 48 hours.

Dear Fr. Jenkins,

It is time for the murals to go. The 12 Luigi Gregori murals have adorned the main hall of Main Building for over 130 years, greeting millions of campus residents and visitors with a highly problematic vision of Western triumphalism, Catholic militarism and an overly romantic notion of American expansion. Christopher Columbus, as admitted by the University published pamphlet and widely acknowledged by modern scholarship, was an owner and distributor of humans as slaves. Columbus’ fortune, fame and wealth came from the destruction, mutilation and transaction of Native American and African persons.

According to the University’s own pamphlet, the murals are specifically designed to “create a heroic impression” of someone who owned, traded and sold humans as slaves, as well as someone who initiated one of the largest genocides in human history. The murals welcome every newcomer and greet every football fan with their place of honor in Main Building, posing a clear answer to the question, “Who is Notre Dame?” And while the reasons for removing the murals have been repeated many times by many individuals and groups over the last three decades, we must continue to repeat them until something is done.

First, to any Native American student, staff member, faculty member or visitor who enters Main Building, the murals offer the most debasing form of insult. The Native persons are depicted as stereotypes, their destruction is gilded over and their slavery is celebrated. The murals commemorate and laud the beginning of the centuries-long systematic removal of Native American persons and culture from the United States. While recent efforts to honor the past relationship between the Pokagon Tribe and Notre Dame are commendable, true progress will be impossible until the murals are removed.

Second, to any student, staff, faculty or guest who identifies with an historically oppressed group, the presence of the murals in 21st century America mocks every attempt to make campus more inclusive, more diverse and more culturally sensitive. African slaves are depicted comically, and Columbus’ incipient role in the buying and selling of humans as chattel is depicted as a holy and Christian act. Once again, while the University has made strides to become more ethnically diverse in recent years, the continued central presence of the murals nullifies the inclusive message that, for example, the iconic image of Father Hesburgh and Dr. King attempts to demonstrate.

Third, art history is replete with racial biases and problematic tensions. Such tensions belong in museums where they can be studied, not alongside Notre Dame’s most honored award recipients and former presidents. This includes Fr. Sorin, after whose image Gregori modeled Columbus specifically in order that Columbus be more revered. To claim, as the University does, that one could revere other figures on the walls of Main Building but view the murals dispassionately, “in an almost clinical way,” can only be described as willful blindness to the reality of the effect of the paintings.

Fourth, and finally, the theological message of the murals is one the University should utterly disavow and repudiate. For example, several of the images offer the explicit theological message that the sufferings of a slave trader are analogous to the sufferings of Christ. Many popes have apologized and worked to make amends for the harm done to Native and African populations in the name of Christ. The Church as a whole regrets and repents the abominable actions of torture, enslavement, rape and systematic execution that became commonplace with the advent of Columbus’ voyages. God will judge historical persons according to God’s own merits, but the Church demands that those of us following Christ today must strive for universal human dignity in order to begin to mend the broken global body of Christ. There is no place in the modern Church, not to mention in a modern Catholic university, for glorifying a Christianity of murder and enslavement.

Native students have been urging the administration to deal with the murals since at least the early 1990s. The administration, time and time again, has delayed, obfuscated, printed pamphlets and denied any ability to effectively fix the concrete problems the murals represent. As such, while it is tragic that a letter like this is necessary in 2017, as long as the murals remain unchanged, we must continue to protest, write, plead and demand their removal. There are many different options available to the University moving forward, and more discussion is necessary, but status quo is not enough. The easily overlooked pamphlets are not enough. In this era of political divisiveness and a renewed rise of dangerous nationalism, it is time for Notre Dame to remove its own version of a Confederate monument. It is time for the murals to go.


John P. Slattery, Ph.D. ’17
Dominic Acri ’18, Sicangu Oyate
Carrera Brown ’18, Diné
Molly Demel ’18, Chickasaw
Angela Dunsmoor ’18, Chippewa
Armani Porter ’18, Eastern Band Cherokee
William Wolfe ’18, MBA, Citizen Potawatomi Nation
R. Tyrel London ‘19, Sicangu Oyate
James L. Weitzel ‘19, Diné
Mark Brinegar ‘20, Muskogee Creek
Jebraune Chambers ’20, Choctaw
Sarah Maazouz ’20, Cree Tribe
Grayson Maker ’20, Cherokee
Rebecca Parmenter ’20, Stockbridge Munsee Community Band of Mohicans
Hibram Sanchez ’20, Pasqua Yaqui
Lia Acri SMC ’21, Sicangu Oyate
Clare Armstrong ’21, Osage Tribe
Alan-Mychal Boyd ’21, Sicangu Oyate
Mikaela Murphy ’21, Cherokee
Keely Thornton ‘21, Choctaw Nation
Zoe Prendergast ‘21, Choctaw
Marcus Winchester-Jones ’21, Pokégnek Bodéwadmik
Steve Alagna ’11, M.Ed ’13, Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
Summer Bernard ’17, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians
Elizabeth Bird ’91 United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma
Kameron Chappell ‘04, Cowlitz Indian Tribe
Stephanie De Luna ’14, Navajo and Taos Pueblo
Rosalie V. DePaola ’16 MS ’17, Muscogee (Creek), MD Candidate ’21 at Sidney Kimmel Medical College
Deswood Etsitty ’93, Diné, Alumni Relations Assistant Director, Native American Alumni of ND
Otto J. LaPointe ‘97, Ponca Tribe of Nebraska
Vanessa Lucero ‘98, Tohono O’odham Nation
Tamera Miyasato ‘08, Mdewakantan
Tralynna Sherrill Scott ’06 , Cherokee, Asst. Dir. of Native American Student Recruitment, ND Alumni Association
Andrea Topash-Rios, ’95, 96′ M.A., Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, Associate Teaching Professor, Romance Languages and Literature
Monica Tsethlikai ’92, Zuni, Asst. Professor Human Development, ASU
Carla Getz, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi
Tara Wolfe, Caddo Nation of Oklahoma
Brian Collier, Institute for Educational Initiatives
John Duffy, Professor, English
Kevin Barry, Director, Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning
Cecilia Lucero ’84, First Year of Studies
Fr. Don LaSalle, S.M.M., First Year of Studies
Robert Walls, Professor, American Studies
Mike Hebbeler,Discernment and Advocacy Director, Center for Social Concerns
Michelle Ware, First Year of Studies
Ricky Herbst, Cinema Program Director
Steven Battin, Professor, Theology
Michael J. Cramer, Associate Professional Specialist, Biological Sciences
David Flagel, Assistant Professional Specialist, Biological Sciences
Karen Graubart, Associate Professor, History
Mary Celeste Kearney, Director, Gender Studies; Associate Professor, Film, Television and Theatre
Marisel Moreno, Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
Jean A Dibble, Professor, Art
Elena Mangione-Lora, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures Chaz Barbour, Staff, OIT
Julia Douthwaite, Professor, French
Deb Rotman, Department of Anthropology
Cheri Smith, Librarian, Hesburgh Libraries
Monica Kowalski ’03 ’05, Alliance for Catholic Education
Charlice Hurst, Assistant Professor, Business
Joanna Lin Want, Assistant Teaching Professor, University Writing Program
Catherine Bolten, Associate Professor, Anthropology and Peace Studies
Carolina Arroyo, Faculty, Political Science
Philip J. Sakimoto, First Year of Studies
Katrina Barron, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Leo Guardado, Ph.D. Candidate, Theology & Peace Studies
Margaret Anne Doody, Glynn Family Professor of Literature
Jill Godmilow, Emerita Professor, Film, Television & Theatre
Amitava Krishna Dutt, Professor, Political Science
Beth Gelroth Klein, Staff, Law Library
Mark A. Sanders, Professor, English and Africana Studies
Gayle Carter, Department Coordinator, Africana Studies
Susan D Blum, Professor, Anthropology
Emily Wang, Postdoc and Assistant Professor, Department of German and Russian
Agustin Fuentes, Professor, Anthropology
Jennifer Warlick, Associate Professor, Public Policy and Economics
Darlene Hampton, Academic Advisor, First Year Studies
Annie Selak, Former Rector 2010-2014
Michelle Wirth, Faculty, Department of Psychology
Atalia Omer, Associate Professor, Kroc Institute
Stephen Fredman, Emeritus Professor, English
Anne Hayner, Faculty, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
Anna Geltzer, Assistant Director for Education, Reilly Center
Liz Dube, Head of Preservation, Hesburgh Libraries
Neil Chase, Staff, Arts & Letters
Valerie Sayers, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of English
Christine Becker, Associate Professor, Dept of Film, Television, and Theatre
Melissa Marley Bonnichsen, Seminars Director, Center for Social Concerns
Leonor Wangensteen ’03, MA ’09, First Year of Studies
Crystal Spring, English
Anna Fett, Kroc Peace Studies
Kyle Lantz, Center for Social Concerns
Laura D. Walls, Professor, English
Todd Walatka, Theology
Lisa Oglesbee, Coordinator of English for Academic Purposes
Bryan Ricketts ’16 ’17, Student Body President 2015-2016
Ray’Von Jones ’16
Maya Jain ’17
Julia Feder ’14, Assistant Professor of Theology, Creighton University
Katalin Fabian, MA 1990, Professor of Government and Law, Lafayette College, Easton PA
Olivia Furman ’17, Ph.D. Student in Teacher Education, MSU
Raquel Falk ’13 ’20
Shanna Gast ’11
Molly Burke ’15
Lindsey Wieck ’16
Cassidy Leyendecker ’17
Julia Buff ’15
Sarah Morice Brubaker ’11, Ph.D., Theology
Janna L. Hunter-Bowman ’17, Assistant Professor of Christian Social Ethics and Peace Studies, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary
Emma Fulce ’12
Elizabeth Curtin ‘15
Bridget O’Brien ‘05
Katie Grimes, ’05 B.A., ’09 M.T.S.
Megan McCabe, MTS ’10, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Gonzaga University
Lauren Price ’05
Corbin Johnson ’11
Alex Rice ’16
Michelle Sawwan
Mary Patano ’17
Andrea (Swinehart) Staron ’03
William Stewart ’12
Elizabeth Zapf ’86
Pacifico Soldati ‘07
Daniel Passon ’16
Karen Lawler ’05
Ellen Kennedy ‘05
Daniel O’Hare MTS ’03 PhD ’09
Kaitlyn Dudley Curtin ’03, ’05, ’11
Elizabeth Hascher ’18
Steven Fisher ’16
Keziah Conrad MA ’08, PhD, IIPS
Amy Johnson ‘95, MA International Peace Studies
Amy Scanlon ‘97 MA
Winifred Romeril, MA ‘93, Flight Paramedic, Mercy Flight Central
Sharon Kniss, MA ’14
Laura Snider, MA ’10, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
Clint Robert Niehus MA ’17, Kroc
Erica Vesnaver ’12, Staff, ACE
Grace Deardurff ’14
Kelsey Behan ’13
Peace Maari ’16
Kelly Cronin ‘15
Catherine Carothers ’15
Casey Baker ’17
Aniela Tyksinski ’17
Mary Connolly ’17
Gabrielle Dohmen ’17
Katherine Baltes ’17
Becca Williams ’17, Kroc
Jonathan Brenneman MA ’16, Kroc
Luis Miranda MA ’17, Kroc
Jennifer Wittenbrink Ortega
Morgan Rooney ‘17
Jennifer Betz, BA ’02, MA ’08
Kaitlyn Krall ‘16
Adriana Holguin ‘00
Enrique Lorenzo ’16
Yurianna Kim ’08
Michelle Saucedo ’10
Carrol Kelly SMC ’87
Hector Avitia ’10
Daniel Gonzalez ’95
Mary (Etsitty) Kieyoani ’96
Jaime Luna ’09
Maya (Noronha) Duff ‘05, ‘07
Marcelo Reyna ’93
Ashleigh A. Renteria ’11
Katie Ward ’19
Katie Hieatt ’20
Michael Dunn ’21
Samuel Cho ’18
Adam Moeller ’18, Director of Community Engagement, ND Student Government
Isabel Rooper ’20, Director of Gender Relations, ND Student Government
Anthony Luc ’19, AAA President
Kaleem Minor ‘20
Qai Gordon ‘18, BSA President
Trebor Goodall ‘19, BSA Co-Chair
Tyler Newsome ’18
Juan Hernandez ’19, Vice President of Latino Student Alliance
Elizabeth Hoch ’21
Rosemary Agwuncha ’18
Emily Moll ’21
Lillian Merrigan ’20
Kaitlyn Cortez ‘18
Kelly Valenzi ’18
Liam Maher ‘18
Enzo Ambrose ’21
Hannah O’Brien ’19
Lily Falzon ‘18
Katie Laskey ’17
Sophia Costanzo ’19
Katie Durine ‘18
Beatriz Guzman ’20
Ben Schultz ‘18
Perez Grinston ’16
Claire Migliore ’19
Amy Mansfield ’19
Celene Olguin ‘18
Baylea Williams ‘18
Maria Vigil, ’18
Marissa Ray ‘17
Promise Choice ’18
Juliana McCabe ’19
Emma Scheibel ’20
James Zwierzynski ’19
Lauren Boutros ‘19
Flora Tang ’18
Carolyn Yvellez ‘18
Kaitlyn Eckart
Arielle Sims ’17
Natasha Reifenberg ’18
Daniel Esparza, ’18
Laura Gruszka ‘17
Lawrenzo Howell ’18
Eric Ways ‘18
Steven Jessen-Howard ’18
George Timmins ‘19
Joey Wikelski ’18
Cynthia Tran ’19
Juliana Tiscareno ’19
Patrick McCabe ’21
Matt Laboe ‘18
Roslyn Joseph ‘19
Quinn Scallon ‘20
Cindy Lee ’18
Amanda Ball ’18
Abigail Cho ’20
Sean Ebben ‘21
Julia Erdlen ’18
Jaime Spencer ’21
Chris Toudouze ’21
Danica Crowley ’20
Samuel Jackson ‘20
Vivian Weinman ‘21
Jack Gallaher ‘18
Sean McMahon ’19
Sean McFeely ’19
Grace Garvey ‘19
Sara Berumen ’20
Nancy Dankwah ‘21
Carlos De Loera ’19
Matthew Aubourg ‘21
Margaret D’Auria ‘21
Alexandra Martínez ’21
Allison Hubbard ’19
Faith Harris ’21
Maria Esteve ’21
Bailey Logan, ’20
Madeleine Thompson ’19
Mati Nemera, ’18
Daniel Bland ‘18
Shantae Harris ’21
Lauren Watts ‘21
Anastasia Reisinger ‘21
David Stewart ’19
Ben Huls ‘21
Erin Egan ’21
Maria Sierra Caceres ’20
Kate Flanagan ’21
MaryKate Drennan ’21
Sylvia Ciocca ’19
Robert Wozniak ’18
Ana Lamberto ’20
Karla Burgos-Morón ’19
Silvia Camara ’19
Godsee Joy ’20
Grace Curtin ‘18
Joseph Tang ’18
Matthew Williams ’18
David Kelly ’18
Isabel Weber ’20
Rose Ashley ’19
Brandon Grier ‘21
Cristina Chavez ‘20
Morgan White ‘18
Delaney Roberts ’20
Timothy Burley ’21
Leah Harmon ’21
Gabrielle Brookins ‘19
Alice Felker ’20
Allyson Dewey ‘20
Jack Cobain ’18
Jacob McKenna ’18
Isabella Delgado-Castillo ’20
N’Kaela Webster
Malaysha Stewart ’18
Michaela Echols ’21
Hiba Kahouli ’18
Donald Luc ’19
Madeleine Andreas ’20
Katherine Fugate ’20
Kate Lenahan ’20
Joselia Souza ‘19
Chloe Spurgat ‘20
Drew Lischke ’20
Brenna Leahy ’18
Roxana Rodriguez ’18
Karly Brown ’21
Reggie Whittaker ’20
Tess Ngochi ‘21
Leesa Greenwood ’20, Black Student Association
Maddy Schierl ‘21
Allegra Wallingford ‘18
Julianna Vidales ’18
Naana Ocran ’20
Madison Loftin ‘19
Ryan Klaus ‘18
Gabriella Marines ‘21
Dan Marshall ’20
Savanna Morgan ’20
Aidan Mullaney ’20
Eileen DiPofi ’20
Sierra Rainey ’19
Samuel Costanzo ’12
Morgan Widhalm ’17 and PhD Candidate, Psychology
Xitlaly Estrada ‘17 ‘20 J.D. Candidate
Mujahid Osman ’19, Kroc
John McLean, PhD Student, Theology
Heather DuBois, PhD Candidate, Theology & Peace Studies
Jamee Elder, graduate student, HPS program
Jesse James, PhD Candidate, Political Science and Peace Studies
Sarah Naramore, PhD Candidate, History and Philosophy of Science
Kyle Lambelet, PhD ’17, Postdoctoral Fellow
Aliyah Abu-Hazeem, PhD Student, Sociology
Peter Ryan, PhD Candidate, Sociology
Nancy Díaz, PhD Student, Sociology
Matthew Chandler, PhD Candidate, Sociology and Peace Studies
Danae Jacobson, Graduate Student, History
Monika Yadav, Graduate Student, Sociology
Karie Cross, Postdoctoral Fellow, Peace Studies and Political Science
Yijing Deng ’22, Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
Ruiyang Chen ’22, Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
Yu Shi ’22, Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering
Angela Lederach ’07, PhD Candidate, Anthropology and Peace Studies
Todd P. Marek, Doctoral Candidate, Anthropology Department
Lailatul Fitriyah, PhD Candidate, Theology
Amanda Daniela Cortez, Doctoral Candidate, Anthropology
Dania Straughan MA ’16, Kroc
Paul Anh McEldowney, PhD candidate, Philosophy
Angela Chesler, PhD student, Kroc and Political Science
Garrett FitzGerald, PhD Student, Peace Studies and Political Science
Mallika Sarma, PhD student, Anthropology
Symone A. Johnson, Ph.D. Student, Anthropology
Laura Weis, PhD Candidate, Peace Studies and History
Clair Mesick, PhD Candidate, Theology
Kayla Hurd, Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology
Michael Yankoski, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
Sebastian Murgueitio Ramirez, Graduate Student, HPS
Boyna Bear, Osage, NACA Inspired Schools Network Fellow
Brandon Bruning, MTS ’06, PhD ’14, First Year of Studies
Tony Pomales ’06, Visiting Assistant Professor, Augustana College
Stacy Sivinski, English Graduate Student
Luis Silva ’09
Anthony Holt ’08, Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, Communications Director, Native American Alumni Board of Notre Dame
Kala Sperbeck ’18
Ik Hyun Seo, ’92
Emma Heald ’20
Leah Coming ’13
Joe Stevens ’18
Maria Munoz-Enriquez ’95
Kevin Thompson ’18
Abby Ferguson ’19
Jacob Naatz ‘20
Mikaela Ramsey ’21
María Mendoza, ‘20
Sylvia Elixavide-Pitcher ’87 Hispanic alumni
Austin Matheny ’18, Director of Social Concerns, Notre Dame Student Government
Jennifer Jones, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Christopher Pramuk, PhD ’08, University Chair of Ignatian Thought and Imagination, Regis University, Denver, CO
Tish Powell ’92
Sarah Newcome ’19
Pat Paulsen ’20
Chris O’Brien, Master of Divinity ’20
Shantel Northbird ’13, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe
Alejandra Bautista-Mata ’20
Sophie Asah ’18
Lamara Parnell ‘18
Vinolin Anbalagan ’18
Gwen Mattingly ‘21
Gregory Wall ’20
Mairead Willis ’18
LaVern Yazzie Sam ‘93, Navajo Nation (Dine), Native American Alumni of Notre Dame
Denise Ayo, Associate Director, CSLC
Parusha Naidoo, Graduate Student
Jennifer Torres ’04
Taeyin Edithstein ChoGlueck ’14, MFA ’17
Christopher ChoGlueck ’14
Sarah Snider, MFA ’17
Dan Fischer, Graduate Student of History
Noe Pliego Campos, Ph.D. Student, History
Joao Santos, PhD candidate
Catherine Perl, Doctoral student, History
Suzanna Krivulskaya , Graduate student, department of History
Elizabeth Baker, PhD Candidate in History
Kevin Gallin, BA ’10, MA ’15
Ian E. Van Dyke, Ph.D. Student, Department of History
Catherine Osborne, postdoctoral fellow (former)
Sarah K. Davies Breen, MGA, Keough School, Founding Class (2019)
Mark Lackowski, Ph.D., ’20
Cassandra Dinaro , Alum, Class of 2017
Kathryn M. Lance, 5th yr PhD student
Holly Levin-Aspenson, Ph.D student, clinical psychology
Julianna Poole , MA ’18
Logan Quigley, PhD student
Atalia Omer, Associate Prof of Religion, Conflict and Peace Studies
Daniella Rebouças, Psychology Graduate Student
Summer J. Arrigo-Nelson, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology 2006-2008
Sara M. Castillo, MA’15
Julia Pence, PhD ’13
Regina C. Wilson, 93 MDiv
Samuel Lima, MADU ’12
Jason Steidl, MTS ‘11
Nicholas Ottone, 20
Cindy Lee, BBA ’18
Katherine Bermingham , Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Political Science
Timothy Herron, BS 1992
Matthew Magiera, BS Chemical Engineering ‘20
Daniel J. Hicks, PhD 2012
Sophie Johnson, BS ‘20
Andy Buechel, MTS, ‘07
Caleb Day, M.T.S. ’16
Mike Haskel, PhD Student, Math Department
Naomi Bishop, Librarian in Residence 2010-2012, Akimel O’odham (Pima) Gila River
Evan Henley, BBA ’07
Anne Jarrett, ’20
Elizabeth Boyle, ’20
Emily Vanderbleek, MA ’16
Valeria Vázquez Guevara, MA ’17
Lauren Jhin, BA ’20
Marie-Claire Klassen, Graduate Student
Allison De Luna, BA ‘14, Diné and Taos Pueblo
Grace Schippers, BS ’20
O. Ernesto Valiente, Ph.D. ’10
Jessica Baron, PhD ‘13; Outreach coordinator, Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values
Don Howard, Professor of Philosophy, Patawomeck
William L. Cunningham, B.S. ’20
Kathryn Schuth, B.Arc. ’99
Maria Lovo Castelar Younes, Alumni Mother, Lenca, Pipil
Todd Whitmore, Associate Professor of Theology
Carissa Brownotter, BS ‘11, Hunkpapa Lakota/Diné
Mikaela Prego, ’15, M.Ed ’17
Kyle Planck, ‘17
Catherine Pearce, MA Theology, ’16
Jon Kara Shields, Doctoral Student
Brenna Cussen Anglada, MA ’03
Anne Maguire, Student
Matthew Mordan Schoenbauer, Student; Class of 2020; Mathematics Major,
Hope Brannon, BA 2020, Metis/Chippewa
Susie Paulik Babka, Associate Professor of Theology, University of San Diego, BA, ’89; MA, ’97; PhD, ’04,
Emily Reimer-Barry, BA, ’00,
Sarah (Kaufman) Jagger, ’00
Melissa McDonnell, BA ’00
Yesenia Vargas, PHD htudent, Sociology
Laura M. Mike, BA ’02, Navajo
Tyler Sims, Student ’20
Benjamin Bernhard, ‘20
Annah Agnew, ’20
Kendra Becenti, Navajo nation
Jenna Koenig, ’20
Nicolette Modes, BS ’00
Colleen Quinlan Saxen, BA ’96
Sarah Catherine Baker, ’18
Tia Wilson, BA ’21
Malik Tropez, ’20, Cherokee
Jordan Rodgers, PhD ’17
Maya Younes, BA ’12
Shannon Kenny, ’15
Carmen Hernandez Andoh, ’00
Katryn Goodman, BA ‘00
Marcia Del Rios, BA ‘99; M.Ed ‘01
Martin Shelton, PhD, BS ’02
Claudia Magana Perlin, BA ‘01
Francesca O’Connor, BS ‘02
Marisa Limón, ’99 & ’01; Hispanic Alumni of Notre Dame Board Member
Kevin Huie, BA ’94
Heather Drevna, BA ’00
Megan Steron, Saint Mary’s, ’15
Nora Pinder, ’18
John Lyke ’18
Roisin Goebelbecker, ’19
Stacey L. Gettig, Pokagon Band
Elizabeth Berg, BS ’17
Ashley Flakus, BA ’18
Katherine Elizabeth Surine, BA ‘18 Music and Anthropology
Bryant Vande Kolk, Graduate Student
Tai Verbrugge, BBA ’19,
Leah Selmek, BA ’17,
Ben Sehl, UNDERC Student
Hye Sim Chung, BA ’19
Jeanine M. Mays
Maria Mosley, ‘17
Amelia Munoz, BA ‘86
Angela Bird, BA ’16
J. Matthew Ashley, Associate Professor of Theology,
Laurie Mastic, BA ‘85, Staff – College of Arts and Letters
Pete Freeman, BA ’18
Deborah Bineza, 19
Sara Fossum, ‘14
Francisco Cleaved, EMBA ’95
Fiona Williams, ’19
Bishop Laura Grimes, MA ’88 PhD ’04 Theology
Wendy Harrison, BS 01
Amy Schill, ‘03, MNA ‘12
Nicole Guenther Discenza, MMS 1993, PhD 1996
Laura Lodewyck, BA ’00
Kyle T. Smith, BA ‘13, JD ‘20
Stephanie Cook, 03, ’04
Richard Veit, BA ‘67
Kaitlin Scherzinger, BA ’19
Linda Scherzinger, BS ‘91
Robert Schwartz, BBA ’92
Carla Villanueva, PhD student
Rebecca Jo Bucklew, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi
Cassie Alley, A citizen of the tribe which donated the land to the Catholic Church on which Notre Dame now sits, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians
Michael Topash, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi
James Bright, Pokagon band of Potawatomi
Ben Williams, boodewaadamii
Roger M. Williams, Pokagon Ogitchedaw and Elder
Denise Mays, Native Person
Judy Sink, Potawatomi
Joseph Wildey, Pokagon
Brandon Scott, Executive Editor, Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper
Gavyn Spotted Tail, Rosebud Sioux Tribe
Foster Cournoyer Hogan, Rosebud Sioux Tribe
Julie Nannette Dye,Pokagon Band Potawatomi Nation
Colin Wesaw, Potawatomi
Kelly Farran, Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation
Landri James, Prairie Band Potawatomi
Terry A. Chivis, Original owner of Turtle Island, Little River Band of Ottawa Indians
Lois B Wesaw, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi
Sara Morrow, Ph.D Candidate
Megan Red Shirt-Shaw, Oglala Lakota Sioux
Kel Beatty, ’18
Kyle Lechtenberg, MTS ’08
Adam Wiechman, Undergraduate Student
Anna Siebach-Larsen, PhD, 2017
Chris Scherzinger, BS 1991
Ellen McDonald, Partner of Graduate Student
Joan Martel Ball ‘78, BA ‘78, Shoshone
Brady lefkowitz, Class of 2021
Catherine Barra, BA ’20
Desiree San Martin, BA ’16
Rhonda Wesaw-Keene, Pokagon Band Citizen, Pokagon Potawatomi
Kimberly Johnson, Pokagon band
Pamela Wynne Butler, Associate Director, Gender Studies Program
John Schafer, Potawatomi
Michael, Student, Sioux
Toni Kirkpatrick, BA ’01
Joseph Cussen, BA ‘06
John Amato, BA ’05
Kaitlin Sullivan, ‘10
Dev Sethi, BA ’06
Monica VanBladel, BA ’12
Mark Roland, BA ’03

Signatures of those not affiliated with Notre Dame
Beverly G Weaver, Pastor, Goshen City Church of the Brethren, Goshen, IN
Sara Lowe, South Bend resident for 39 of my 44 years
John Ingersoll
Elisa Holland
Scott Conroy
Mary Young
Kyra Blas
Patrick Bryan
Katherine Kemp
Ketan Jay Agrawal
Olivia Brown
Sydney Bloomhall
Alysss Mike
George Kingston
Arika shae Heinert
Casey Brayton
Alaina Pruyne
Robert W. Johnston
Augustine Beard
John Mulligan
Jane Elder
Vincent O’Leary
Bailey Sargent
Eponine Garrod
Sara Dye
Kris Wakely
Marshall Dye
John Dye
Casey Schumacher
Kristen Wolfe
Esmeralda Torres Martínez
Tomas Green
Elizabeth Wilkes
Jeff Brazda
Matthew Tucker Bain
Jason Newell
Jake Davis
Adrienne Whisman
Tiffany Bravo
Nathan Daniel Naill
Ann Haftl
Abigail McLain

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