Theology 101: A Call to Our Readers

At the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year we here at Daily Theology began a continuing series called Theology 101. The goal of this continuing series is to publish encyclopedia-styled posts that provide concise introductions to various theological topics. So far the following posts have been included in this series: Option for the Poor, Salvation, Systemic Bias, and Dangerous Memories.

We hope that this series continues to expand. As we continue to brainstorm about and produce these posts, we would appreciate our readers’ feedback and insights on content and audience. First and foremost, what are some topics you would like to see be a part of the series?

Second, we would like to have a better idea of the settings in which these posts might be useful. We began this series with undergraduate courses in mind. But we also recognize that the series could be and should be a valuable resource in other arenas as well–such as high school classrooms and various pastoral settings, such as youth groups, young adult groups, and adult faith formation communities. How can we make sure that these posts are helpful resources in your personal, professional, and ministerial lives?

This is an ongoing call. We encourage our readers to continuously offer your ideas regarding this series! You may do so by posting in the comment section of this post or sending us a message on our Facebook page.

We here at DT thank you!