DT Podcast Episode 13 – Tommy Humphries

Tommy Humphries, Saint Leo University
Tommy Humphries, Saint Leo University
Welcome to another excellent episode of the Daily Theology podcast! This one features Steve Okey’s conversation with Tommy Humphries of Saint Leo University. They became fast friends after Steve started at Saint Leo, and so naturally Steve wanted to talk to Tommy about his own theological journey. In fact, this conversation was one of the first ones recorded for the podcast! In this conversation, they talk about Tommy’s background as a carpenter (and the high bar that sets for a theologian), the way the Breviary and the Doctors of the Church have shaped his spirituality, and the dangers of Gnosticism for academic theologians.

Thomas L. Humphries is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Theology, and Religion at Saint Leo University. He earned a BS in Forestry and a BA in Philosophy from the University of the South (Sewanee), an MA in Systematic Theology from the Catholic University of America, and a PhD in Historical Theology from Emory University. There, under the direction of Lewis Ayres, he wrote his dissertation on Pneumatology in the Latin Fathers. That text was revised and published as Ascetic Pneumatology from John Cassian to Gregory the Great (Oxford, 2013) as part of the Oxford Early Christian Studies series. Beyond his interests in patristics, spirituality, and theological anthropology, Tommy is also a volunteer firefighter in Pasco County, FL.

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