DT Podcast Episode 7 – Anthony Godzieba

Anthony Godzieba (photo courtesy Villanova University)
Anthony Godzieba (photo courtesy Villanova University)

The newest episode of the podcast features Stephen Okey’s conversation with Anthony Godzieba from the annual College Theology Society convention in Portland, OR. Here, they talk about why music shapes his understanding what it means to do theology and spirituality, how teaching theology is like doing stand-up, and why fundamental theology needs to deal with TV and pop culture.

Anthony Godzieba is Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Villanova University in Philadelphia, PA. A self-described “neighborhood kid” from Philly, he did his Ph.D. in theology at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC while commuting back to teach at Villanova. While much of his work focuses on fundamental theology and phenomenology, his wide-ranging interests include embodiment, modernity and postmodernity, and the relationship between theology and the arts. In addition to numerous scholarly articles, he is the author of Bernhard Welte’s Fundamental Theological Approach to Christology (Peter Lang, 1994) and co-editor (with Anne M. Clifford) of Christology: Memory, Inquiry, Practice (Orbis, 2003), the annual volume of the CTS. For ten years, he was the editor of Horizons: The Journal of the College Theology Society.

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