DT Podcast Episode 6 – Dana Dillon

Dana Dillon
Dana Dillon

Today’s podcast episode features Stephen Okey’s conversation with Dana Dillon. They had the opportunity to talk at the 2015 convention of the College Theology Society, held at the University of Portland in Portland, OR. In this episode, they talk about the impact of a summer service placement on Dana’s vocation, teaching race and theology to undergraduates, and theological questions raised by mental illness.

Dana Dillon is an assistant professor of theology at Providence College in Providence, RI. She did her undergraduate and MDiv degrees at the University of Notre Dame. She did her PhD at Duke University, writing her dissertation under the direction of Stanley Hauerwas. Her research focuses on fundamental moral theology with a focus on virtue ethics. In addition to scholarly articles, she writes for the Catholic Moral Theology blog (in this conversation, she specifically references her piece on “St. Augustine, Catholics, and Mental Illness“). She is also active on Twitter, where you should follow her.

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