3 responses to “Nonviolence Is Not White Bourgeois Propriety

  1. You’re on thin ice here. What about the black looters who weren’t even from Ferguson? They stole property, smashed in store windows, and terrorized people. Sorry. But this whole white supremacy thing is getting old. We’re not supreme. We’re just targets. I am sorry that a young man is dead. And I’m sorry that our society can’t figure out how to start treating everyone, and I do mean even us lowly white folks, with respect.

    • The losers were a vast minority of the protestors in Ferguson. Looters from out of city/out of state even more so. The denial, or rejection of the racial elements of the situation belies a willful blindness to the realities of the discussion surrounding the rioting. You have a scenario where people in the predominantly black community are protesting (mostly peacefully) against a death that they feel highlights decades of profiling at the hands of police. Profiling which has led to deaths of many innocent people. Meanwhile, the media has again demonized the victim, who was at very least a victim of excessive force, as a thug, druggie, violent criminal, etc. They have also literally colonized him by reporting Darren Wilson’s statement that Mike Brown “looked like a demon”.

      Meanwhile, even though riots didn’t start till peaceful protestors in August were told to go home by police aiming M4 carbines at them, and blocking them from protesting at the locale of mike browns death, they were called savages, thugs, animals, and in one case “ignorant darkies” by politicians, media talking heads, police, etc.

      Now you compare that to the riots white people have been involved in after events like football games, soccer matches, hockey games. Where people have torched cop cars, raided stores, thrown Molotovs. Those people were usually called “fans” and while their actions are condemned, you never hear a national discourse calling them thugs, or demeaning the support for the games.

      Don’t try to turn this around with your sarcastic “lowly white folks” bs. There are people who live in fear their whole lives of the police in their community because of their skin color. You do not, because you are white. That’s not”supremacy

      • (cont.)” that’s superiority. You are deemed by the authority figures, intended to protect all the people in our society, as being better behaved and less dangerous.

        The death of Mike Brown was a tragedy. But it’s not an insular tragedy. I can’t think of one instance in recent memory where a police officer had shot an unarmed white male. I can think of 5 since August where unarmed black males have been shot by police.

        You are not a target. I am not a target. PoCs are targets, and they have the goddamned right to be pissed off about that.

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