Why It Matters That Jesus Never Shoveled Snow

Catch Daily Theology’s John Slattery as he reflects on the fact that Jesus never had to shovel snow over at the blogTheology in Progress:

Jesus never really experienced winter. Not really. And I find that really interesting….

Since Israel is geographically characterized as “subtropical” climate, falling between the “temperate zone” and the “tropical zone,” this means that Israel falls between the 35th latitudinal parallel and the Tropic of Cancer (23.27 degrees latitude). Similar temperature ranges would be those of Northern California, with the difference that Israel remains engulfed in the Mediterranean Climate Region, thus experiencing dry summers and rainy winters. Israel does have some snow each year, but it’s limited to the northern mountain region; the rest of the country rarely—if ever—sees snowfall.

Fair enough,” you might say, “but why does this matter? Jesus still said the same words, talked to certain people, died on the cross, was resurrected from the dead, etc. Who cares what the climate was like?”

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