Theological Shark Week III: “What is the role of faith in the classroom?”

As a new school year begins, many of us here on the blog have been reflecting on the place that faith has in the classroom for both teachers and students of theology. The six contributors this week have both students and teachers in classrooms ranging from high school and college to parish and seminary. There are many avenues this complex theme might take: the relationship between catechesis and theology, the distinction between one’s faith as a student and as a teacher, and the vocational and ministerial aspects of teaching. Throughout the week, we will be considering these and other topics.

Here is this week’s schedule of posts:
Monday: Stephen Okey
Tuesday: Katherine Greiner
Wednesday: John Slattery
Thursday: Katie O’Neill
Friday: Bradford Rothrock
Saturday: Kevin Ahern

We very much look forward to the comments and conversation that these posts will generate.
Note that these questions will be addressed at next year’s College Theology Society annual meeting t Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska with the theme Teaching Theology and Handing on the Faith: Challenges and Convergences.

2 responses to “Theological Shark Week III: “What is the role of faith in the classroom?”

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