2 responses to “Confronting our culture of violence

  1. Thank you for this very pertinent and needed post, Kevin. I am always surprised just how quickly the public moves on and disregards the horrific acts of gun violence in the last few years. “This is simply something that happens,” is, I suppose, the common answer. This article from Fox news (that a friend sent me after I shared your blog) http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/07/20/murder-at-movies-batman-didnt-do-this/ encapsulates the opposing point of view.

    It is the theological turn at its most difficult, I think, to switch from loving one’s neighbor on a person-by-person basis to confronting the larger forces and systems that can cause one’s neighbor to commit great acts of evil. I have yet to discover how to help people make this turn, since it can only be done if one keeps the person-by-person approach to Christianity close at heart, which of course is tricky business.

  2. Thanks John. Clearly, Batman did not do this (which is why I resisted the temptation to make the link with that particular violent movie). No one film, movie, music song, mode of transportation will make someone act in this way. [There is an interesting and somewhat informative Simpsons episode on this point]

    However, these realities (like our willingness to accept waterboarding, partial-birth abortion, higher death rates for minorities, etc) reflect a broader structural issue or culture–which is why I quote John Paul II on this.

    We cannot accept murder and preventable death as the new normal.

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