2 responses to “War With Iran is Not Inevitable

  1. You reflect this contributor’s position! Thanks for a great and urgently needed post, Kevin.

  2. Fantastic post. Beatty’s book sounds like a good one, I’d love to hear more about it.

    I’m struck so deeply by the anger in my own heart and my inability at times to speak it with a true voice, i.e. ‘to do in love what the truth requires.’ One can spend all eternity learning how to recognize and fully acknowledge life’s many truths, let alone cultivating the ability to do what those truths require with skillful grace. But to do what is required, and with love, in each passing moment, is truly an expression of the deepest wisdom.

    Realizing how hard it is for me to achieve this in my own life, I strain to imagine how difficult it must be for an organization as vast and diverse as the Catholic Church, let alone in our politics between and within nations.

    Thankfully, there are voices like yours.

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