Lent 2012

The Temptations of Christ (San Marco in Venice)
Reflections for Lent 2012
As part of our own Lenten observance, those of us here at Daily Theology are offering some reflections during this season on the main holidays, the Sundays, and our own experiences. We hope these will serve all our readers, friends, and contributors to deepen our faith and our relationships with each and with God.

Reflections on Particular Days of Lent:
Ash Wednesday (February 22nd): Ash Wednesday—or—On Not Mocking Ourselves with Falsehood (Andrew Staron)
First Sunday of Lent (February 26th): Returning to the Camp (Stephen Okey)
Second Sunday of Lent (March 4th): Seeking Transfiguration (Jen Owens)

Further Lenten Reflections:
Why I Am Fasting From Facebook (Brian Flanagan)
Love is Never Mere Security (Andy Staron)