Theological Shark Week II: “Why I am (still) Catholic”

Following the wonderful reception of last October’s Theological Shark Week and the conversation it generated, we at Daily Theology have decided that it’s time for another. Inspired in part by Michael Leach‘s book Why Stay Catholic?, seven of our contributors are offering their own reflections on why they are (still) Catholic. We hope these posts throughout the next week will inspire our readers to reflect on their own faith lives, on their relationship with their communities, and on whether that word “still” carries particular significance for them.

We have created the following schedule of posts on this theme:
Monday: Jen Owens
Tuesday: Brian Flanagan
Wednesday: Amanda Osheim
Thursday: Kevin Johnson
Friday: Brad Rothrock
Saturday: Marc Rugani
Sunday: Kevin Ahern

We look forward to your comments and the conversations these posts might generate.