Vatican II: Looking Back – Looking Forward

2012 marks the beginning of the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. As we look reflect on the present state of the Church,  is Vatican II still relevant? Should emerging theologians and young Catholic adult leaders still care about Vatican II? 

For a group of young theologians (including many of us associated with this and other blogs), we believe the answer is yes. We also believe that young members of the people of God  have a hopeful message for Church today.

In his Apostolic Letter in commemoration of the Jubilee Year in 2000, Pope John Paul II highlighted the challenge in the new century to continue the renewal begun by the Council.

As a way to meet this challenge, we are partnering with Pax Romana-ICMCIA and Boston College to organize the conference “Visions of Hope: Emerging Theologians Envision the Future of the Church” (9-11 March, 2012).

We hope that this event might spark other events locally, nationally and internationally to both celebrate the achievements of the Council and discern how the Holy Spirit is calling young adult Catholics and the church more broadly to respond to the challenges of the present.

The event is open to young theologians and young adult Church leaders.

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