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Raising Hell*

Editors’ note:  This post was originally part of Theological Shark Week V:  Holy Hell?!  Daily Theology Explores the Afterlife in October 2013.   As a child, I was fascinated by one part of the Apostles’ Creed:  Jesus descended into hell.  Part of the intrigue was that “h-e-double-hockey-sticks” was a […]

Many Prophetic Voices, One Merciful God

By Michelle Marvin I have no memory of the details of my baptism, because it took place at infancy. Yet through the preservation and continuation of Catholic tradition, I know what was said during those transformative moments. As the minister anointed my head with the chrism of salvation, […]

Lent is About Baptism

“Lent is about baptism.” This phrase was the thread running through the homilies of my parish priest several years ago, and today’s readings highlight it again for me. Water is a tricky element.  From Genesis we hear the story of Noah and the flood:  too much water wipes […]