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Statement of Catholic Theologians, Educators, Parishioners, and Lay Leaders On Clergy Sexual Abuse in the United States

This guest post is a prayer and letter written by Dr. Susan Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Catholic Studies at Emory University Candler School of Theology.

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God has shown the strength of God’s arm,
and has scattered the proud in their conceit.
God has cast down the mighty from their thrones,
and has lifted up the lowly.
(Lk 1:51-52)

Statement of Catholic Theologians, Educators, Parishioners, and Lay Leaders
On Clergy Sexual Abuse in the United States

On Tuesday, August 14, 2018, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro released a comprehensive grand jury report documenting the sexual abuse of over 1,000 children by 301 priests across six Pennsylvania dioceses. The document chronicles, with nauseating clarity, seven decades of clergy sexual abuse and systematic cover-ups by bishops and others in positions of power. The report comes in the wake of last months’ revelations of decades of sexual predation by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and in the long shadow of the sexual abuse crisis in Boston and beyond.

The crimes detailed in the grand jury report evince a horror beyond expression. The report summarizes the situation thus: “Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing; they hid it all. For decades.” We are brought to our knees in revulsion and shame by the abominations that these priests committed against innocent children. We are sickened in equal measure by the conspiracy of silence among bishops who exploited victims’ wounds as collateral in self-protection and the preservation of power. It is clear that it was the complicity of the powerful that allowed this radical evil to flourish with impunity.

Today, we call on the Catholic Bishops of the United States to prayerfully and genuinely consider submitting to Pope Francis their collective resignation as a public act of repentance and lamentation before God and God’s People.

We urge them to follow the example of Chile’s thirty-four bishops, who resigned collectively in May of this year after revelations of widespread sexual abuse and corruption were brought to light. Through prudent discernment, Pope Francis ultimately accepted three of these thirty-four resignations. It should be noted that the active bishop-to-Catholic ratio is almost the same in Chile and the United States, and that the geographical scope of the crisis in this country appears to surpass that of Chile. After years of suppressed truth, the unreserved decisiveness of the Chilean bishops’ resignations communicated to the faithful a message that Catholics in the United States have yet to hear, with an urgency we have yet to witness: We have caused this devastation. We have allowed it to persist. We submit ourselves to judgment in recompense for what we have done and failed to do.

Some will feel that the resignation of all bishops is unjustified and even detrimental to the work of healing. After all, many bishops are indeed humble servants and well-intentioned pastors. This is an urge we recognize, but it is not one that we can accept. The catastrophic scale and historical magnitude of the abuse makes clear that this is not a case of “a few bad apples” but rather a radical systemic injustice manifested at every level of the Church. Systemic sin cannot be ended through individual goodwill. Its wounds are not healed through statements, internal investigations, or public relations campaigns but rather through collective accountability, transparency, and truth-telling. We are responsible for the house we live in, even if we did not build it ourselves. This is why we call on the U.S. Bishops to offer their resignations collectively, in recognition of the systemic nature of this evil.

If we are to say “never again” to this catastrophic epidemic of sexual violence within the Church, then structural change on a scale previously unimaginable is required. Many have offered sound proposals for specific reforms that would begin to convert this ecclesial culture of violence into one of transparency, accountability, humility, safety, and earned trust. These are proposals we wholeheartedly support, beginning with external investigations of every ecclesiastical province in the United States akin to the one just completed in Pennsylvania. At the same time, we recognize that truth-telling and repentance are prerequisites to conversion. This is as true of institutional conversion as it is of individual conversion. As a collective body, the bishops have given the faithful little indication that they recognize and take accountability for the breathtaking magnitude of the violence and deceit that has continued unabated under their leadership. Thus, we call on them to follow Christ’s example in offering to the people a willing abdication of earthly status. This is a public act of penance and sorrow, absent of which no genuine process of healing and reform can begin.

We, the undersigned, teach in Catholic schools, colleges, universities, and graduate programs. We work in parishes, retreat centers, and diocesan offices. We are parishioners, lay ecclesial ministers, liturgical musicians, catechists, pastoral care workers, youth and young adult ministers, chaplains, parish workers, community advocates, students, teachers, professors, librarians, and researchers. We are mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, sons and daughters, vowed religious.
We are the baptized.

We stand in solidarity with the thousands of victims, named and unnamed, whom predatory priests, protected by the willing silence of many bishops, have raped, abused, brainwashed, traumatized, and dehumanized. We stand with those driven to alcoholism and drug addiction, to mental illness and suicide. We grieve with their families and communities.

We grieve in a different but no less profound way for our students, children, families, parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, and all of those we love who have left or will leave the Church because they have found its leaders unworthy of trust. We grieve for our parishes, communities, schools, and dioceses. We grieve for our Church.

The call we issue today is neither liberal nor conservative. It does not emerge from a particular faction or ideology but rather from the heart of a wounded Church. It is an expression of fidelity to the victims, to Jesus Christ, to the Church in whose service we have devoted our lives.

Thus, we call on you, Bishops of the United States, to consider this humble and public act of penance on behalf of us all. Let it be the first of many steps toward justice, transparency, and conversion. Only then might the wrenching work of healing begin.

*  *  *  *  *

Él hace proezas con su brazo:
dispersa a los soberbios de corazón,
derriba del trono a los poderosos
y enaltece a los humildes,
(Lucas 1, 51-52)

Declaración de teólogos católicos, educadores, parroquianos y líderes laicos
Sobre el abuso sexual de los clérigos en los Estados Unidos

El martes 14 de agosto de 2018, el Procurador General de Pensilvania Josh Shapiro se publicó un informe exhaustivo del gran jurado que documenta el abuso sexual de más de 1,000 niños por parte de 301 sacerdotes en seis diócesis de Pensilvania. El documento narra, con una claridad nauseabunda, siete décadas de abuso sexual por parte del clero y encubrimientos sistemáticos de obispos y otros en posiciones de poder. El informe siguió los pasos de las revelaciones de los últimos meses de décadas de depredación sexual por parte del cardenal Theodore McCarrick y en la sombra de la crisis de abuso sexual en Boston y más allá.

Los crímenes detallados en el informe del gran jurado muestran un horror incomprensible. El informe resume la situación así: “Los sacerdotes estaban violando niños pequeños y niñas, y los hombres de Dios que eran responsables de ellos no sólo no hicieron nada; lo escondieron todo. Durante décadas.” Nos vemos arrodillados en repulsa y vergüenza por las abominaciones que estos sacerdotes cometieron contra niños inocentes. Estamos asqueados en igual medida por la conspiración del silencio entre los obispos que explotaron las heridas de las víctimas como garantía de autoprotección y la preservación del poder. Está claro que fue la complicidad de los poderosos lo que permitió que este mal radical floreciera con impunidad.

Hoy, llamamos a los Obispos Católicos de los Estados Unidos a genuinamente y con oración considerar someter al Papa Francisco su dimisión colectiva como un acto público de arrepentimiento y lamentación ante Dios y ante el pueblo de Dios.

Los urgimos a los obispos que sigan el ejemplo de los treinta y cuatro obispos chilenos, que se dimitieron colectivamente en mayo de este año después de que se habían traído a la luz las revelaciones de abusos sexuales y corrupción extendidos. A través de un prudente discernimiento, el Papa Francisco finalmente aceptó tres de estas treinta y cuatro dimisiones. Cabe señalar que la proporción de obispos-a-católicos es casi la misma en Chile y en los Estados Unidos, y que el alcance geográfico de la crisis en este país parece superar al de Chile. Después de años de verdades reprimidas, la decisión sin reservas de las dimisiones de los obispos chilenos transmitió a los fieles un mensaje que los católicos en Estados Unidos aún no han escuchado, con una urgencia que todavía tenemos que presenciar: hemos causado esta devastación. Hemos permitido que persista. Nos sometemos a juicio en recompensa por lo que hemos hecho y no hemos podido hacer.

Algunos sentirán que la dimisión de todos los obispos es injustificada e incluso nocivo para el trabajo de curación. Después de todo, muchos obispos son en verdad siervos humildes y pastores bien intencionados. Este es un impulso que reconocemos, pero no es uno que podamos aceptar. La escala catastrófica y la magnitud histórica del abuso dejan en claro que este no es un caso de “algunas manzanas podridas”, sino más bien una injusticia radical sistémica manifestada en todos los niveles de la Iglesia. El pecado sistémico no puede terminarse a través de la buena voluntad individual. Sus heridas no se curan a través de declaraciones, investigaciones internas o campañas de relaciones públicas, sino a través de la responsabilidad colectiva, la transparencia y la verdad. Somos responsables de la casa en la que vivimos, incluso si no la construimos nosotros mismos. Es por eso que llamamos a los Obispos de los Estados Unidos a presentar sus renuncias colectivamente, en reconocimiento de la naturaleza sistémica de este mal.

Si queremos decir “nunca más” a esta epidemia catastrófica de violencia sexual dentro de la Iglesia, entonces se requiere un cambio estructural en una escala previamente inimaginable. Muchos han ofrecido propuestas sensatas para reformas específicas que comenzarían a convertir esta cultura de violencia eclesial en una de transparencia, responsabilidad, humildad, seguridad y confianza ganada. Estas son propuestas que apoyamos incondicionalmente, comenzando con investigaciones externas de cada provincia eclesiástica en los Estados Unidos similar a la que acabamos de completar en Pensilvania. Al mismo tiempo, reconocemos que la verdad y el arrepentimiento son requisitos previos para la conversión. Esto es tan cierto para la conversión institucional como para la conversión individual. Como un cuerpo colectivo, los obispos han dado a los fieles pequeños indicios de que reconocen y toman responsabilidad por la impresionante magnitud de la violencia y el engaño que no han disminuido bajo su liderazgo. Por lo tanto, les pedimos que sigan el ejemplo de Cristo al ofrecer al pueblo una voluntaria abdicación del estado terrenal. Este es un acto público de penitencia y pena, sin el cual no puede comenzar ningún proceso genuino de sanación y reforma.

Nosotros, los abajo firmantes, enseñamos en escuelas católicas, colegios, universidades y programas de postgrado. Trabajamos en parroquias, centros de retiros y oficinas diocesanas. Somos feligreses, ministros eclesiales laicos, músicos litúrgicos, catequistas, trabajadores de la pastoral, ministros de niños y jóvenes, capellanes, trabajadores parroquiales, defensores de la comunidad, estudiantes, maestros, profesores, bibliotecarios e investigadores. Somos madres y padres, tías y tíos, hijos e hijas y religiosos consagrados. Somos los bautizados.

Nos solidarizamos con las miles de víctimas, nombradas y sin nombre, a quienes los sacerdotes depredadores, protegidos por el silencio complaciente de muchos obispos, han violado, maltratado, lavado del cerebro, traumatizado y deshumanizado. Nos solidarizamos con los que se han caído al alcoholismo y la adicción a las drogas, a las enfermedades mentales y el suicidio. Nos afligimos con sus familias y comunidades.

Nos afligimos de una manera diferente pero no menos profunda para nuestros estudiantes, niños, familias, padres, abuelos, amigos, vecinos y todos aquellos que amamos que han dejado o dejarán la Iglesia porque han encontrado que sus líderes no son dignos de confianza. Lloramos por nuestras parroquias, comunidades, escuelas y diócesis. Lloramos por nuestra Iglesia.

La llamada que emitimos hoy no es liberal ni conservadora. No surge de una facción o ideología en particular, sino del corazón de una Iglesia herida. Es una expresión de fidelidad a las víctimas, a Jesucristo, a la Iglesia a cuyo servicio hemos dedicado nuestras vidas.

Por lo tanto, les pedimos a ustedes, Obispos de los Estados Unidos, que consideren este humilde y público acto de penitencia en nombre de todos nosotros. Que sea el primero de muchos pasos hacia la justicia, la transparencia y la conversión. Sólo entonces puede comenzar el doloroso trabajo de curación.

*  *  *  *  *

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Para agregar su firma, visite https://goo.gl/forms/0LXLPMpzTo56M8G12. Las opiniones del abajo firmante no representan las de sus instituciones.

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Signed / Firmado,

Susan Reynolds
Assistant Professor of Catholic Studies, Candler School of Theology at Emory University

Mary Kate Holman
Fordham University, Doctoral Candidate and Senior Teaching Fellow

Leah Perez
Mental Health Clinician at Riverside Community Care, Boston, MA

Brad Rothrock, Ph.D.
Boston, MA

Judy Madden
Alliance for Catholic Education, University of Notre Dame

Annie Selak
Boston College

Stephanie Sonnick
Coordinator of Spiritual Life, Campus Ministry, Seton Hall University

Drew Reynolds
Parishioner, St. Thomas More, Decatur, GA

Susan Haarman
Loyola University Chicago, Staff

Patricia McCarthy
Catholic Campus Minister at Elon University

Stephen J. Dalton
St. John the Evangelist Parish, Winthrop, MA.  I am a life-long Catholic, married for 36+ years, father of three, grandfather of eight; I am also a theological librarian serving seminarians and graduate students in a Catholic university library.

Megan Loumagne
Ph.D. Candidate, Theology and Religion, University of Oxford

Kimberly Humphrey
Boston College, PhD Candidate

Hope Zelmer
Fenwick High School, Theology Teacher

Leah Breindel
Elon University, Student Minister of Catholic Life

Stephanie C. Edwards
Boston College Department of Theology Teaching Fellow and Doctoral Candidate

Sarah Karchunas
University of Notre Dame (B.A., M.A., and current J.D. candidate)

Tony Ginocchio
Labor Rights Activist

John Glynn
St. Cecilia Parish, Director of Youth and Campus Ministry

Abby Bigelow
Jesuit Volunteers International

Layla Ann Karst
Assistant Professor of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University

Steffano Montano
Boston College, Doctoral Student

Kristi O Rangel
Holy Family Catholic Church, Abilene, TX, Parishioner

Katherine McGrath

Cynthia L. Cameron
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Rivier University

Alfred Pang Kah Meng
Boston College, PhD candidate in Theology and Education

Marie Clouqueur
Sacred Heart Parish, Lexington, MA, Chair of Pastoral Council

Paul Ulishney
University of Oxford, DPhil Candidate in Patristic Theology

John Kyler
Archdiocese of Chicago, Lay Minister

Daniel Lapsley, Ph.D.
University of Notre Dame

Sara Pekar
Parish lay ecclesial minister

Joseph Miller
Graduate, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Katie Dorner
Loyola University Chicago, Campus Minister

Madeline Jarrett, MDiv
High School Theology Teacher

Christa Morse
Boston College

Shaughn Phillips
St. Helen Pastoral Associate for Adult and Family Faith Formation

Stacey Gallodoro Dinnell
St. Martin de Porres, M.T.S.

Gregory Dinnell
St. Martin de Porres, RCIA Catechist

Fiona Dyball
Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish, Hawthorn, Australia

Scott Christian Pyzik
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, MA ’18

Anabella Morabito M.A.T.M.
Assistant Director, Center for Ministry & Service, Regis College

John P. Falcone, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Fordham University; Visiting Assistant Professor, Union Theological Seminary

Ellen Romer Niemiec
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, Assistant Director of Admissions

Msgr. Paul V. Garrity
Pastor Sacred Heart & St Brigid Parishes, Lexington MA

Caitlin Smith
Our Lady Queen of Peace, Arlington VA

Marianne Dalton
St John the Evangelist, Winthrop MA

Analise Brower
Teacher, the Washington Jesuit Academy

Nicholas Collura, MDiv
Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA, Chaplain

John P. Slattery, Ph.D.
University of Notre Dame

Chelsea Wallace

Christopher D. Jones
Barry University, Assistant Professor of Theology

Fran Rossi Szpylczyn
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Glenville, NY (Diocese of Albany) Pastoral Associate for Administration

Christian Rodriguez
Master of Divinity Student at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Paul Melley
Boston College, PhD Student Theology

Marcus Mescher
Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics, Xavier University

Katie Mahowski Mylroie
PhD student at Boston College

Robert Mylroie
Newton Country Day School Religion Teacher

Reid Linden

Devon Kemp McCormick
Sacred Heart University Campus Minister

Eileen Moran
Hospital Chaplain

Meg Stapleton Smith
Teaching Fellow and Doctoral Student, Fordham University

John Winslow
Master of Divinity student, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Amy Northrop

Rachel Nagengast M.T.S.
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry graduate

Jeffrey Miguel Wallace
M.Div, Pastoral Minister, Parishioner

Brigid Galvin
Lay person

David Turnbloom
University of Portland

Jessica Wrobleski
Wheeling Jesuit University, Associate Professor of Theology

Ann Grady
Saint Mary of the Angels Parish, Roxbury MA

Mary Ann Wozniak
Life long Catholic

Laura Atwood Duran
Holy Redeemer Parish, Chatham, MA

Kevin DeCusatis
Academy of Notre Dame, Instructor of Religious Studies

Donna Stiglmeier
St. Mary Parishioner, Catholic School and University educated, and former lay minister and missioner

Katharine M.Gerne, MA, M.Div., BCC
Massachusetts General Hospital, Pediatric Spiritual Care Provider

Madeline Dineen
Western Washington University

Elizabeth Osborne
Theology teacher at Roncalli Catholic High School

Marie Langenes
Roman Catholic

Nicholas Genovese
Campus Minister – Catholic Memorial School

Anna Robertson
Seattle University, Campus Minister

Anne Theriault

Kathleen Kelleher, MDiv, BCC

Stephanie J Schmalz
University of Dayton

Jena Wallander
Parishioner, Old St Patrick’s (Chicago, IL)

Maria Michonski
Christ the King, Nashville, TN, Parishioner

Megan K. McCabe
Assistant Professor, Gonzaga University

Joan Bradley

Alexandra Krudop
Alum of Saint Louis University

Louis P. Mukama
Phillips Exeter Academy

Michael J. Iafrate
Doctoral candidate (University of St. Michael’s College), Co-Coordinator of the Catholic Committee of Appalachia

Taylor J. Ott
Fordham University

Anne Calabresi, MD
Saint Mary of the Angels, Roxbury, Parishioner

Matt Merkt
Chaplain for Liturgy/Music, DePaul University

Jillian Stout Maxey
Teacher, Boston College High School; Graduate of St. Margaret School and Holy Name High School, Reading, PA

Pat Palmer

Daniel Wills
Member, St. Ignatius Church, Boston, MA.

Katherine Lacz
Lay Spiritual Director

Jim Davila
Boston College

Timothy Janke
Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Parishoner

Stephen Okey
Assistant Professor, Saint Leo University

Cynthia Kennedy
Saint Mary of the Angels Parish – Boston, MA. Parishioner

Julie DeMareo
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, MDiv ‘19

Anna Floerke Scheid
Associate Professor of Theology, Duquesne University

Russ Goliger
Boston College

Matthew C. Briel
Assumption College, Assistant Professor of Theology

Ed Sloane
Villanova University, Service and Justice Experiences Coordinator

Dr. Katherine Wrisley Shelby
(Episcopalian); Adjunct Professor at Boston College

Andrew Vink
Boston College, Ph.D. Student in Systematic Theology

Mary Jo Iozzio, Ph.D.
Boston College, Professor of Moral Theology

Michael Mookie C. Manalili
Boston College – Graduate Student (Theology; Social Work)

Susan Brusky
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Michael Finocchiaro
Salesianum School, Religious Studies Department

Elizabeth Antus
Boston College

Gayle Gallodoro

Julia Feder
Creighton University, Assistant Professor of Theology

Ashley Brown
Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Volunteer

Kirsten Pasia
Urban Village Church Chicago

George Faithful, Ph.D.
Dominican University of California, Assistant Professor

Jessica Kusina
St. Dominic’s Parish, parishioner

Fred Schmalz
All Saints Church

Elisabeth Vasko
Duquesne University, Associate Professor of Theology

Emily Jendzejec
Catholic Chaplain at Wellesley College, PhD student at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Rev. Joseph Calderone, OSA
Villanova University

Ashley Currey Lenz
St. Brigid’s Parish

Chelsea King
University of Notre Dame – PhD student

Marisa Rieber
Holy Cross Teacher

Bill Langenes
St. Andrew Parish

Christine E. McCarthy, Ph.D.
Marywood University, Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies, Instructor in Catholic Social Ethics

Todd Whitmore
University of Notre Dame, Associate Professor, Department of Theology

Eireen Ty
Providence High School

B. Kevin Brown
Gonzaga University, Instructor of Religious Studies

Andrew Prevot
Boston College

John P. Edwards
Villanova University, Director, Center for Pastoral Ministry Education

David Lenz
St. Brigid Parish, San Diego – Parishioner

Brianne Jacobs
Santa Clara University

Janis O’Hara
Glastonbury Abbey, Hingham MA

Andy Otto
St Thomas More, Decatur, GA – Pastoral Associate

Shawnee Daniels- Sykes, RN, PhD
Mount Mary University, Milwaukee, Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics

Callie Tabor
Emory University, doctoral candidate

Kate Jackson-Meyer

Susan Rutkowski
The Paulist Center, Pastoral Minister of Social Justice & Family Religious Education

Shawnee Daniels- Sykes, RN, PhD
Mount Mary University, Milwaukee, Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics

Callie Tabor
Emory University, doctoral candidate

Kate Jackson-Meyer

Susan Rutkowski
The Paulist Center, Pastoral Minister of Social Justice & Family Religious Education

Susan Rutkowski
The Paulist Center, Pastoral Minister of Social Justice & Family Religious Education

Tiffany Lee
Boston College, Theology PhD Student

Joanna Johnson
St James Parish, Manchester, CT, Lector

Ann V. Przybyla
St. Joseph Parish, Redding, CA

Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo
Assistant Professor, Texas State University

David MA Gregory
heology Teacher, De La Salle North Catholic High School (Portland, OR)

Julia Buff
Parishioner, St. Francis Xavier (NYC)

John B. Scarano
John Carroll University, Director of Campus Ministry

Kathleen Mroz
Boston College

Megan Sheehan
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry student and lay spiritual director

Susanna Buff
St. Francis Xavier, Parishoner

Kelle Lynch-Baldwin, Ph.D
Theology Teacher, Fairbanks, AK

Elizabeth O’Donnell Gandolfo
Earley Assistant Professor of Catholic and Latin American Studies, Wake Forest University School of Divinity

Morgan Widhalm
The University of Notre Dame, graduate student // Basilica of the Sacred Heart – liturgical choir member

David Russell Mosley, PhD
Holy Family Academy, Dean of Humanities

Patricia Carol Rowan
Retired Chaplain

Paula J. Lee, PhD
Campus Minister

Katherine G. Schmidt, Ph.D.
Molloy College, Assistant Professor

Timothy Harvie
St. Mary’s University

Axel Marc Oaks Takacs
Doctoral Candidate, Harvard Divinity School

Molly Cruitt
St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Louis; parishioner & volunteer

Carl J. Stamm
St. Mary of the Angels, Roxbury, MA

Kenneth Tompkins
Sacred Heart Academy, Theology Teacher/Fordham University, MA Student

Br. Albrecht Nyce, OSB, MDiv.
Glastonbury Abbey, Benedictine Monk

Benedict Carter
Member of Queens’ College, Cambridge University

Barbara Anderson

Judith Molnar LoGerfo MA, MTS
Retired Chaplain, National Assn of Catholic Chaplain, Lay Ecclesial Minister,Archdiocese of Boston, Weston Jesuit School of Theology’95

Anthony Suarez-Abraham
Dominican University, River Forest, IL

Patrick Cruitt
St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Louis, MO; Parishoner

Geoffrey Mooney, C.S.C.
Graduate Student, University of Notre Dame

Nicole Benevenia
Merrimack College, Campus Minister

Rachel Doll O’Mahoney

Nick Barth
St. Marys Of The Knobs, Indiana

Leo Guardado
Fordham University

Mary Vanderhoof
Assistant Director, Marianist Social Justice Collaborative

Marjorie Antus, OCDS
Formator, Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites, Washington, DC

Brandie Staney
St. Thomas More Co-Cathedral, Parishioner

Katherine Bilek Florack
St. Mary of the Mount, Pittsburgh PA

Mary Buatti Small
St. Joseph’s Parish, Downingtown PA/ Lector

Alex Mikulich Ph.D.
Catholic social ethicist

Mary E Marsan
Retired lay minister, Archdiocese of Hartford, CT

Diana Gailladetz
Pastoral Associate

Elizabeth Ewing
Parishioner at Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church, Houston Texas

Genesis Arocho
Loyola Marymount University 2016, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, 2018

Rev. John M. Santone, C.S.C., J.C.L.

Jane Arney
Christ the King Cathedral, Lay Catechist

Kenneth Garcia, PhD
University of Notre Dame

Mark DelCogliano
University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN), Associate Professor

Jacquelyn Hall
St. William parish, layperson/deacon’s daughter in law

Daniel P. Scheid
Duquesne University, Associate Professor

Martha Ligas
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry Alumna

Regina Wilson
Saint Mary’s College, Director, Campus Ministry

Deborah Lillig
Sts. Peter and Paul, Naperville, IL, Lay woman/church musician

Judith A Talvacchia
Instructor, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Paige Cargioli
Diocese of Saint Petersburg Florida

Christopher Starrs

Natalie LaHood
St. Joseph’s House, Executive Director

Gary Cushing
Religious Studies Teacher

Monique Gamache Venne, MDiv
Co-Pastor, Compassion of Christ Catholic Community

Stephanie Ann Puen
Fordham University, Teaching Fellow and Doctoral Student

Angela C Miceli Stout, Ph.D.
St. Alice Catholic Church

Brian Bircher
St. Maria Goretti, Madison, WI – Parishioner

G Terrence McGurn
Parishioner, St. John Church, St. Johnsbury, VT

Samantha Allen
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, Master of Divinity student

Theresa Maccarone

Lara Dulin
Notre Dame alumna

Vincent Pizzuto
University of San Francisco

Julie E. DeMarchi Heiland, Instructor of Religion, Philosophy, and Sociology
Atlantic Cape Community College

Dr. Margaret M. Anderton
St. Luke’s Parish, Pastoral Associate

Denise Monks
St Mary if the Angels, Roxbury, Ma- member

Michelle Romeu Henkel
Parishioner, St. Ignatius of Antioch, Tarpon Springs, FL

Michelle Rodriguez Flores
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Parishioner

Catherine Burke

R. Zachary Karanovich
PhD Student, Systematic Theology, Boston College

Dr. Christie Billups
Lewis University, Asst. Professor of Theology

Kevin Hughes
Villanova University

Patrick Cruitt
St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Louis, MO; Parishioner

Angela Schuppe

Tyler Schuppe

Tessla Babcock
Campus Ministry Coordinator UMBC

Adam Beyt
PhD Candidate in Systematic Theology, Fordham University

Angela Schuppe

Rev Norman Supancheck
Bp Alemany High School

Edward Noriega
Director Emeritus, Youth/Young Adult Ministries, St. Paul’s parish, Chino Hills, CA

Emily Sloan
St. Josaphat Parish, Chicago, IL; Educator

Jennifer L Connor
Boston College, M.Div. student

Cosme Garcia
University of St. Thomas – Houston / Alumnus

Zachary Murray

Rosemary Othmer Pesko
Doctorate of Ministry Candidate, Fordham University

Jon Weezer

Dr. Melissa Pagán
Mount Saint Mary’s University, Asst. Professor and Director of Graduate Religious Studies

Joel Peddle
I am a parishioner at STM in Atlanta.

Gabriella Carroll
Jesuit High School Sacramento, Theology Teacher

Rev. Emil Swiatek
Retired Priest

Rachel Louise Hipp
Saint Joseph the Worker parish in Ozark, Missouri; parishioner and volunteer catechist

Misty Stephenson
Archdiocese of the Military Services Parishioner and Lay Volunteer

Tom Lenz
St. Nicholas Parish, Evanston, Illinois

Katie Flood
Mother, Editor

Martha Calcutt
Music Minister, St Paul the Apostle, NYC

Pamela E Bjelland
St. Benedict’s Parish Anchorage AK, Parishioner

David de la Fuente
Fordham University

Jim Robinson
Fordham University, Doctoral Candidate and Teaching Fellow

Hilary Jerome Scarsella
Vanderbilt University (Theological Studies ABD researching Christianity and sexual violence), Into Account (Advocacy organization for survivors of sexual violence in Christian contexts), Survivor

Mark Danis
Church of Saint Francis Xavier, New York City

Max Lewis
Associate, Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace

Douglas Kmiec
US Amb (ret); fmr Dean, Catholic U, fmr law prof, Notre Dame

Ryian Louise Hilpisch
Lay minister of young women and mothers

Scott Sweeney
Catechist at St Catherine of Siena in Trenton Diocese

Dr. Bob Pennington
Assistant Professor of Religious and Pastoral Studies, Mount St. Joseph University

Mark Lenz

Elizabeth Mroz
Church of the Assumption of Our Lady

Joseph Prabhu
Professor of Philosophy, Cal State University, Los Angeles

Ariadna Gonzalez

MarySue Barnett

James C. Webster
Parishioner, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Arlington, Virginia

Diane Raddatz

Gene Roman
Freelance Reporter

Lawrence I. Fejokwu
V.I.S.I.O.N New Africa Foundation

Xeres Villanueva
Our Lady of Loudes Church

Jack Lee Downey
Associate Professor of Religion & Theology, La Salle University

Rosa G. Manriquez

Jill Begalle

Clare McGrath-Merkle, OCDS, DPhil, MA, MTS, ABD
Expert on the Psychology of the Episcopal Cover-Up and the underlying Spiritual Theology of Priesthood

Suzanne Lefevre
St. Nicholas Parish, Evanston IL, (Parishioner)

Shelly Roder
St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Milwaukee, WI

Deacon Mark J. King
St. Gabriel Parish, Charlotte NC

Beth Pellin Kaiser
Campus Ministry

Barbara Bury
Parishioner, Church of the Resurrection, Ellicott City, Maryland

Dean Daniels
Archdiocese of Milwaukee Director Office for Worship

Mary Lou Hartman, M.T.S., Lay person
Blessed Sacrament, Washington DC

Sarah Scott
St Bernardine Parish

Jose Castro
Asesor Pastoral Parroquia “Ma. Auxiliadora”, Oakland, CA

Jo Marie Griesgraber, Ph.D.
Finance Council Secretary, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Arlington VA

Virginia Dargen
Parish member – St Lawrence Martyr Church

Nicole Acaso
Teacher at Notre Dame Preparatory School, Youth Ministry Core Team Volunteer at Immaculate Conception Parish

Anthony Maranise, M.A., Obl.S.B.
Instructor & Research Scholar, Religious Studies; The University of Memphis

Michele Paventa

David M Hall
Deputy Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus Council 4358

Cathy Adlesic
Former Catholic

Thomas J Allio Jr
Retired, Senior Director, Cleveland Diocesan Social Action Office

Sarah Scuderi
St. Michael Church, Dir. of Music Ministry

Brody Hale, JD, MPA
Founder and Director, the Catholic Church Preservation Society

D. Chris Nunez, MA Theology, MA Pastoral Ministry
Graduate, University of San Francisco, Santa Clara University

Jason Pham

Dr. Stephanie Krehbiel
Executive Director, Into Account, Inc.

Donna Perkins
Graduate of Notre Dame Academy, Los Angeles CA

James P. O’Sullivan
Assistant Professor of Social Ethics, Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia

Rebecca Schwantes-An M.A.
Theology University of Notre Dame ’08, B.A. in Theology University of Portland ’06

Dennis G. Grindel
St. Stephen Protomartyr Parish

Ginny Cusack, MA Theology

Mary Frances LaHood, LMSW
Social worker, alumna, The Catholic University of America, St. Edward’s University

Dee Laylor

Marci Madary
St. Giles Family Mass

Daniel LaHood
Co- Founder, St. Joseph’s House, Silver Spring, MD

Luis A. Galvez
Director of Music and Liturgy, St. Viator Parish Chicago, Illinois

Brother Michael J Phillips, OCS,
Father Bede House of Prayer

David Gaillardetz
Loyola Academy of St Louis

Carter Chapley
Our Lady of Grace, Person.

Grace Slattery Rose
St. Andrew the Apostle, lay parishioner

Adria Connors, CSC
Sister of the Holy Cross

Maria Cressler
Executive Director Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center

Kenneth Garcia, PhD
Associate Director, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, University of Notre Dame

Caitlan Colleen Rangel
Santa Margarita Catholic High School

Patrick and Vera Nugent
St. Mary Refuge of Sinners Parish, Cambridge, MD, Liturgy Committee members

I align with this statement

James M. Patterson
Ave Maria University

Abigail Maristela
Graduate student, Boston College

Catherine Kuiper
University of Notre Dame

Andrew Stone Porter
Vanderbilt University, Ph.D. student; St. William Church, Music Minister

Lee Meadows
Parishioner, St. Ignatius Loyola, Sacramento

Julia C. Everett
Mother/Nurse/Confirmed Catholic

Mary Ann Kono
Our Lady Star of the Sea – Parishioner

John J Thawley M.Div. USMC University of Toronto. BA Villanova University.

Ann M Fox
Sacred Heart Parish, Colwich, KS liturgical musician

Jennifer Anderson
ArchCare Senior Life, Rehabilitation Supervisor | St Ignatius Loyola, Parishioner and Lay Minister | By virtue of my baptism Priest, Prophet and Queen

Carl Rylan Perkins
Liberty University, Undergraduate Student

Patricia A. Bacon
Parish of The Ascension of The Lord, York Maine, former chairwomen of the Social Justice and Peace Commission

Patricia Sykora MTS

Suzanne O’Connor

Elizabeth Hamm
Hospice Chaplain

Aaron Bianco University Of San Diego
Rev. Diane Dougherty, ARCWP Roman Catholic Woman Priest, Avondale Estates, GA

Richard Garzon IBP capell
Bogotá Colombia

Irene Pruitt
Our Lady Queen of Peace, Arlington, VA, Parishioner

Caroline Martz
St Pius X

Karen Genest
Saint James Cathedral Parish parishioner

Sarah Otto
Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center, retreat and Program Director

Caitlin Stutzke
Santa Margarita Catholic High School- Assistant Coordinator of Christian Service

Susan Fox
Parishioner, St. John of God

Tim Dulle
Fordham University, Graduate Teaching Fellow

Michele Dawn Kautz
St Catherine of Siena Wichita KS

L. R. Genest
St. James Cathedral, Seattle Wa

Jonathan Tan
The Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan Professor of Catholic Studies at Case Western Reserve University

Jacqueline Hidalgo
Williams College, Associate Professor of Latina/o Studies and Religion

Karen Genest
Saint James Cathedral Parish parishioner

Eileen M. Fagan, S.C.
College of Mount Saint Vincent, NY, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Rachel Kass
Notre Dame Seminary Institute for Lay Ministry, Graduate Student

Joanna R Volk
Church of the Transfiguration, West Milton OH. Parishioner

Robbie Pruitt
Christ the King

Erin Broich
Mount Mercy University, Campus Minister

Edward Upton
Assistant Professor, Valparaiso University

Cherie Herrera
Parishioner Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community

Kristine Hilger
St. Catherine of Siena-Parishoner/Confirmation Teacher

Patrick Higgins
La Salle College Preparatory, Theology teacher

Kathleen Sauser
Diocese of Dallas Parishioner

Michael Levy

James and Carolyn Russell
Parish: Immaculate Conception, Nashua, NH

Karen Simon
Layperson involved in local parish, College Park, Maryland

Margaret O’Neil
A Catholic follower of Christ

Chmara Saint Julien
Saint Thomas Aquinas HS/Alum

John Crowley-Buck, Ph.D.

Carolyn Russell
Immsculate Conception, Nashua, NH

Michael L. Budde
Professor of Catholic Studies, Senior Research Scholar, Center for World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology (CWCIT), DePaul University

Kyle Haden, OFM, Ph.D.
St. Bonaventure University Assistant Professor

J. Gumataotao
Hagatña, Guam Teacher

Terri L. Budde
St Monica and Luke Church, Gary, IN

Lindsay Hamilton
St. Mary’s Parish – Parishioner

Margaret Needham
Old St Pat’s (Chicago) Parishioner

Veronica Roberts Ogle
Assumption College, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Kathleen Spears Hopkins
Ascension Parish, Oak Park, Illinois

Nancy North

Barbara Young
St. Jude’s Parish, Chalfont PA

Marla S Humphrey
St Timothy Parish, Union, KY. Catechist & Parishioner. Lay Woman of Regnum Christi.

Stephen Hopkins
Ascension Church parishioner

William P Goddu
Parishner Blessed Sacrament Parish Holyoke MA

Emily Reimer-Barry, PhD
Associate Professor, University of San Diego

Paul J. Wojda, Ph.D.
University of St. Thomas (MN)

Bill Mitchell
Pastoral Council member, Paulist Center, Boston

William Goddu

Nancy Sharts-Hopko
St. Thomas of Villanova, Rosemont PA, member

Mari Rapela Heidt, PhD
Independent Scholar

Emily Kahm, Ph.D.
Augustana College

Janelle L Wenzl
Most Pure Heart of Mary, Topeka KS-Parishioner

Nancy Mason Bordley, D.Min.
Adjunct professor and pastoral associate

Jessica Blum
Ex Catholic

Mary-Grace Alles
Hillsdale College, student

Nancy Mason Bordley, D.Min.
Adjunct professor and pastoral associate

Rosann M. Catalano, PhD

Nicole Foat
AMS Military Catechist

Zachary Richardson
St Joseph

Cindy Martz
St Pius X Catholic Church, Granger, Indiana. Parishioner, soon to be Stephen Minister, choir member, Lector

Kathleen J. Black
Parish Council, Corpus Christi Parish, South Bend IN. St. Joseph County Right to Life.

Anna Marguerite Gambucci
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Minneapolis MN

Emre Akter
Lay person: Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Parish Derby, CT

Angelina Heaps
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church (UVA Parish)

Megan Herodes
St. James Cathedral, Parishioner

Tucker Moore
University of St. Thomas – Professor of Music

Stanley Francis JR Zerkowski
Executive Director, Fortunate Families

Stephen Charles Pruyn
Mary Magdalene Catholic Community

Kevin Ahern, PhD
Assistant Professor, Manhattan College

Matthew J. Cressler
Catholic historian

Anne White O’Hara
Assistant Professor, Emerita, Marygrove College

Jennifer Heiliger
Holy Spirit Catholic Church/Parishioner

Mark P. Shea
Author/Blogger, Patheos.com

Fr. Daniel Hussey
Pastor, St. Gall’s Parish, Gardnerville, NV 89410

Patrick F. O’Hara, C.P.A.
Treasurer, St. Patrick Senior Center; Detroit, Michigan

Jasmine Young
University of Notre Dame, Alumnae, Club of Phoenix member

Katherine Bishop
Retired Director of Catechetics, Parish Administrator

Jane O’Brien
Life-long Catholic. Stewardship and Development officer, Archdiocese of Chicago (’93-’02); (retired) Director of Development, Theological College. Washington, D.C., National Seminary of the Catholic Bishops, affiliated with The Catholic University of America and administered by the priests of the Society of St. Sulpice (’04-’12).

Johnna Horn
St Patrick Parish, Wentzville MO

Brandon Joseph Albert Bates

Arsenia Reilly-Collins
Faith formation teacher at St Rocco’s church in Brooklyn NY; Previously St Saviour (Brooklyn); Holy Spirit (Asbury Park), Our lady of Mount Carmel (Jersey City), St Patrick’s (Jersey City)

Michael Erickson
Faith Formation Director, St Patrick Parish, Waukon IA

Christopher Wayne Buckley
Member, Blessed Sacrament Church, Seattle, WA

Theresa Barber

Diane VanBurkleo
Catechist, parent: Church of the Holy Spirit, Goddard Kansas

Daryl Bauer
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, parishioner

Kyle Thompson
Catholic School, Teacher

Cheryl Lou Hipp
Saint Joseph the Worker parish in Ozark, Missouri; parishioner and former high school English teacher

Maryanne Thompson

Colleen Carpenter
Saint Catherine University, Associate Professor and Chair of the Theology Department

Thomas Cusack
Federation of Christian Ministries, President

Tara Ann Thieke
Imago Dei Politics, President of Board of Trustees

Catherine Burke

Thomas J. McMahon, PhD

John Robert Hipp
Saint Joseph the Worker parish in Ozark, Missouri; parishioner and former community college adjunct instructor

Mary Peterson
St. Patrick Parish, retired Catholic School teacher.

Adele Chapline Smith
Dinah’s Voice, Executive Director

Noelle Farra
Lay person

Jennifer Clarke

Ann Staulo

Virginia Chizmar

St Joseph Church, Austintown, Ohio

Kate Williams

Jessica Chapin
Our Lady of Peace Shrine, San Jose, CA Parishioner

Socorro Calderon

Caroline E Pollock

Deborah Del Ciello
Madison, WI

Anthony Francis
Belford University

Pam Evans

Rachel Gabelman
Hospice Chaplain

Cecelia Sheoships
Survivor of clergy sexual abuse

Dr. Rosemarie Smead, ARCWP
Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Charles D. Beard
Stanley Rother Catholic Worker

Ryan Werdel
Benedictine College, ministry team member

Delfina Sundar
Gender Rights Activist

Mary Teresa Hammond
Holy Family Catholic Church-parishioner

Tammy L Van Pelt Johnson
Fresenius North America.

Janice R. Macek
Parish volunteer

Mark Gordon
President, SVDP Rhode Island

Benjamin Edward Francis Timpf
Parishioner at St. Frances Cabrini in Detroit

Kevin Donohue Principal,
St. Joseph Catholic School, Hawthorne

Amy McKenna
Spiritual Director

Paul Sanderson OCDS
St Rita’s Rockford IL

John O’Neill
Concerned Catholic

Jenna L Donohue
Mother, Parishioner, Catholic

Paul Gallipeo
Distinguished Professor of English: SUNY Adirondack

Johann M. Vento
Professor, Religious Studies and Theology, Georgian Court University

Rachel Elizabeth Dobbs
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Jacksonville, Florida

Scott Eric Alt
Blogger, Patheos Catholic. Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, Fort Wayne

Cynthia A. Schrage
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Fort Wayne, IN

Gretta Eubanks Barnes
Holy Rosary Parish, Diocese of Richmond , Lay Ecclesial Minister, Retired

Jennifer Stegman
St. Mary of Nazareth, Des Moines, Iowa, Parishioner

Mary Pezzulo
Patheos Catholic

Katherine Svejkosky
Cor Jesu Academy, Teacher

Juan Ramiro Jaramillo
MD. Psychiatrist. Parishioner Our Lady of Lourdes. Owensboro KY

Brian P. Kelahan
St. Anthony of Padua Church, Parishioner and Lay Minister

Paul Schwab
St. Luke’s Church

Gemma Wilson
St. Rita’s, Blue Ridge Summit, Cantor

Holly Mohr
Saint Mary of the Mount Parish, Pittsburgh, PA. Director of Religious Education

Kerrie Justin
Spirit of Christ Parishioner, former Catholic school teacher

Stephanie Butler

Simon Halder
Alumni of SPEC Centre in St Albans, Hertforshire, UK

Peter Appel
Layman, St Elizabeth Seton

Stephen de Weger
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. PhD Candidate researching clergy sexual misconduct against adults.

Kathryn Sullivan
St. Michael’s

Vincent Salomone
Sisters, Oregon

Michael Christopher Pezzulo
Triumph of the Cross, Steubenville – Parishioner

Laura Pittenger
Lector, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Astoria

Lawrence C. Reardon
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of New Hampshire

H. Lillian Vogl
Blogger, Beyond All Telling

Lynn Cooper
Tufts University Catholic Chaplain

Molly Payne

Susan Donnelly
Harvard University Press, Parishioner St. Cecilia, Boston

Charity Horinek
St. Alphonsus Church, Satanta, KS, parishioner

Jenny Sanjeevan
St. Margaret Mary’s Parish, Oakland Ca

Katherine A. Johnson
Pastoral Associate, St. Ann Catholic Church, Colonial Heights, VA

Timothy DeCelle
Washington University-St. Louis, PhD Candidate

Paul Miller
St. Raphael’s Catholic Grade School

Ashley Quick
Parishioner, Iowa

Briana Schalow
Sacred Heart Parish, Lancaster CA

Emily Corwin
Sacred Heart Parish – Lebanon, NH (parishioner)

Aimee Therese Perhach
Parishioner, St. Mary’s, Crown Point, Indiana, and Student at Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

Eve Vines

Mark DeFrancisis

Gregory Paul Mellin
Lexington Diocese, parishioner

Joseph Samuel Copeck
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Lexington, KY

Roberta Lavin, PhD, FNP-BC, FAAN

Jean Lupinacci
St. Mark Parish, Arlington VA Diocese, Director of Religious Education for Adult Faith Formation

Matthew Jenkins
Saint John Vianney of Prince Frederick, MD

Benjamin Andrew Milton
Parishioner, Saint Joan of Arc parish, Phoenix, AZ

Caroline Rose

Stefanie Klein
St. Joseph Roman Catholic Parish, Arlington TX

Naomi Fisher
Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago

Dean Hiatt
Sparta United Methodist Church

William Vines

Jennifer Marie Marcus, Esquire Reverend ARCWP,
Michigan BAR Association

Dan Soares
Sacred Heart Parish

Sabu Augustine Parishioner

E. Bruce Pitman Ph.D.
UB Newman Center, Amherst, NY

Rebekah Grace Potts

Dana Fuchs

Chris Birkbeck
St. Michaels Parish, Garden City, SC.

Anais Gonzales

Kendra McLaughlin
Parishioner, Saint Mary of the Mount Church, Pittsburgh, PA

Jean M Fleck
Parishioner at St. Mary’s, Oneonta NY

Timon Skees
St. Leo the Great. Fairfax, VA

Jonathan Miller
Parish, choir

Patricia M. Rogan
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community parishioner, Warren, Ohio

Neil Galbraith
St Francis of Assisi, Ann Arbor, MI

Andrew Hauge
Parishioner at All Saints

Pamela Lissemore Cipparulo
Our Lady of the Assumption, Emerson NJ (thru 1993) Mary Mother of God Hillsborough,NJ (thru present)

Bonnie Martin
St. Stephen Byzantine Catholic Church

Nancy McGraw
Assumption Church, Morristown, NJ; parishioner and catechist

Colleen Miller
University of Portland

Aimee Miller
Our Lady of Good Counsel, mother, teacher, women’s ministry

William Jungling
N/A parent to children

Linda Ballard
Pastoral Associate, retired

Mia Holman
St. Thomas of Villanova, PA; music minister; family member of abuse victim

Daniel Moriarty
Maryknoll Mission Center in Latin America, Program Director, Volunteer & Immersion Program

Heather Angell
St. Cecilia’s Parish, Boston, MA

Anthony Rasa
St. Patrick Church, Havre de Grace, MD,USA

Jean E Kirkhope
Director, Appalachian Catholic Worker/Co-Coordinator, Catholic Committee of Appalachia

Don R Noska Jr
Tonsured Cleric of The Celtic Christian Church

Kathy Stockman
Bellarmine Chapel at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH/Catechist

Jennifer Fitz
Lay Volunteer, Diocese of Charleston, SC

Margaret Mary Boisture
St. Joseph Church of Poquonock, CT

Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM, PhD
Boston College

Clarissa Spiro

Becky Fox
Family, Friend & Neighbor to many

Bradley Boyle
Religion Teacher, Georgetown Preparatory School

Karen Zehr
Lay Leader of Prayer, Blessed Sacrament Parish Warren, OH

Charles T. Strauss
Mount St. Mary’s University

Rebekah L Gummow
St. Nicholas Tolentino Parish, Layperson

Robert Miole
Parishioner, Registered Nurse

Tyce W Gummow
St. Nicholas Tolentino Parish, Layperson

Holly Tennyson
Our Lady of Good Counsel Parishioner

Grace Koleczek
Pastoral Associate, St. Rose of Lima Church MN

Rolando Z Rodriguez
Our Lady of Grace Lubbock

W Keith Moore

Delia Cardenas
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Jacksonville,FL

Linda Molloy

John Albers

Lauren Geist
Managing Editor, First Things

Teresa Marie Cariño
St. Ignatius Loyola, Pastoral Associate | Jesuit School of Theology, MTS Student

Juliana Hain
St. Louis Bertrand Catholic Church, parishioner

Bobbi Ragon

Liz Keuffer
Parish lay staff

Janet Atha

Alisha Ruiss
Annunciation Parish, Cantor

Joseph A Messineo
Former member of Holy Redeemer Spencer, WV

Brian Talbot Jr. Acolyte
St. Theresa Catholic Church (Austin, TX)

Gerald Goodwin

Conn Hanson

Petra Bradley
University of Maryland, Associate Research Scientist

Anna Keim, SNJM
Teacher, Ramona Convent Secondary School

Eric Michael Fesh
St. Peter the Apostle in Hoover, AL: Husband and father of 3

Leticia Ochoa Adams
St. William Catholic Parish Round Rock Texas

Mary Hathaway

Thomas Wiley
Parishioner at Incarnation/St. James Parish in Ewing

Kathleen Ritter
Parishioner, Annunciation Parish, Minneapolis

Martha Chlipala
Parish member

Norma Schultz
Parishioner, Mary Mother of God

John Farrell
Freelance writer

Beth Spellacy
St. Thomas More Church, parishioner

Deb Dooher Anderson
St Joseph of the Lakes, Lino Lakes, MN

Janelle Johnson

Steven Schultz
Parishioner, Mary Mother of God

Mary Beth Kunde-Anderson
World Library Publications, director of publications; Ascension parish, Oak Park, IL

Ann Lee Schneider
St Andrew Catholic Church parishioner. Portland OR

Carol Stanton
Orlando, Florida

Joel Haubenreich
Cathedral of Christ the King, Lexington, KY: parishioner, husband, father

Abigail Amico
Graduate Student in Theology & Social Work, Boston College

Victoria Gaile Laidler
Parishioner, St John the Evangelist, Columbia, MD

Amanda Baumgartner
Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Religion Teacher

Mary Sorensen
St. Francis Xavier parish, Spokane, WA parishioner

Christopher Reed

Maren Grossman
M.A. Catholic University of America

George Ciamillo
Roman Catholic

Jane Noble
Church of St. Mary, Tulsa OK

Bethany J. Welch, Ph.D.
Aquinas Center, Executive Director

Wendy Norbom
Parishioner of Catholic Church

William Redmond
Our Lady of Good Counsel HS – Social Studies teacher

Ryan M. Lamberton, MA
Assistant Director | CILSA at Saint Mary’s College of California

Andrea Manea
Parishioner, St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Robert G Cui
St Mary on the Hill Parish/parishioner

David Garcia
St Andrew the apostle, parishioner

Eileen Thompson
Youth ministry

Brianna Neilsen
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, MTS

Monica E Gorman
St. Jerome Parish, Hyattsville, MD

Mariano Gomez
Diaconate aspirant

Denise Smith
Teacher from NJ

Nora Paine
St Mark the Evangelist Tampa Parishioner

Cayla Garcia
St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, Parishioner

Kelly Wilson
Adjunct professor of Theology, University of St. Thomas

Tamara Davis

Sandra Sather-Westley
St. Joseph Parish in Seattle

Anne Day Leong

Sarah Reynolds

Jacob Villalobos

Mrs. Lisa J. Hill-Sutton, O.P.
Parishioner/Catechist Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church, Woodbridge, VA

Patricia Klepinger
Catholic Parishioner

Paige Russell
St. Mary’s, Mountain Home AFB, ID

Alfredo Ignacio Poggi
University of North Georgia-Assistant Professor

Marian Stumpf
Ecumenical Catholic

Monica Zeringue
Our Lady of Mercy parishioner, Mother, Teacher, and Gymnastics Coach

Carol VanDomelen
St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Marissa Bulger
St. Mary’s of Rockville, parishioner

Jaculyn C Hanrahan
Appalachian Faith & Ecology Center, Inc

Tom Stumpf

Michael D. Reif
Assumption Catholic Church, parishioner

Jason Heinz
Our Lady of Sorrows Parish Council

Tom Smith
Former Priest

Anita Fischer
Saint Cloud Hospital Chaplain and Saint Joseph Catholic Church liturgical minister

Erika Heller
University of Notre Alum, parishioner at St Edna

Raquel Falk
University of Notre Dame, M.Div. 2020

C. Michael Reimringer

Tom Dickens, Ph.D.
Professor of Religious Studies, Siena College

Kelly Josko
St.Teresa of Avila, youth volunteer

Roberta McLaughlin,
Parishioner, St John of God Catholic community. Former Maryknoll Lay Missioner

Anamaria Goicoechea
Madre de cinco, abuela de 13. retirada con 83 años de edad.

David McPherson
Creighton University, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Walter N. Sisto D’Youville College, assistant professor

Michael Vincent Powell
Loyola University MD, Saint Bonaventure University NY, Saint Mary of the Angels Parish in Olean, NY

Elissa Cutter
Loyola Marymount University, Postdoctoral Fellow

Bishoy Dawood
Universtiy of St. Michael’s College, Theologian

Christiane LaBonte
Parishioner, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Washington, DC

Maureen Briare
University of Portland, Liturgical Music Director

Lee Ann Self
Our Lady of Sorrows parish, Birmingham AL

Shelley Alters
Prince of Peace parish

Lisa van de Velde
St. Francis Parish Sacramento CA

Esther Sims Boyd
St. Joseph Parish, Mishawaka Indiana

Stephen Sheridan
St John’s College High School; Religion Teacher

Leah B. Morabito
Parishioner, St. Bartholomew Church, Bethesda, Maryland

Catherine Torrez
Parishioner, Our Lady of Guadalupe South Hutchinson, KS

Mary Jane Toth St. Paschal Baylon

Richard E. Odom M.S., LADC
St John Vianney Parish, Fairmont, MN, Lay Ministry

Yvonne Xuan-Thao Nguyen
Villanova University student/ St. Augustine Cathedral (Bridgeport, CT) Parisher

Amelia Marie Oliva Campos
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Corbin, KY, parishioner

Kelly Gonzalez
St. Mary of the Falls, Parishioner

Fr. Adam Prichard
Parochial Vicar, St. Paul

Audrey D.
Holy Family/St. Lawrence Parish – lector and volunteer

Terry Sovil

Kathleen Kerns
St. Joseph Church, Martinsburg, WV. Parishioner, catechist.

Jacob W. Torbeck
Loyola University Chicago, Instructor of Theology

Therese Terndrup
Parish catechist, Columbus, Ohio

Michael Boes
Creighton University, Alumnus

Kelley Snoddy
St. Bartholomew Catholic Church Pro-Life Ministry

Stephanie Lochet
Saint Mary Cathedral, Austin TX

Robyn Plaster
St. Bonaventure Catholic Church, Huntington Beach, California. Catechist.

Nathaniel Minto

Magdalena Davis
Parishioner, Diocese of Los Angeles; Alumni, Loyola Marymount University

Christopher Bolton Sr
Lay Person/Church of St Mary, Tulsa, OK

Nanci S Perocchi
St Angela Merici Parish, Pacific Grove, CA, Parishioner, Catechist

Karen G Duderstadt
Clinical Professor emeritus, UCSF School of Nursing

Patricia M. Simpson, MDi
Administrator, The Paulist Center, Boston and Instructor in Ministry and Denominational Counselor to Catholic Students at Harvard Divinity School

Michael Simpson
Shrine Church of Saint Gerard Majella Choir member

Raúl Zegarra
The University of Chicago, PhD Candidate in Theology

Elizabeth Fiedler
University of Chicago alumna (Ph.D.), St. Thomas Apostle parish, Chicago IL

Thomas A. Gehrz
Parishioner, St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Grand Forks, ND

Cheryl A.Graham
Love In the Name of Christ of Benton County (OR)

Jen Harrison
St. Brigid Church, Wedding Scheduler

Rev. Anna N Bell
Desert Southwest Conference, United Methodist Church

Edward Dunar
Fordham University, Doctoral Candidate and Teaching Fellow

Megan Gettinger

John Quirk
Parishioner, St. Peter Catholic Church, Quincy, Illinois

Heather Bain
St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Stephanie Johnson
Parishioner, volunteer

Katherine Moscato Leen
Our Lady of Fatima, Pastoral Assistant for Music

Catherine Ring
Boston College ‘14, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Roberta Alba-Estrada
Parish Administrator

Maria Hayes
St Phillip and James Parish, Phillipsbug, NJ; parishioner

Robert M. Oliva, ND, LMSW
Our Lady of Victory, NY, Parishioner

Erin Marsh
ASU All Saints Catholic Newman Center, Parishioner

Marc McDermott
Lector, St. Cecilia Catholic Church

Lisa J.M. Poirier
DePaul University, Associate Professor in Religious Studies

Jessica Mannen Kimmet
Campus minister, Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN

Rev. Evelene Navarrete
United Methodist Church

Rev. Dr. Joseph Palacios
Professor, Sociology, University of Southern California

Sara Schima
St. Joseph Honey Creek Parishioner and Volunteer

Adele M. D. Gallo

Fr. Sean Smith
Parish Administrator, Ireland

Maureen Blazejewski
St. Susanna Parish, Dedham, MA

Adie Kurtanich
Notre Dame Club

Kehla Renae West

Christopher Anadale, Ph.D.
Mount St. Mary’s University & Seminary

Donna M Miles

JoAnne O’Connor Holahan
Former Catholic School Teacher

Anna Yu
St. Andrews Catholic Church, Roanoke, VA

Iavora Daraktchieva
Church of St. Francis Xavier, New York City

Kathleen Lattanzi

Jason Steidl
Fordham University

Maryellen Enriquez Moreland
Paulist Center, Boston; cantor, liturgical musician

George Ciamillo
Roman Catholic

Denise Walsh
St. John the Evangelist, Pocasset, MA.

Veronica Hynes Grady
Parish of the Holy Cross

Catherine Benskin

William J. Ramsey, Jr.
St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Fernandina Beach, FL.

Enrique Mateo
St Brendan parishioner

Rene Morrissette
Parishioner, Paulist Center, Boston MA

Lori Gonzalez
Heartbroken lifelong Catholic Los Angeles, CA

Rachel Miles
Mary Queen Catholic Church, TX – Parishioner

Vincent Grady
Earth School PS 364 New York

Jane Pelletier
Parishioner Seven Dolors Parish, Manhattan KS

Larry Davidson

Rita Vatcher
Our Lady of Fatima

Joseph J. Curran
Professor of Religious Studies, Misericordia University

Terence Cahill
Saint Mary’s Cortland N.Y. Lector, Eucharistic minister

Greggory Michael Joseph Gassman
Founder, Kera Publishing

Jocelyn Sandstrom
Parishioner at Our Lady of Grace – Greensburg, PA

Mary Sugrue SC
Sisters of Charity of New York

Abigail Kreckel
Parishioner, Pittsburgh

Darby Kelley

Sarah Bulcher

Erina Spiegelman
Boston, MA

Patricia Rice Doran
Parishioner; Catholic parent; Notre Dame alum; professor of special education

Caleb M Jenkins
St. John Vianney/ Parishioner

Linda Daily
Parishioner, Archdiocese of Boston

Jarrod Ozereko

Greg Goodrow
St Joseph Augusta GA

Mary Anne Reese, Esq.
M.A. in Theology, Xavier University, Cincinnati

Frances Burke
Survivor, Ireland

Jane Breschard
Paulist Center, Spaulding Rehab, Spiritual Care volunteer, Charlestown MA.

Bernadette Vitale
St. Mary Parish Woolmarket, MS, parishioner

Dan Stout
High School Theology Teacher

Deacon Paul C. Emerson
St Joseph University Parish Buffalo NY

Carol Stimely
Sr Bernadette’s Parish, laity

Daniel Finn
St. Patrick Church, East Hampton, CT; parishioner

Amy Bove
St. Bridget Parish, parishioner

Laurel Anne Marshall
Boston College, doctoral student

Rachel Blanton
Lifelong Catholic

Heather J Sprinkle
Holy Family Catholic Church parishioner

Al Priselac
former major seminarian & clerical sex abuse survivor

Maureen Kelleher
Laywoman and Mother, Holy Cross/IHM Parish, Chicago

Suzanne H Robotham

Fran Smith

Jennifer Rock
Catholic Homeschooling Mother

Aaron Taylor
DPhil Candidate in Theology, University of Oxford

Lilliana R. Lapier
Sacristan Our Lady of the Lake Parish Leominster, MA

Kathleen Carroll NashSt
St Giles Family Mass Community

Angelina Irvine
St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, parishioner and cantor

Jason L. Lapier
Parishioner Our Lady of the Lake Parish Leominster, MA

Susan E. Murphy
Lay servicemember, Military Archdiocese

James Thomas Fetter
St. Brendan Parish; Columbus, Ohio; member; Baptized April 15, 2017

Garrel (Gary) Francis Molen
Saint Joseph, Augusta, GA 30906

Justin Shaun Coyle
Visiting Professor of Theology, Providence College

Christine Milner
Lay Associate of the Sisters of the Assumption

Carol Ulrich, BA, MEd
Lifelong Catholic, Mother, Grandmother, retired teacher

Peggy Lou Neal

Christa A. Kerber
Presentation BVM Parish, Wynnewood PA

Scott James Brazil
Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation & Social Justice, Church of the Risen Savior, Burnsville, MN

Rachel LaPointe
St. Sebastian, Michigan, President of PTG

Craig A. Ford, Jr.
Boston College

Katharine Spence

Cheryl Asente
St Rose, parishioner

Rebecca Pruitt, MSW, JD, MPS
Former Jesuit Volunteer, Parishioner, Springfield , IL

Alexandra Catherine Hathaway
St. Ignatius Melkite Catholic Church – Parishioner

Robert D. Miller II, OFS
Ordinary Professor of Theology, The Catholic University of America

James and Mary Ann Loafman
Active members of Holy Name of Jesus Church

Christy Cross
St Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church

Matt Maus
Church of St. Pius X, Director of Liturgy & Music

Ann Garcia-Lucas
Bexkey-Seabury Seminary

Sally Graham
St Ignatius, Boston College

Jude A. Huntz
Professor of Philosophy – DeVry University, Metropolitan Community College

Mary Elizabeth Beltowski
St. Sebastian Catholic School teacher

Thomas Kane
Church of Saint Patrick, Sarasota FL

Maria Chavez
Santa Maria de los Angeles

Dr. Peter R. Gathje
Memphis Theological Seminary, Professor of Christian Ethics,

Margaret Susan Thompson
Syracuse University, History Professor

Amy Trojanowski
M.A. in theology, University of Notre Dame and former theology teacher in a Catholic high school

Martina O’Shea
Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Pastoral Associate

Ellennita M. Hellmer
Parishioner, All Saints Catholic Church

Holly DeVivo

Michael W. Hovey
University of Detroit Mercy, Adjunct Instructor, Religious Studies

Jennifer Gutleber
St. John the Apostle Catholic Church, Leesburg, VA//Catechist

Lizzie Sextro
MTS from Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Anne-Marie Miller OFS
Asst. Principal St. Joseph’s Regional Catholic School

Melissa Feyerherm
Incarnation Catholic Church, Collierville TN, parishioner, PRE teacher, volunteer.

Ann Margaret Lewis

Judyth A Keenan
ARE; Former Catholic School Teacher (forced out – not retired);

Gerald S. Vigna, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof., Theology, Alvernia University

Susan Dittes
St. Richard Swanton OH

All Saints Catholic Church, Manassas, VA

Ron Minkus
St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin Parish Whitehall, PA

Rachelle Simon
The University of Notre Dame, Rector

Mary Schneider
Parish member

Amanda Roe
Our Lady of the Lake, Ashland WI. Parishioner

Pamela A. O’Keefe
St. Anne’s, Dixon, NE, mission parish of St. Mary’s, Laurel, NE. Music ministry

Kate Ward
Parishioner, Our Lady of Divine Providence / Assistant Professor, Marquette University

Anne Souza
Catechist, Cantor, mother, parishioner, Christ the King, Richland, WA

Mary Margaret Freeman
Church of St. Mary, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Margaret Elizabeth

Buto Walsh

Mary McManus
Lay minister, Denver CO

Catherine Vrdolyak

Katherine Goldenstein

David Silva
Novice O.C.D.S., First Sergeant, USA (ret.)

Indira Hector
Believer in God

Kristi Kerr
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Clarksville TN

Yvonne Hudak

Lois Harr
Campus Minister, Manhattan College

Sharon M Stegman
Lay Catholic St Mary Magdalen, Brentwood, Missouri

Stephen J. Corbett
Parishioner, St. John Cantius, Chicago

John D. Cressler

Dr. Thomas Carr
Founder – New Ardor Institute. Former Professor of Religious Studies (University of Mount Union)

Polly Parrish Parishoner, St Paul the Apostle
St. Edward, Herminie,Pa…parishioner

Taylor Stuart
Seton Hill University

Barbara Lapinskas
Paulist Center – Boston (Paulist Associate, lector)

Gabriela Downey

Erin Lorenz

Mrs. Jeanne M. Kearns
St. Jane Frances de Chantal Parish, wife, homeschooling mother of 4

Michelle Maddex
Social Worker, BC School of Theology Alum

Anna Maria Acquaviva
Cantor, Our Lady of Lourdes Church

María Teresa Villanueva
Universidad Panamericana, docente

Rosemary Orloff


Cathy Sullivan Seblonka

Catherine Smallwood
Nativity of Our Lord Parish / member of parish

Allison Marie Kincaid
Saint Pius X

Robert W. Wilhelm

David Lorenz

Michael S. DeVivo, Ph.D.
Professor, Grand Rapids Community College

Jamie L. Manson, M.Div.
National Catholic Reporter

Maryland Director of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

Amy Stewart
St. Ignatius Parish, San Francisco, Lay Minister

Steve Earle
Oblate of St. Benedict, Rhode Island

Joseph M. Cronyn
St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Baltimore MD/Congregant

Cathleen Lee
Member Gesu Catholic Parish, Detroit MI, Retired Elementary School Teacher, Mother and Grandmother

Gregory Guiteras
Post-dogma Parishioner

Bishop Jerry Brohl
Independent Roman Catholic Church

Rachel Jerez
Diocese of Arlington parishioner

Marta Moran

Bernadette Howell
Master of Pastoral Studies and Hospital Chaplain, Vancouver, Canada

Grace Bitgood Parishioner

Kathryn Emrich
MA, Pastoral Theology – Laity

Eileen Burke

E T Burke
St Sebastian Parish Member

Meghan Young
Immaculate Conception, parishioner

James P. Bailey
Duquesne University, Associate Professor

Dawn Isbell
Catechist and parish staff, Diocese of San Diego

Abbey Schumacher
Catholic Theological Union

Anne Malloy Latour
St Mary’s Catholic Center, College Station TX

Joseph F. O’Callaghan
Professor Emeritus of Medieval History, Fordham University. Former Chair, Voice of the Faithful in the Diocese of Bridgeport

Adrienne Miller
Lifetime Catholic, Lay Volunteer, Sterling. VA

Jun Yeon Lee
Lewis University/Adjunct faculty

Mark F. Stegman, MD
St. Mary Magdalen Parish and St. Anthony’s | Mercy Medical Center, St. Louis

Veronica Snyder
Holy Name of Jesus

Scott McNelis
Parishioner, St. James of the Valley

Catherine O’Callaghan
Marlboro College

Michael A Keenan
Parishioner Sacred Heart- St. Catherine of Sweden

Michael J. McGravey, PhD
Duquesne University, Instructor

Nichole Torpey-Saboe
St. Ignatius Loyola Church, Denver, CO

Ephrem Hugh Bensusan
Layman, Cathedral of Christ the King, Lexington, Kentucky

Lynne McLaughlin
St. Cecilia, catechist

Anita Rothwell
St. Bartholomew Parish, Bethesda MD, parishioner

Leo Mickey Fenzel PhD
Loyola University Maryland

Magy Stelling
Lay person parishioner of SFX, Missoula, Montana

Sarah Berkebile
Holy Cross Church, Parishioner

Diane S. Moruzzi
Paulist Center Community/Music Ministry

Tara Massey

Lauren Sukal
St. Francis of Assisi

Cheuk ying leung
Melkite catholic cathedral

Susan Mecholsky
St. Augustine,Gainesville, Fl

Joseph Edward Kramer
Our Lady of Angels Parish, Woodbridge, VA // Commander US Navy //Father of 10

Barbara Abbate
Parishioner of & Leader of Mom’s Ministry at St. Denis Church in Hanover, NH, Alum of Univ. of Notre
Dame in South Bend, IN

Rick Rice
St. Joan of Arc Parish – Layman

Mary Ellen O’Boyle
Parishioner, St. Francis Xavier, NYC

Carol Mitchell PhD
Spiritual director

Pilar McDermott

Catherine J. Vallecorsa
Wife, mother, confirmed Catholic

Sheila E. McGinn
John Carroll University

Nancy Callaghan

John F Rogers, MD
St Vincent dePaul Church, Baltimore, Md

Alan Capasso
St. Theresa – Youth Minister

Susan Levesque
Faith Formation Director Saints Mary and Joseph Parish; MEd Boston College

Matthew David Wiseman
Ph.D. candidate, St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews, and native of Texas.

Dennis McMullin
St Vincent de Paul, Baltimore, MD

Mary MacLeod Kane

Sarah Barth
Catechist, St Paul’s, Olathe, KS

Diacono permanente Carlos Uranga
Arq. de La Plata

Julianne Fitzgerald
Former Catholic teacher

Angelo Jesus Canta
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, Graduate Student

Ash Love
The Freedom Center for Social Justice/Director of Faith Organizing

Sherry Antonetti
Saint Martin’s Church

Sarah Burkey
Regis College, Weston, MA

Kristóf Oltvai
Ph.D. student, Theology, The University of Chicago Divinity School
Theresa Rager

Gabriel Ian Matthew Blanchard
Mount Calvary Catholic Church, Porter

William Sherman
Therapist, Easterseals Blake Foundation

Kathleen Connelly Legg
Adjunct Instructor, WSU. Former Catholic School teacher and parent

John Dulin
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Ada, Ohio

Sara McFarland
Sacred Heart Parish

John C. Tuffy
Peccator, Church Without Walls, Morganton,GA

Colleen McBride
Parishioner, cathedral of the risen Christ Lincoln Nebraska

Sr. Mary Hauke
Mercy Circle – Director of Pastoral Care

Miriam Devlin, smic, M.D.
Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

George P. Alcser
Marygrove College

Deacon Betty H. Smith
Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Melissa Cedillo
Loyola Marymount University B.A. Theological Studies. Currently part of CVN

Sarah Tomas Morgan
University of Notre Dame ‘18

Margaret Lynaugh

Katherine Garcia-Sage, Ph.D.
Catholic University of America

Shirley Tetreau

Michael Manna

Audrey Smith Rogers, Ph.D.
St Vincent de Paul Church, Baltimore

Fariba Kanga
St. Francis de Sales Parish

M. Esther Quintana

Katharine M. Mahoney
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry Class of 2018

Rita McMullin
St Vincent de Paul parish, MD, parishioner

Michael G. Lawler
Creighton University Theology

Richard Tetreau
Catholic layperson

Anna Johnson

Mary Porter
Saint Mary’s College

Karen Kerrigan, Westland, Michigan
Life Long Catholic and Associate with a Congregation of Women Religious

Sarah A. Thomas
Ph.D. Candidate, Boston College

George Philip Miller
Loyola University Maryland, Associate Director of Campus Ministry, Director of Liturgy & Music

Linda Deslauriers

Emily Kane
Loyola University Chicago, MA in Social Justice ’19

Elizabeth AD Brick
Parishioner, Church of the Gesu, Milwaukee, WI

Andrew Boratenski

Lisa Brown
DRE, Christ the Redeemer Parish

Anne Gorman
Parish, Catechist

Annie Etling
Regis Jesuit High School

Crystal Linder

Minhthu Lynagh
Parishioner- Our Lady Queen of Peace , Arlington VA

Joe Hams
University of Kansas, St Teresa Parish Lincoln, NE

Sarde Gumalo
Ascension Catholic Church – Cantor and Parishioner

Jordan Daniel Wood
Providence College, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology

Kelly Stewart
Vanderbilt University, PhD student in Theological Studies

Martha Kremenak

Christian Astran
Campus Minister at Loyola High School of Los Angeles

Christopher O’Rourke
Spiritual director and psychotherapist

Carolyn Streissguth

Lauren Naturale
Newton Country Day class of ‘02; former CCD teacher

Regina McNamara
Parishioner St. Paul’s Church, Webster, NY

Maureen Miller
Member of RC church.

Susan Ross
St. Joseph’s Parish, Camillus, NY

Cristina L.H. Traina
Professor and Chair of Religious Studies, Northwestern University

Mary Margaret McCarthy Handley
Christ the King Parish. Notre Dame De Lourdes

Vincent Rossi
Former seminarian. Rector and Ordinary resigned due to abuse

Marian Monahan
Ignatius House Retreat Center

Kathleen Edens

Evelyn Fajardo
Loyola Marymount University

Elisabeth Amend
St Paul Parish, North Carolina

Adolfo Rodriguez
Archbishop Hannan High School//Teacher

Erin Broestl
St. Patrick Church, Columbus volunteer and parishioner

Lauren Tranum Parishioner

Theodore Rebard
The University Of St Thomas, Houston

Kathryn O’Toole

Timothy Brunk
Villanova University

Theresa Yugar, Ph.D.
California State University, Los Angeles

Stephanie Mueth Pham
Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep, Teacher

Jennifer Cimino
Liturgical Musician, Omaha, NE

Sharlane M. McDermott

James Poisson
Parishioner, St. Francis Of Assisi, Wakefield, RI

Evan Underbrink

Donald Anglin

Gabriel Rossi
Catholic Relief Services, Niger

Paul F. Knitter
Paul Tillich Emeritus Professor, Union Theological Seminary, NY
Marybeth Bishop
Parishioner, St. Andrew by the Bay

Catherine Pikula

Michael Prescia
St. Peter’s Preparatory School, religion teacher and liturgical coordinator

Donald Pikula
Our Lady Star of the Sea, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Michal Morsches
Parish librarian. MA in theology

Donna R. Nagelschmidt, ASASV
Millbury, MA

Lisa Wheeler
Carmel Communications

Amy Levad
Associate Professor of Theology, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

Robert J.Valerian
Community of St. Peter, Cleveland Ohio

Meghan Vessillo
Blessed Trinity Parish NYC – parishioner

Margaret Mary Lanthier

Peter W. Gyves, SJ, MD A
Faith That Does Justice

Robert F Duffy
Fordham University

Christina Samaras

Cynthia Judge
St. Nicholas Parish

Roger Bergman
Professor Emeritus, Creighton University

Elaine Ireland
Church of the Resurrection, Catholic author

Matthew Bradford Wilkinson
Catholic, Victim-Survivor of a priest

Nancy Pineda-Madrid
Boston College, Associate Professor of Theology

Anne Eggleston

Rebecca Lehto
St Peter the Apostle, parishioner

Anna Moreland
Paulist Center, Boston; Parishioner

James F. Spangler
All Saints Parish Lewiston Idaho

Catherine Buescher
Loyola University Chicago, Theology Doctoral Student

Gregory J. Mellor
Xavier University, Coordinator of Faith and Justice

Michael Kauffman
Lay Ecclesial Minister

Alexina Murphy
lifelong baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church

Kathleen Ann Schlenz
St. Bridget’s, Berryville, Va.

Anthony Keiser
Catholic Diocese of Wichita. Director of the Office of Faith Formation

Pak Cheung Wong
Melkite Catholic Cathedral, layman

Lory Valuet
Lay Spiritual Director

Mary J Hams.
St Teresa – Lincoln, NE. 68510

Linda Ann Ballard, OSC
St Patrick Stoneham MA- volunteer/retired

Kristine Strobbia
Loyola University Maryland Alumni

Casey M Flynn
Teacher, Gonzaga College High School

George Yavorsky M.D.

Sara Dickey
Paulist Center (Boston), parishioner

Noelle McHugh
Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Stanley Francis JR Zerkowski
Executive Director, Fortunate Families

Julie Fox
Christ the Redeemer

Anice Chenault
St. William Catholic Community, Louisville

Mary Katherine Theis, LCSW-C
Holy Redeemer Parish, College Park, MD

Riley Lamson
Lay person

Margaret Gordon

Germaine Maurer RN
Parishioner, Our Lady of Mt. Virgin Church, Diocese of Metuchen

Isaiah Stegman
St Mary of Nazareth, Des Moines, IA, parishioner and former youth group core team member

Patricia J Black, LCSW
Psychotherapist , Private Practice

Monica Lundberg
St. John the Evangelist, Chelmsford, MA, parishioner

Martha Cecilia Ovadia
PhD Candidate, Claremont Graduate University (Religion, Ethics, Culture)

Janice L. Poss
Claremont Graduate University, Ph.D. Student, MA-Pastoral Theology, Loyola Marymount University, Church of the Good Shepherd, Adult Bible Study Director & Teacher, Project for Lived Theology, feminismandreligion blog contributor & others

Margaret Kim
Obria Medical Clinics, Registered Nurse

Jennifer Valdez
Graduate of Fordham University and Boston College

Martin D. Story
Retired Director of Religious Studies for teachers , Toronto, Canada. American Citizen

Mary Anne Christopher
Archdiocese of New York, former parishioner of St. Gregory the Great, Manhattan

Maureen R Kelly, LCSW

Matthew Tedeschi
Former teacher harassed and fired for being LGBT from St. Ignatius College Prep (Chicago); M.A., Biblical Studies, Yale Divinity School

Audrey Kaelin
Parishioner, St. Bernadette Church, Louisville, KY
Elizabeth Ruth Goeke
Director of Spiritual Care, St Elizabeth’s Medical Center Brighton, MA

Diane Hankee
Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia – Liturgy and Music Director

Paul LaBarre
St. Cyril Parish – Wilsonville, OR

Lawrence E. O’Brien
Newman Center University of Massachusetts/Amherst – Parishioner

Dr. James E. Van Horn
Retired Professor The Pennsylvania State University

Linda Daily
Parishioner, Archdiocese of Boston

Cherie Howe

Skylar Kelley
St Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, former jesuit volunteer, graduate of Fordham university

Benjamin T (Biff) Beard

Barbara Messerknecht
Good Shepherd Parish and Priscilla’s House Church

Nancy Nielsen
Catholic convert

Erin Ropelewski
San Luis Rey Mission Parish, Catechist

Cheryl Wilton
Parishioner St Stephen the Martyr, Archdiocese of Seattle

Jane Lebak
Owner at Philangelus Press, parishioner of Boston Archdiocese

Giova Gallagher
St Joseph’s Health Care System

Jeanne Y. Hisle
St Bartholomew Parish, MD

Guy M. Massamba
St. Michael’s

Stephen E Sullivan
Retired Emeritus Faculty – University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, IN

Sandra J. Sullivan
St Mary Mother of God Church, Fort Wayne, IN

Martine Rostan-Massamba

Aisling Casey
Alumni, Fordham University

Anna Ryan
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, Master of Divinity Candidate

Lynn Tidgwell
Parish: Lay Leader- Pastoral Care

Aida Neary
Salve Regina University/advisor

Amy Bilyeau
MA Franciscan University

Bethany Blanchard
Parishioner of Ascension Church, Bowie, MD

Brian Volck
Pediatrician, author, and Benedictine oblate

Sickened Parishioners

William Werpehowski
McDevitt Professor of Catholic Theology, Georgetown University

David Savidge
Sacred Heart of Jesus School, Teacher, Boulder, Colorado

Matthew James Bielecki
Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Parish

Adam Szymanski
McGill University, Postdoctoral Fellow

Kathleen O’Connor
Former Catholic School teacher

Ann Anderson
Parishioner, St Andrew Catholic Church, Portland, OR,

Lauren Uhl
Teach at St. Joseph’s in Yakima, WA

Kyle de Beausset
Parishioner at Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Grosse Ile

R. Peter Anderson
St. Andrew Parish, Portland, OR

Donna Eisenbath
Director of Youth Ministry/Confirmation Coordinator Holy Spirit Parish – Parishioner at St. Cletus

Ann Streicher
St Edward parish

John A. Monaco
Boston College, graduate student

Ryan J. Hoffmann

An Thiên Bùi
Most Holy Redeemer, Community Coordinator of Young Adult Group

Mary Beth (MB) Walsh, PhD
MA (Jesuit School of Theology), PhD (Union Theological Seminary, Liturgy Committee Chair, St. Joseph Church, Maplewood NJ

Kristina Godlewski
St Agnes Parish and School parishioner and mother

Theresa McCreary
Office Manager for Campus Ministry at the University of Portland

Julia Swick
Saint John the Baptist Middle School Teacher

Sarah Van Roo
Our Lady of Lourdes, Oakland CA

Margaret Ann O’Mara

Judith Gasiewski
Lay Person

Catherine Vo
Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church

Lee Wurst
St. Damien

Maria Smaldone
University of Maryland, Baltimore: Masters in Social Work Candidate

Lucy Abu-Absi
Parishioner and life-long Catholic

Daniel Cadaret
University of San Francisco

David Legg
Concerned active lay Christian – Auburn, MA

Tracy Burhans
Parishioner, MA

Stephen Burke,
Baptized from Long Beach, NY

Nancy Joan Preston
Trinity Health

María del Camino Gallego Gil
México de Familia . SERMAS.

George Briz
Former Director of Religious Education at St. Michael’s Catholic Church (1984-2009) Former Professor of Theology and Sacred Scriptures for the Archdiocese of Miami

Maggi Yocis
Associate, Sr of Charity of Cincinnati, Durham, NC

Rana Irby
St. Mary’s Parish, parishioner

Kathleen Shrader
Resident Minister – USF

Kathryn Doyle
Jesuit Refugee Service

Dr. Ann Sartori

Presilla Kim
St. Agnes Korean Catholic Church

Joseph Phillips
St. Pius X, Wauwatosa, WI

Julia Maxwell Gawrychowski
Spirit of Christ Catholic Community/Parishioner, Lector, Catechist, Mother, Child-Educator, Wife, Volunteer, Convert.

Benjamin Mead
Church of St. Francis Xavier/Parishioner

Cathleen Martin
Saint Thomas the Apostle Hyde Park, Chicago

Peter Jansen
Loyola Academy

Michele Kelley
Assistant Director, Rostro de Cristo

Thomas Vlach
Christ the King Topeka Kansas

Colleen Vlach
Christ the King Topeka Kansas

Lynn Alex

Tim Lacy
St. Gertrude Parish, Layperson

Rev. Sr. M. Renate CssD
Religious Sister and Guardian

David Morris, PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Robert Lawless
St. Mary, Mother of the Church Parish, Garner NC, Parishioner

Vicky Tiberio
Retired Catholic High School Teacher, member of St. Patrick’s Parish, Seattle, WA

Susan FitzPatrick
Parishioner, St. Philip Neri, Suburban Philadelphia

Aloysius L. FitzPatrick
Parishioner, St. Philip Neri. Lafayette Hill PA

Sharon Bagley

Patricia Husch
St. Timothy PSR Catechist

Cara Annese
University of San Francisco, Assistant Director for Retreats

Andy Wurst
St. Damien Parish, Ocean City, NJ

Luke Patrick O’Connell
Georgetown Theology

Thomas M. Bolin, Ph.D.
Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, St. Norbert College

Kristina Simes
Boston College, MA Pastoral Ministry 2012 Mater Dei High School Religious Studies teacher

Eileen Marie ponder
MDiv, University of Notre Dame

Marjorie McGregor,OP
Sister of St. Dominic

Matthew Junker
Co-chair, Catholics at Berkeley Law

Theresa B.

Jennifer Durren
Parishioner, Diocese of Pittsburgh

Gerard Moses

Emily Baroz

Jane Farrell

Anne Arnegard
Christ the Redeemer, Lake Orion, MI

Amy Christenson
Admissions Counselor, DePaul University

John S Grady
Holy Cross Parish

Amy Traver
Parishioner, UC Berkeley Newman Center Catholic Community

Angela Pancella
Parishioner at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mardell Brauer
Catechist St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Mankato MN

Dr.Donald C. Rizzo,
Professor Emeritus Marygrove College

Ismael Ruiz Abaunza
Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, Religious Studies Instructor. Most Holy redeemer Catholic Church, parishioner

Virginia Mellor
Parishioner, Saint Anthony of Padua Parish

Teresa J. O’Connor
St Joseph’s University Parish, Buffalo NY

Susanne Chawszczewski
Saint Louis University, Director of Campus Ministry

Ann Myers

Noel Terranova
University of Notre Dame, doctoral candidate, Department of Theology

Merritt Bigelow
Human Being

Joseph Tran
David Geffen School of Medicine student

David Nantais

Kelsey LaCour
Former Ecclesiastical Notary, Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

Anne E. Armitage
Parishioner, St. Michael Church, North Andover, MA (Archdiocese of Boston); alumna The Catholic University of America

Nancy McCool
St John’s Parish, Hopkinton MA

Erin K S Brennan
St Margaret of Scotland, Archdiocese of St Louis, Faith Formation Coordinator

Laurie and Dan Roche
Bellarmine Chapel, Cincinnati, Ohio, parishioners and volunteers

Karen Conway
St. Joseph, Newport, RI

Leticia C. Campos

An Nguyen
De Anza College, Student

Armani Ronaldo Rosiles
Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Parishioner

Anne M.
Called by God, Inspired by Jesus, Sustained by the holy spirit, servant to the human community

Constance Duhamel
Parishioner Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY

Fr. James Blocher, CSB
Basilian Fathers

Annie Tang
UCSF Med Student/ Parishioner at St. Ignatius San Francisco and Newman-Hall Holy Spirit in Berkeley

Lorraine Jardinier Bowen
St Ann Catholic Church, Hagerstown MD, parishioner

Daniel Layton
Nativity of our Lord, Broomfield CO
David Hubbell

Laurie Garcia
St. Mary’s Lowell, Michigan – Parishioner

Emily Schieffer
Parishioner at Immaculate Conception, Durham NC

Ann-Therese Hatfield Herchold

Corey R. Harris
Chair, Department of the Humanities, Associate Professor of Theology, Alvernia University

Siobhan Fleming, PhD
Associate Vice President, University of St. Thomas – Houston, TX

Christine Rodgers
St. Agnes parish, San Francisco

Eddie Garcia
St. Mary’s. Lowell, MI. Parishioner

David G. Hunter, Ph.D.
Cottrill-Rolfes Professor of Catholic Studies, The University of Kentucky

Margaret M. Carlson
OFS, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Triangle VA

Anne Marie Breiling
Our Lady of Peace Shrine & Church, Gift Shop Book Buyer/Asst Mngr

Joe Cavallaro

Edgar Brenninkmeyer

Sara Damewood
St John of the Cross Catholic Church

Shannon Lockhart, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker- graduate of Loyola University-Chicago; degrees in Theology and Social Work

John Zmirak
Author, seven apologetics books.

Michael Barton Former

Oscar Hernández

David Oliva

Ellen Nieman
MSW/MA in Pastoral Ministry, Boston College

Melissa A. Wilson
Saint Joseph Parish-Lincoln, NE

Justin Novotney
St. Maria Goretti parish, Madison WI; lay person, father of two sons

Jerry Joseph Windley-Daoust
Gracewatch Media, publisher

Raechel Macqueen
Lay person, Grand Rapids, MI

Mary Lynn Tatala
St. Margaret Mary, Moon Twp, PA, parishioner

Michael Angulo
University of Notre Dame (BA ‘09); UNITE HERE! labor union

David Hamilton
Parishioner, Diocese of Albany NY

Ana Sanchez
Parish: Our Lady Queen of Angels, Newport Beach, California

Christina Wall
Catholic University Alumn/Former Employee

Bob Huss

Andrea Shuttlesworth
parish/ parishoner

Dennis Canta
Roman Catholic Church

Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP
Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Helen Karn
Parishioner, St. Ignatius Baltimore

Claire Soupene
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, Masters Student

Chris Ridmann

Therese Koturbash
BA, JD, lay person, lawyer

William Henry Mild V
St. Joseph’s Church, Bound Brook, NJ

Elizabeth Nuzzolese
St Monica Catholic Community

Maureen McDonough

Newton Lih
Most Holy Redeemer

Julie Magri
Parishioner, St Thomas More Catholic Church, Decatur, GA

Susan OConnell
Baptized Catholic

Kathleen Schmitz
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

James P. Casey
St. Vincent de Paul Church Baltimore MD

Emilie Grosvenor
Loyola Marymount University

Jim Donohoe
St Gabriel, Upton, MA, parishioner

Michael Babcock
Diocese of Columbus Ohio

Susan OConnell
Baptized Catholic

Charles Albers

Lorraine Kirker
St. Hubert, Langley, WA: Coordinator of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Conor M. Kelly
Marquette University, Assistant Professor, Theology

Katharina Haberl

Christine Fanelli
St. Ignatius Loyola, NYC, Catechist

David Rossi
Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Carmel, IN

Ryan Wegman
Franciscan University of Steubenville

Meg Mannix
Parishioner, St. Thomas the Apostle, Minneapolis

Lee Ann Akter
Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles Parish, catechist & mother of 5

Mary Wharton
Layperson, Mother and Grandmother

Donna Kenny
St Elizabeth Ann Seton

Francis Ngo

Nicolas Nguyen
Saint Francis Cabrini

Linda Serepca
Charlotte Spirituality Center

Chloe French
St. John Neumann Parish, parishioner

Santino Vella Norris

Christina Rodriguez
Our Lady of Grace, Lubbock Tx

Randy P. Orso BA
The Interfaith LGBTI Clergy Association

Tara Walker Lyons

Mary Staak

Melanie Jula Sakoda
SNAP Leader

Faith Dauvin
Pious Union of St. Joseph/ Catechist

Nathalie Castillo

Julia Hach
Our Lady of Humility Church & School, Zion, IL, Parishioner, Instructor

Ryan Meyers
Program Director (Young Neighbors in Action), Lay Itinerant Minister

Steven Mummy Saint John’s Seminary College, Archdiocese of Los Angeles (Graduate), Parishioner, San Diego, CA

Mark E. Gammon, MDiv, PhD M
atthew Simpson Professor of Religion, Simpson College

Kathleen Conway, D.A.
Xavier College Preparatory, Phoenix, teacher of English, parish lector

Dianne Samuelson
Parishioner of Diocese of Arlington VA

Katherine Busch

Angie Ware
Laica-medica Our lady of Rosary

Richard Austin Choate
Phd Candidate at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge

Maura Martin
Mother, former lay Missioner, Catholic

MaryJo D. Hazelbaker
Point Park University, alumni

Kevin Casey O’Keife

Teresa Mary Pauwels
Lay Minister

Danielle Manghera
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church-Clovis, CA; parishioner. Former Jesuit volunteer

Mary Herbert

Alina Bemis
Our Lady of Loretto, Novato CA

Gabrielle Azzaro
St. Thomas More parish

Jo Scott-Coe

Kathleen Hickey
Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Alexandra Nichols

Eric Carrera
New York University

Ron Williams

Teresa Hooten Kozempel
Retired teacher from Cardinal Dougherty and Little Flower Catholic High Schools, Philadelphia

Sheila Shindorf
Music Director, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Catholic Church

Kristi Kamis
St. Emily’s Parish, Mt Prospect, IL

Abigail Rowley
Blessed Sacrament, Scottsdale, AZ

Lucille Rowley
Blessed Sacrament, Scottsdale, AZ

Len foley
University of Notre Dame

Jeremy Dayrit

St Christine’s parish, Marshfield Mass

Kelly Volpe
St Eleanor Parish

Sr. Regina Gallo
Hospice Chaplian , Chicago

Marie West

Kathryn Huebner
SSP Peter & Paul Parish, Naperville, IL

Lisa A Roatch
Baptized. Attorney, Child Advocate & Elementary School Tutor

Andrew Stoy
St. Viator Alumni, Arlington Hts., IL

Alexander R. Pagnani, Ph.D.
University of Notre Dame B.A. (2002) – Parishioner, Our Lady of the Presentation Church, Lee’s Summit, MO

Amy Smith
Christ the king, WA.

Kevin DeLaMontaigne
Most Precious Blood parishioner and former teacher in the Diocese of Tucson

Jacqueline Paras
Star of the Sea church and School

Elizabeth Pahl

Jared Denslow

Eamon R. McIvor

Stephen A. Wynne
Writer + Producer, ChurchMilitant.com

Sian Heye
Holy Ghost church, Clapham, london

Anthony Medina
Gonzaga University, Assistant Director of the Center for Community Engagement

Raymond Dougherty, MA, BCC
Director, Spiritual Care Services, Kaiser Permanente, Marin/Sonoma, CA

Lesli Kathman
St. Thomas Aquinas, Charlotte, NC – former parishioner, left for another denomination in 2002 because I did not feel my young sons were safe

Jennifer Seltzer

John Meehan
BA, MA, The Catholic University of America; Catholic High School Teacher

Christina Buck

William Picca

Marion F. Swam
Lapsed Catholic

Jennifer Rettig
Good Shepherd Catholic Church & School, Parent

Brian Rettig
Good Shepherd Catholic Church & School, parent

Antonia Lopez
Saint Francis, Sacramento California

Gary Weibert

Tom Fladland

Jonathan David Malchow
Most Holy Redeemer Parishioner

Joanne Penerian.

Philipp Rennefeld
Radio Horeb Team Deutschland, Germany, Berlin

Mary Nemmers
St. Andrew Catholic Church, Portland, OR

Andrew Watts

Jeannette Krupp

Camille Morrison
Rose Valley PA

Steve Smith
St. Ann, Phoenixville, PA, parishioner

Christine Williams
Mary Queen of the Apostles of Salem Massachusetts, lay minister

Amy Gonigam
St. Joseph’s / Lake Linden, MI

David Morris
Director of Adult Faith Formation St Brendan Catholic Church

Teresa Mierzejewska
St Michael the Archangel Parish, Religion Teacher and Youth Minister

Briana Ciccarino
Archdiocese of Baltimore

Melissa Mercier
Former Parishioner

Judy Williamson
Retired Spiritual Programs Coordinator , National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, Parishioner St Vincent de Paul Parish, St Louis

Jack Crahan
St. Peter Catholic Church, DeLand, Florida, Parishioner and ministry volunteer

Pascal Mercadante
Holy Family Parish, Nutley, NJ

Kathleen Devaney
St Mary St Catherine of Siena Parish/Eucharistic Minister

Barbara McDonald

Kelly Meconiates

Kate Gerry

Lieu Nguyen
Resurrection parish member

Robert C. Hayes
St. Agnes parish, Avon, New York – parishioner

Fernando Prato
Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma. Volunteer Program Administrator

Dennis McDonald
Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community, ARCWP

Jennifer Goltz
St. Hugh Church, Director of Music

Louise Lafond
St. Joseph’s Parish, lay reflector & reader

Marion H Dudek
All Souls Catholic Church Sanford FL

John C. Weiks
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Grand Rapids, MI

Clark S. Olsen,
Norfolk, Virginia

L. V. Rosa
Chicago Parish

Livia Fiordelisi
Parishioner, Prince of Peace, CT

Justin Lam
Newman Hall – Holy Spirit Parish, Berkeley, CA

Inês Ferreira Pinto
Catholic School, Colégio Amor de Deus, Teacher

Brian Marana
Loyola Blakefield

Deborah Seme

Monica Medina McCurdy
Small “c” catholic, unaffiliated

Karen R Hinchen
St. Mary of the Angels Church, Roxbury, MA, Parishioner

David J Hinchen
St Mary of the Angels Church, Roxbury, MA, Parishioner, Social Justice Cluster

Mary K Connell
Registered Nurse and Mother, West Roxbury, MA

Susan Gillett
Parish Divine Mercy Cenacle Leader

Robert McGuire
St. Theodores Church, parishioner

Joan Foley Brennan
Georgetown University Alumnus

Dr. Jacqueline Taylor Basker
New York Institute of Technology, & Jesuit Center, Amman, Jordan

Julio C Melo

Dianne Baxter
Our Lady of Fatima, former catechist, Eucharistic Minister, Cantor, Youth Minister

Dr. John C. Horgan
Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Chris McKeown
Former Catholic, Westwood, MA

Cynthia L Lucas

Normand R Martel
St Mary of the Assumption, Baldwinsville,NY

Michael Moorman
Basilica of St. Peter and Paul, Chattanooga, TN

John Andrin
Roman Catholic

Normand R Martel
St Mary of the Assumption, Baldwinsville,NY

Sharon Brennan

Daria Fitzgerald
Precious Blood Parish, Milford, CT

Joseph Paul Jacobs Jr
Alvernia University, Reading, PA

Dawn M. Rock Lay Catholic

Vernon Artist

Alice Poltorick

Brian Singer-Towns
Saint Mary’s Press, author and editor

Phillip Gorman
St. Andrews Parish (Apex, NC), Lay person

Daniel Joseph Gartland
Catholic, Graduate of Seattle University

Maura McCarthy, PBVM
Sisters of the Presentation

Kristin Shrader-Frechette, PhD
O’Neill Family Endowed Professor, Philosophy Dept and Biological Sciences Dept, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame Indiana

James Francis Cahillane
Our Lady of the Hills, MA, parishioner

Rochelle Boyce
St. Timothy Parish

Maurice Shrader-Frechette, PhD
Holy Family Catholic Parish, Pasadena, CA

Rebecca Andree O’Brien
St Teresa of Avila, Director of Stewardship

Vincent McGuire
St. Claires, Braintree, MA

St. Agnes parish, Shepherdstown WV- parishioner and adult faith formation volunteerMA in theology from Mount St. Mary Seminary and University, Baltimore

Jenny Divver

William Jamieson
St. Helen Parish, Newbury, OH

Marilyn Treinen

Jeffrey A. Veyera
Parishioner, St Augustine Parish, Brighton, CO

Julie Wilberding, PhD, MA
St. Agnes Parish, Shepherdstown WV; MA Theology, St Mary’s Seminary and University Baltimore, MD

Richard Kehoe
Parishioner, St. Ignatius Loyola NYC

Erika Lauer
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque- Harrisburg, Pa

Shaye Molendyke
St Bede Catholic Church Williamsburg VA

Susan Shebosky
Parishioner, Harrisburg, PA

Leonard Shebosky
Parishoner, Harrisburg, PA

David Killens
A citizen opposed to child abuse and it’s systemic cover-up

Jackie Cane
St Nicholas, Parishioner

Gina Pippin

Lorrie Kamis

Pamela Murray
Parishioner, Our Lady of the Fields in Maryland

T. Rahul
PwC India, associate

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Grana
St. John the Evangelist Lambertville, NJ

Shannon O’Malley
Lay person

William Stockhausen
Lay person

Linda Powell
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem in Jamison, Pa

Jan Fable
Psychotherapist in private practice

Jennifer Cattrinka

Michael Balog
St John The Apostle Parish

Kurt M. Denk
Parishioner, St. Boniface Church, Brooklyn NY

Lorrie Kamis

Kathleen Narkiewicz

Mary Cunningham

Daniel Easler
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Parishioner

Gretchen Nock
Spiritual Director, Saint Martin de Porres High School, Cleveland, Ohio

Catrina Oswald
St Mary’s Canandigua,NY parishioner

Amy Regan

Patrick Regan
Parishioner Diocese of St Augustine

Thomas Hakala

Joanna Ramirez
Lay person

Susan E. Anderson
Christ the King Catholic Church, Minneapolis, MN, Parishioner

Clark S. Olsen
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Norfolk, VA (parishioner)

Rosemary Fox

Ann Muchowski
Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted Church, Waltham Ma

Anthony Ernest Ogden

Gina de Groote
St. Albert the Great Kettering OH

Christine Victor
St. Anthony’s Cody, WY, music minister

Catherine Green
Emerita Professor of Philosophy, Rockhurst University

Hilary Hopkins

John Carroll Reese
St. John Neumann

Lee Ann Graul
Parishioner, Bel Air, MD

Pamela Ann
St. John

Trisha Crissman, MA
Catholic Health Initiatives, CHI Health at Home, VP, Operations/COO

James Blair
St. John

Rosemary Oliva
People of the Promise

Christianne Runge

Janice Bays
Divine child. Dearborn MI

Gino Grosso
Member, St John Evangelist Parish, Phila PA

Ingrid Duindam
Parish St Agnes

Mackenzie Fitzgerald

James Aylward
Holy Spirit, Memphis, TN and St. Thomas, West Springfield, MA

Amy Ashton Lysek
St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, Heartbroken Parishioner

Richard O’Brien
Parishioner at St Francis de Sales RI

Peggy Trombino
St.Patrick parish

Tess Clark
Victim of sexual abuse

Paul Hart
Faith, Hope and Charity Parish, Winnetka, IL

Ross Howard Miller, PhD
Former Catholic publishing senior editor

Roxanne McKinney Wilhelm
Spring Hill College, site coordinator

Diane Debiec

Hilary Temme

Marie Lisby
Holy Infancy church Bethlehem Pa. CCD coordinator, Eucharistic minister

Kathleen Murphy
St. Cassian Parish Upper Montclair NJ

Sheila A Healey
St Helen/ St Mary of the Sacred Heart, Hanover MA

Sara Michelle Deemer
St. Richard’s Parish, Gibsonia, PA. Catechist

Rosemary Noone McCormick

Christopher J. McCabe
Theology teacher, Jesuit High School of New Orleans

Gina Esposito
St.Mary’s Catholic Church

Erin Hueffner
St Mary’s, parishioner

Rebeca Garcia
Parishioner, Houston, TX

Ronnie A. Nanni
Holy Child Parishioner, Bridgeville, PA

Kristine Christlieb Canavan
Washington University, Director of Development, Our Lady of the Presentation Parish, St. Louis, Missouri

Matthew Thompson

Erica Parker
Mother, wife, Catholic. Cincinnati, Ohio

Lynn Kasprzak
Most Blessed Sacrament Parish

Michael J Conway
Jesuit educated (Xavier High School & Boston College)

Paula Mc Norton
Active Catholic

Edwin Hernandez
Parishioner at Saint Francis de Sales, Abingdon MD

Michael Gilbert Schirk
Our Lady of La Salette, Canton, GA

Ken Butigan
Pace e Bene

Marguerite M. Masterson
College Vice President, Author

Joyce E Burkemmmk
SS Peter and Paul, Hamburg, NY

Karen Dupuis

Katherine FitzGerald
Adjunct professor of philosophy, Jefferson Community College

Luisa Abellan-Pagnani
Parishioner and Sunday school teacher / Our lady of the presentation parish, Lee’s Summit, MO

Joseph P Burke
SS Peter and Paul, Hamburg, NY

Geraldine Grove
St. Peter’s Church Canton OH parishioner

Tempe Jean Pate Mays
Member of St Rita’s Fort Worth, TX

Mary kay Parn
Life long catholic, mother

Daniel Magee III

Devin Hollenbaugh

Maggie May
67 yr old lifelong catholic

Alfred P Nicol Jr
Immaculate Conception Parish, Newburyport, MA 01950

Daniel Willey

Johanna B Burke
SS Peter and Paul Church, Hamburg, NY

Agnes B. Curry
Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies, University of Saint Joseph, Connecticut

Agnes Dominique
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish — parishioner

Ted Ward
Father Lopez High School Theology Teacher, Attorney at Law, MA Theology candidate.

Gina DiGiovanni
Immaculate Conception, Newburyport, MA USA

Eduardo Esteban

Stephan Naegeler

Sandra F McDowell

Michael Benevenia
Sacred Heart Lancaster PA Parishioner

Eric Bonetti

Ann Konzen
Parishioner, St. Pius V church, St. Louis, MO

Jan Larsen

Richard A. King, Catholic Lay Person
St. Brigid of Kildare, Dublin, Ohio

Mary Farley
St. Michael’s

Victor Mangler Md


Daniel Passon
J.D. Candidate, Georgetown University Law Center

Patrick Miner
Parishioner, OFS, father of 8

Alice C Wadden
New Roads Catholic Community- Belmont , Mass.- Social Justice Ministry

Donna RoseTutorow
no university, St Edwards parish, Newark, CA

David Clifford Immaculate Heart of Mary, High Point, NC

Mary Clifford Immaculate Heart of Mary, High Point, NC

Brian Clifford Immaculate Heart of Mary, High Point, NC

Patrick Clifford Immaculate Heart of Mary, High Point, NC

Beth Saccoccio
Holy Apostles, Cranston, RI

Sean Dowd
St Susanna’s Parish

Joyce A Rachwal
St. Eleanor

Iliana Vaden

Robert Hughes
Lay Dominican St. Louis

Rev Desmond J. Rossi
Parochial Vicar St. Mary’s Chucrh Glens Falls, NY

Jeanne Fullerton

Frank J. Hogan
St. Charles Borremeo, Sicklerville, NJ

Mary Szachacz

Robert Cooke
St. Rose of Lima parish

Kelly Courtain

Peter Reno
West Catholic High School – Grand Rapids, MI

Mary Herlihy Flint
St. Columban Parish, Loveland, OH

Mary Beth Thompson
Heartbroken Catholic

Noura Sen
Christ Episcopal church

Stacy Clapp

Chris Patrick Augustine

Patrick Vetter
St Theresa Catholic Parish/catalyst

Mary A. McKenna
Holy Cross Parish, Philadelphia, PA

Monica C. Scalph
St. Bernadette, Parishioner

Michael Cameron
University of Portland, Holy Cross Parish, Portland, OR

Joe Bailey
“Average Joe-Catholic” serving Christ in various ways at Immaculate Conception of the BVM parish in Douglassville, PA

Nancy Sharts-Hopko
Villanova University

Daniel C. Pillitteri
Parishioner Seton Parish Pickerington, Ohio

Willa Hart
Oberlin College

Amidia M Behney
Harrisburg, PA Parish and 1979 Graduate of Duquesne University

Therese M. Sullivan
Parishioner, St. Mary Church, Mansfield, MA

Susan M. Schmidt
Corpus Christi Auburndale, MA

Maria Gonzalez-Bell
M.S.E., P.D. Fordham University

Mary Eileen Vincent

Christina Harper Elgarresta
Parishioner, St Thomas the Apostle, Miami

Mari McGoff
St. Thomas More

Darryl DeFina
Darryl Davis Seminars – President

Airton de Andrade
Saint Pius XI Church , Fort Lauderdale , Fl

Barbara Ildiko Toth
St. Michael’s Church CCD teacher, Annandale VA

Tanner Gildea
Harvard College, Student

Daniel J. Dougherty
Former usher for 29 years at St Mary’s Long Island City, New York

Kelly West
Saints Peter and Paul Parishioner, West Chester, PA

Daniel J. Dougherty
Former usher for 29 years at St Mary’s Long Island City, New York

Michelle Dawson
Our Lady of the Presentation Church, religious education volunteer

William A. Rakoczy

Paul Nichols

James Arevalo
Parishioner St Thomas More, Allentown PA

Tom Hahn
Saint Paul Cathedral, Pittsburgh – Parishioner

Carmina Hughes
St Ignatius Baltimore

Susan Devine Murphy
Child Welfare Attorney

Cynthis Plisk
St.Margaret’s Parish/ Parishioner

Timothy J.D. Gregory, M.D.
St. Benedict Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC

David Diemer
St. Thomas More Catholic Church

Gabriel Diemer
St. Thomas More Catholic Church

Tom Greenfield
St. Ann’s Church

Robert James Guerra

Daria Lyons O’Connor
Boston Paulist Center parishioner for 40 years, teacher and parent

Mary J. Carroll
St. Veronica GS, Regina HS Alumna

Patricia Adams
Parishioner, St. Leo, Fairfax, VA, Archdiocese of Arlington

Sandra Cancela
Parroquia San Juan Bosco

Donna C. White

Nicholas Lozinski
Diocese of New Ulm

Susan Gearing

Jose S. Leon Jr. MD
Medical Doctor Northport, New York

Michael Dann
Parishioner, Our Lady of Victory, State College, PA

Fiorella Grossi

David Lyons O’Connor
Life-long Catholic, former member Pastoral Council, Paulist Center Community, Boston

John Gemellaro
Parish of the Transfiguration, Wilmington, MA

Rebecca L Stack
Owner, Concept Communications; Mother

Linda Commale
St. Agnes in West Chester, Pa.

Marilyn V Ashbaugh, J.D.
Our Lady of the Lake, Edwardsburg, MI

Louis Commale
St. Agnes in West Chester, Pa.

Carol Paul

Caitrin Culbertson
St Anthony White River Junction VT

Grace Del Vecchio

Wendy James
Saint Patrick’s Parish

Corrine Hanley
We must do all we can to eradicate this horror

Kenneth F. Calabria

Ralph Gaillard Jr.
St. Margaret of Scotland

Matthew Culbertson
Saint Anthony’s Church, White River Junction, Vermont – parishioner

Cheryl Fronczak
Catholic mother

Lori Peters

Kate O’Brien
St. Monica Church, Berwyn PA

Sarah Hughson
Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Hopkinsville, KY

Rachel Glenn
Our Lady of Good Counsel, Little Rock AR

Leonarda vandeveerdonk
Betrayed Catholic

Beth A. Doyle
Oregon Health & Science University

John Alexander Lowell
Knights of Saint Francis

Denis Michael Malcolm

John Ciesla

Martin Snow
Trinity Boxing Club

Addison Hodges Hart
Rev., priest, Roman Catholic Church

Matthew Bauer

Cheryl Lenhart

Lee Bancroft

Mike & Ann Monahan
Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Swartswood, N.J.

Nancy Micek
St. Michael’s, Lincoln, NE , Parishioner

Michael Hughson
St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Hopkinsville KY

Tamra Lynn Glaser
St. John Fisher (Parishioner) CA

Charlene Cintavy
St. Francis de Sales Akron, Ohio

Meghan Lozinski,
New Ulm Diocese, Marshall MN, Lay Person

Lynda M. Connolly
Boston College Law School alumna Former Adjunct Faculty, Boston College

Marian Geurtsen
Pastoraal werkster en pionier, Utrecht, Netherlands

Mary Geraci
Parishoner at St. Patrick’s Church, San Diego, CA

Kathleen Donohoe DeTreux
Saint Thomas of Villanova- Mother/Parishioner/Nurse

Richard Runyan
United States National Parks Service, Field Technician

Marybeth Carrie Garceau,
RN, MEd, catholic elementary educator, active parish member

Rose Marie Torres
St. Mary of the woods parishioner/mother/mental health therapist

Daniel J. Smith

Katie Rivard
Catholic school teacher

Ed Kamis
St. Emily’s, Mt. Prospect, IL

Lorrie Kamis
St. Emily’s, Mt. Prospect, IL

Kerri Kamis
St. Emily’s, Mt. Prospect, IL

Cheryl Ciolino
St. Clement

Hon J D Rasnick
Una Voce Georgia

Keith Kamis
St. Viator Alumni, Arlington Hts., IL

Mary Pamela H. Olarte
St. Rose of Lima, Parishioner

Nancy R. Simpson

Eileen witherspoonc@gmail.com
Mother Seton Parish

Aaron Meyer
University of California San Diego, Assistant Professor

Minerva R Hodis
Church of St. Joseph, Sequim, WA

Christa Conway Chavez
Our Lady of Refuge, Long Beach CA

Margaret Strelinger Sujeeth
St. Thomas More Catholic Church Austin

Carmen Walker-Cimino
Lay person

Theresa Shepherd-Lukasik
Loyola University Chicago School of Theology and Pastoral Studies, MA. Currently Director of Adult Faith Formation at St. Joseph Parish in Seattle.

Michele Sanfilippo
St. Charles Borromeo, Fort Wayne In

Paul Soucy
St James Chapel Charlestown RI

Gregory J Liebscher, MD
Parish Member – St. Paul’s Parish Co Springs, CO

Joyce Soucy
St Mary’s Star of the Sea

Paul Soucy
St James Chapel Charlestown RI

Wayne Thompson
St. Joseph

Kristian Merenda
St John the Evangelist, Catechist

Catherine Kretz
Eucharistic Minister Diocese of Pittsburgh

Jeff Clingan
St. John the Apostle, Norwalk, IA

Aimee Linda Sloan
Ex Student for 12 years, last school Notre Dame/ Bishop Gibbons. Also was in school at several other catholic schools including Our Lady of Mt.Carmel where I was abused by a nun and the priest, father Mancuso, was removed for sexual abuse. All of my schools are in Schenectady, NY.

Christine Arndt
Sacred Heart Parish, Sterling,IL

Tain Hsia
IHM, mother of 3 children

William Jarboe
Washington DC Diocese/Parishioner

Cathy Coote
St Mary’s/St Catherine of Sienna Charlestown, MA

Christina Rodriguez
Parishioner, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Austin, TX

Karen Nielsen
GIA Publications — editor

Jean Jones
Public School Teacher

Jeffrey D. Sedlack, MD

Brian Parsons
Public School Teacher

Katherine Barrett
College of the Holy Cross, Class of 2014

Ellen Gustafson
Ex member Newark Archdiocese

Gudrun Ernstbrunner

Joseph M. Burke, Sr.

Bea Guierrez

Maroesjka Sleegers
pastoraal werkster Oldenzaal


M. Brinton Lykes
Boston College, Co-Director, Center for Human Rights & International Justice

Margaret A Hyre
MA, Department of Philosophy, Fordham University | Parishioner, Our Lady of Guadalupe RC Church, New Haven, CT

James Zogby
Christian Family Movement, Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament, Washington, DC (fmr Vice-Chair, US Commission on International Religious Freedom)

Susan Callahan
St Francis of Assisi Braintree, MA

Jesse Green

Matthew Messing
Lay person

James Zogby,
Christian Family Movement, Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament, Washington, DC (fmr Vice-Chair, US Commission on International Religious Freedom)

William F Callahan

Aníbal Pineda Canabal
Professor at Seminario Mayor Conciliar de Medellín, Colombia

Carolyn Southard
Visitation Church, Los Angeles CA

April Burris
Christ the King, Richland WA

Eric Redline
Mary mother Redeemer, North Wales PA

Janet A Pegher

Virginia Kennedy

Sandi Markwood

Barbara Fischer

David Rogers
Sacred Heart, Punta Gorda, Fl

Kindle Stephens

Darlene Rogers
Sacred Heart, Punta Gorda, Fl

Chandon Renard

Nick Stephens

Susan Mackowski Pedine
Baptized Catholic, Mother, Grandmother

Mark Stein
St Lawrence parishioner Cincinnati, Ohio

Mary Anne Brancheau
Our Lady of Good Counsel

Fran Salone-Pelletier
Religious Educator, St. Brendan the Navigator Parish

Carolyn Southard
Visitation Church , Los Angeles CA

Sarah Markwood

Carlos Gabriel Hasbun Comandari
student of Mandarin

John Rudolph
Parishioner – St. Joseph’s Needham MA

Kandi Markwood

Sarah Markwood

Nick Stephens

Chandon Renard

Kindle Stephens

Jeanne Lambkin
Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Marblehead MA

Sandi Markwood

Susan Flanagan
St Mary’s Alpha NJ

Rena Guerra
Store Manager

Jason Welle
a baptized Catholic

Erik Orduno
Lady of Soledad

Lauren Rasch Greil
Harvard Law School Catholic Students Association, member St. Gregory’s Parish, Dorchester, MA

Cynthia Kranjec Ketter
Resurrection Parish Milwaukee WI

Rebecca J SmithMiles

Philip Lam
Boston College, Alumnus

Maureen P. Conroy, Esq
Parishioner, St. Margaret of Scotland, RI, Choir

Kathleen M Mylotte

James T Mortimore
Layman and Teacher

Michael S. Kelly
Loyola University Chicago, School of Social Work

Tina Damon
Diocese of Ogdensburg

Jennifer Naspinski
St Joseph’s parish I’m Frackville, PA

Jane Meehan
“Cradle Catholic” former member of St. Thomas More Church, Allentown PA

Nick Dell

Anneliese Vandre
Mauston, WI

Peter Chiappinelli
Hingham, MA. Father of three baptized children

Michele Shubitowski
St Edmund Parish Oak park IL. Lector and choir member

Mariella Silva

Francis & Donna Painii
St Mary’s Chelmsford Ma

Mary E Sullivan
St. Joseph Oratory (Detroit, Michigan) Helpers of the Holy Family Volunteer

Zach Carstensen
St. Joseph Parish (Seattle, WA)

Daniel T. Sullivan
(Detroit, Michigan) Men of St. Joseph Volunteer

Peter Bieganski

Katrina Vikingson
Lay person, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church

Jennifer Dorsey
Holy Trinity Church

Sally Duffy
St. Aidan volunteer

Peter J. Toth
St. Joseph’s Church in Greenwich Village, New York, NY

Sharon Weaver

Michael Cleveland Tschetter
Parishioner Our Lady of the Valley Windsor, Colorado

William R Casey
Parishioner, OLQP, South Arlington Va; former Chair, Board of Directors, Voice of the Faithful

Rolando André López Torres
Cristo Rey Boston High School

Gabrielle Stadulis
St. Patrick Catholic Church

Tyler Watkins
Parish member & 4th degree Knight

Eric Saternos

Bethanne Salamone
Human being

Gary Wiley
St. Peter Parish, Merchantville, NJ

Karen Dowd
University of Rochester

Laura Waters
Our Lady of Fatima Lakewood CO

Gregory Guydish
Diocese of Allentown

Sarah Kowalski
Please resign.

Damián Baca
University of Arizona

Peter J. Dunphy

Jay Mazaleski
St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Diocese of Charlotte

MaryAnn Gorka
Our Lady Queen of Americas

Robert Max Rauch
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Rutland VT

Melanie Watanabe
Holy Cross Catholic Church

Linda L Rauch
Immaculate Heart of Mary Rutland VT

Rochelle Ferris MA
Religious Studies Student – CSULB

Thomas P Sacco
Des Moines Iowa

Dawn R Rauch
St. Matthews South Bend IN

Gregory P. Myers
Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Douglassville, PA. Parishioner
Fr. Terrence Moran
Associate, Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace

David F. Barry
Alumnus, St. Francis Parish School, ’48; St. Mary’s Catholic High School, ’52; Fairfield University, 1957

Agnieszka Perdrizet
Saint Denis Parishioner

Mathew D Scruggs
Duquesne University Graduate Student/TA

Thomas C. Fitzgerald
Former devoted Catholic

Nancy J. Brinkac
Former Christian Formation Director, Church of the Incarnation, Charlottesville, VA 22091; also former federal prosecutor in the Department of Justice, Washington DC

Jennifer Haworth
Director, Mission Services, Mercy Health & Emerita Associate Professor, Loyola University Chicago

Thaddeus Noel Laput
Bible Teacher

Jonathan Maneval

Lisa Fisher
Queen of Apostles Parish, Arlington Archdiocese, VA, Parishioner, member of Pastoral Council

Amorfina Legaspi
Layperson – Businesswoman

Frank and Julie McConville
St. John’s Parish, VOTF Founders

Rachael DeCarolis

Justino Benito

Lauren Vargas
St. Thomas More, parishioner

Alec Torigian
Alliance for Catholic Education, University of Notre Dame

Ed Rame

Rhonda Saul

Jonathan Reyes

Kevin Patrick McNamara
Lay Person, Father and Parishioner of St. Petronille Glen Ellyn, IL

Oscar Bautista

Jonathan Reyes

Rhonda Saul

Ed Rame

Justino Benito

Amorfina Legaspi
Layperson – Businesswoman

Mairead Reidy
St Teresa of Avila Parishioner

Thaddeus Noel Laput
Bible Teacher

Alex Terego
Saint Jude, Sarasota, Fl.

Patricia Rudofski

Linda Richwine

Ann R Wertz
Retired, Pastoral Associate Archdiocese of Dubuque IA

Joyce Boeff
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Hastings,MN.- parishioner

Andrew Kirchoff

A Vasquez

Michael Sean Crotty

Edwin J Birmingham
Parishioner, St. John’s Parish, Lakehurst NJ

Nancy Fitzgerald,

Richard J. Zbilicki
Saint Ladislaus Church, Hempstead, NY

Maria Endrinal Topel
St. Benedict’s Parish, Throgs Neck, NY

Nancy Stout
Parishioner, Diocese of Arlington, VA

Susan Foley
laywoman; parishioner

Carol Privitera
Our Lady of Pompeii/ church member

Dean Roder, Grad of St Mary’s in Remsen IA, Marquette University, and Loyola University, parishioner of St Francis of Assisi Parish in Milwaukee WI

Cheryl R. Moir

James Van Dinter
St.Mark’s Boise, ID

Kathryn Ann Wilt
Diocese of Raleigh NC

John and Heidi DeAlessio
Hartford CT Archdiocese

Jean Kelly

Heidi DeAlessio
Hartford CT Archdiocese

Doris M Matthews
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Dr. James Fennessy

Sarah Moir
Parishioner at St. Thomas – Ann Arbor, MI

Aileen Edmands
All Saints Catholic Church, parishioner. Mother to three children who attend Catholic School in the Diocese of Knoxville

David E. Woolwine
Parishioner, St Francis Xavier, NYC, religion and philosophy subject specialist, Axinn Library, Hofstra University

Mary A. Nicholas
St. Brendan Parish

Michael Gayman Jr
Oaks Catholic Worker

Barbara Ledig

Andrea Barnes

Judy Harmon
Holy Comforter

Bernadette Roesner
Resurrection Parish

David Rodriguez
St. Jude Thaddeus, Parishioner

James J. Beaver
Parishioner – St. Joan of Arc, Marlton NJ

Patricia Toussaint
Fairfield University, CT, alumus, St. Anthony’s Parish, Wakefield, NH, parishioner

Dana Toussaint
Fairfield University, CT alumnus; St. Katharine Drexel Parish, Wolfeboro, NH ,parishioner

Norman Toussaint II
St. Anthony’s Parish, Wakefield, NH, parishioner

Joseph Hefferon

Brooke O’Donnell
St. Timothy Middle School, Religion Teacher

Cristina Rosa Nelson
St. Mary of the Angels, Roxbury, MA, parishioner and Parish Council Member

Gerard S Heenan Jr

Marilyn Dunphy
Baltimore, MD and Boston, MA

Ann Marie Barbera
Parishioner of Saint Bridget Catholic Church in Richmond, VA

Geneva Gorgo
St. Teresa of Avila Parish, Chicago

Steve Kashat
Chaldean Catholic

Joan Ann Mahoney
Our Lady Queen of Peace , Arlington ,Va.

Kurt William Carlson
Immaculate Heart of Mary Oratory San Jose, CA

Rose m seitZ
Christ the good shepherd

Helen Marie Burns, RSM
Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas – West Midwest Community

Robert J McVeigh
Holy Cross Parish, Springfield, PA

a son of God -John1:12 To Jesus through Mary

William Kelly
Parishioner, Diocese of Arlington VA

Suzanna McGee
Notre Dame High School: Teacher

Rupert Dominguez
Life Long Catholic

Gustavo Abadie C
Catequista / Paróquia Nossa Senhora de Lourdes

Fe Baran

Kelly S. Johnson
University of Dayton, Associate Professor, Department of Religious Studies

Paul Edwards, Jr.
Roman Catholic Parishioner in Atlanta, GA

Scott Jones
St Patrick’s

Joan Lampe

Monica Castaneda
St. Raymond Catholic Church, Member

Todd Martin Thornburg
Parishioner, Most Pure Heart of Mary

Ileana Hernández Acosta

Jesus Figueroa
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church of Atlanta, Parishioner

Anthony D Traylor
Assumption College, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Ray Joyce

Donna Whiteford
Parishioner, St Charles Borromeo, Brooklyn, NY

Daniel Turak

Rick Helmick

Stephanie Lamb
St. Joachim parish, Plainview

Douglas E. Christie, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Department of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University.

Grace Marie Sweeten
Michigan State University, Honors College, Student

Jain Krotz
Catholic lay person

Sheila A. Mullen

Brother Jim Connolly, CFX
Chaplain, Essex Co. MA House of Corrections

Timothy Ott

Joseph M Cronin

Helene Lutz, M.Div., MA, PhD
Retired bioethicist, theology professor, parish minister

Myriam Guerrier
St. Mary

Carlos Ortiz
Youth Leader

Thomas Pratt
Secular Carmelite St. Joseph Parish, Troy NY

Eva Ortiz
Youth Minister

Deborah Shishido
Victim/ Survivor

Carolyn S. Breidenbach
R.C.I.A. Director, St. Patrick Parish, Bryan, Ohio

William R. Monteith OFS

William M. Shea
College of the Holy Cross (retired), Saint Louis University (retired)

Robert D Necci

John Doe
OLPH Highlands NJ

Lourdes Blanco
St. Francis of Assisi, New York City

Elinor S, Ehomaw
Sacred Heart

Kevin O’Neal Williams
High School Theology Teacher / University of Notre Dame ’84 Alum

Andre Myers

Gilbert J. Donahue
Holy Spirit Parish, Annandale, VA: Secular Franciscan, Tau Fraternity, St. Joseph’s Parish, Herndon, VA

Emily Phillips
St. Jane Frances de Chantal, Easton, PA/ Parishioner

Sue Forbes
St. Gabriel parishioner, choir member

Lorilee House

Juan P. Sosa
Parishioner and CCD Teacher, St. Catherine of Siena, Riverside, CT

Catherine Wai Thompson
St. Veronica Catholic Church Parishioner/Finance Council member/EMHC/Usher

Maureen Connors

Abdel Sepúlveda

Kathleen Prudence, SFO

Frank Hyland
Roman Catholic

Ethel Mahan

Mrs. Crislee A Moreno
St. Pius X Catholic Church-Parishioner

John Edward Humphreys
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Doylestown PA

Ed Marakovitz
Paulist Center Boston

Martin Ryan
Former Redemptorist priest

Robert Wegener
Paulist Center Community Boston

Barbara Allaire
Parishioner, Our Lady Help of Christians, Newton, MA

Maureen Callahan Smith

Kevin Lindsay
St Theresa Of The Child Jesus, Hellertown, PA Parishioner

Timothy Redmon
Sacred Heart Parish, Bangor, MI

Lindsey Chou
Boston College 2017, Villanova University M.A. Student, Theology & Ministry and Campus Ministry Intern

Tara Wegener
Paulist Center Community

Margaret Carlson Galiani, MD
Fordham University, Georgetown School of Medicine

John Michael Travis
Holy Spirit, Huntsville, AL.

Thomas Kennedy
St. Philip parish

Kenneth Latsch
St Francis Xavier NYC

Peter L Jones
Institute of Pastoral Studies, Loyola University Chicago

Terry Kennedy

Dr. Martin J O’Malley, PhD, MDiv, STL Friedrich Schiller University, Jena
Kate Wilkinson St Mary of the Assumption Baltimore MD

Sheila Rossini

Richard Blume-Weaver
Ryse Revolution, Director

Kristine Keown
Teacher in Arch. High School

Holly Hornung
St. Timothy Catholic Church, Laguna Niguel – mother

Laura S. Peratt
parishioner, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Winona MN

Jennifer Bailey

Nancy Corcoran, CSJ
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Tim Cummings
St. Stephen Martyr

Mary Ellen Engel

Joan Holmberg, SC
Professor Emeritus, Wagner College, NY

Jane Ellis
St. Mary’s, Mansfield MA, parishioner

Christopher Familetti

Stacy Balthrop St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame. Pensacola Catholic High School, St. Thomas More Elementary School

Suzanne Goodman
Christ the King Church parishioner

Rosemarie Law
Our Lady of Pompei

Maggie Writt
Catholic school teacher

Kevin Thomas
Sacred Heart, Lexington, MA

Regina M. Miller
Penn Medicine Social Worker, psychotherapist, doctoral clinical social work candidate UPenn

William D. Lindsey, Ph.D.
Retired Catholic theologian

Margaret Rogers
Registered Nurse

Samantha Slaubaugh
University of Notre Dame, PhD Student

Patricia McTaggart Kessie
St. Gregory the Great High School – retired English teacher

Cathy Harmon-Christian
Marist School, Theology Teacher

Thomas Driscoll
Diocese of Rochester NY

Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello
Paulist Center, Boston MA (parishioner); former Jesuit Volunteer

David H Lukenbill
Lampstand Foundation

Peter Chiappinelli
Hingham, MA. Father of three baptized children

Angela Russell Christman
Loyola University Maryland, Professor of Theology and Director, Catholic Studies Program

Lesley Martin

Elizabeth McGervey
Saints Francis and Clare

James A. Badger
St. John the Evangelist Parish, Swampscott, MA, Parishioner

Bob LeClercq
Parishioner-St. Augustine Parish, Oak Harbor, WA

Nolan O’Rear
Ss Peter and Paul

Avery Haller
St. Joseph Church, Seattle, Young Adult Member

John David Steichen II C
Catholic Memorial School, High School Theology Teacher

Eric Salvatore Giunta
St. Louis Parish, Tallahassee, Florida (Parishioner)

Theresa Ann Jabaley
St Teresa of Avila, Chicago

Nathaniel Richards
Parishioner at St. George Catholic Church, in Republic, MO. A parochial community of The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter

Kathleen Coleman

Paulo Barbosa
Catholic Priest

Tony Carroll
Ignatian Volunteer Corp

Erin Ramsey-Tooher
Parishioner, St. Cecilia Parish, Boston

Brian Granger
Atlanta, parishioner

Patricia K Casey
Queenship of Mary church Plainsboro, NJ. Catechist

Deborah Kelloway
Christ the King Parish/layperson

Suzanne Frin
Former Catholic

Kathryn A. Smith
St. Vincent dePaul Church

Stephen K. Tullino
Captain, US Air Force // 4th Degree KofC

Abby Anderson
Campus Minister, Xavier University

Teresa O’Neill
Catholic School Teacher and Parishioner

Joan Dow
St. Augustine Parish, Andover. MA

Mary Jo Lukowski
St. Mary of the Mills

Jennifer A. Nowalk
Mother of 5, grandmother of 6, wife of life long Catholic. Convert to Catholicism.

Paul C. Dow
St. Augustine Parish, Andover, MA

Bridget McGuinness
St. Joseph University Parish

Bernadette Talty
Traditional Roman Catholic

Dianne O’Leary
Parishioner, Archdiocese of Washington DC

Richard K. Cross
Emeritus Professor of English, University of Maryland, College Park

Avinash Sujeeth
Parishoner St. Thomas More Austin, TX

Beth Kocsis
Pittsburgh, PA

Paul vd Waal
RNLAF chaplain

James Hamra

Christine Jones
Madeleine Sophie Catholic Church, parishioner

Larry Elgarresta
Physician Miami

Lucille Seaman
Fairfield University & St..Joseph Roman Catholic Church of Kings Park, NY

Diane Frances Walter, MA Theology
Catholic Education Consultant, Georgetown, KY

Luke Francis Smith
Our Lady Queen of Peace- Diocese of Arlington VA.

Lisa Drewicz
Parishioner St Teresa of Calcutta

David Walsh

Elaine White Roff
Faithful Catholic

Artemae Anderson
Christ the King Parish, Lay parishioner and spiritual director

Lauro Xicotencatl Reyes Marquez

Brandon Gary Culbertson
St. Ceclia’s, Beaverton, OR US ARMY

Thomas J. Schneider, MD, FACG
Cathedral parish of St Ignatius Loyola

Kathleen Ortner
Saint John the Evangelist, Parishioner

Perry W. Majeski
A Roman Catholic

Paul Francis
Parishioner, St Lawrence Martyr Parish

Kelly Saver
St Kilian Parish Mars PA USA

Stephanie Fielder
Parishioner St Luke’s , Charlotte NC

George Ferko

Michael Score
Old St Joseph

Thanh-Thao Do
Santa Clara University Student

Mary Sadler

John Finn

Karen J. Szary

Stephen A Birgells

Robert Fitzpatrick
Diocese of Joliet

Vickie Marie Sullivan Moseley
Member of The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois USA

John Joseph Matusick

Charlotte Ryan

Lisa Notaro

Hugh Jessell
St John’s United

Benjamin Holmes
St. Mary’s Parish, Marysville, WA

Joe McGrath

Gerald & Pamela Schmiedicke
St Rose of Lima Parish

Beryl O. Hood
St Joseph Parish Tacoma Wa

Carol LeClercq Parishioner
St Augustine Parish Oak Harbor Washington

Candy Murphy
Alumna, Georgetown University; parishioner, St. John Neumann, Reston, VA

Susan Hamrock Mann
Our Lady Star of the Sea, Solomons Island, MD; Parishioner, Mother, Life-long Catholic with faith in the future of the Church

Michael H. Smith
Member, Church Militant Resistance

Theresa Ann Engelhardt RN BSN BA
Allentown Diocese, Pennsylvania

Gergola Nikoleta
Graduate of Aristotle University

Mary Staak
NC Diocese of Raleigh

Steve Bowler

Erin Anne Dolan

Aimee Olivo
Parishioner, St. Ambrose, Cheverly, Maryland

Steve Rafferty OFS
St Marys Parish Coupeville Wa.

Alice Rulapaugh
Lebanon Valley College

Kathleen Rafferty
St. Mary Parish, Coupeville WA

Sarah Lassiter
St Leo the Great Catholic Church, paid cantor

Huy Bui
Diocese of San Jose Musician

Nancy Dillon Cocchiola
Church of St. Timothy-West Htfd, CT

Vincent L Beasley

David Wisneski

Lou Ann Perry

Catherine VandeVoorde
Christ the King Parish, Ann Arbor MI

Lori Maguire
Bible study coordinator, St Joseph’s Church, Paris

Mary Ras

Michael Fontaine
Christ the King Catholic Church Oklahoma City

Thomas William Cotner

Lynne Fischer
Lay Person

James J Harrington
Holy Name Church

E. Maye DeAnda
Parish worker

Lisa Presti
St Thomas Moore parishioner

Catherine Harvey

Christine Grace Parishioner

Mrs. Sonja Campbell
Legion of Mary (Auxiliary Member)

Kathleen Mahala
Immaculata College – mother of 8

James A. Pegher

Laur Byrne
Parishioner, St. Theresa Catholic Church, Austin TX

James Ludwig
St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Andover, KS

Dr. Kevin P Considine
Marian Catholic High School

Jose A. Rodriguez

Patrick Hughes, MD MS
Alumnus Loyola Stritch School of Medicine and Loyola University of Chicago, lay minister and parish council member at Blessed Sacrament Parish, Madison, Wisconsin

Edward W. Pond, M.L.M, D.M.A.
The Grotto- Portland, OR

Jacqueline M Jones
Guardian Angels Catholic. Church

Megan McDonald Way
St. Timothy Parish Norwood MA, parishioner, CCD Teacher, Eucharistic Minister

Dale E. Bass
St.Cecilia Parish, Wilbraham, MA

Timothy Egan
Parishioner in the diocese of Louisville, KY

Paul Sepe
Diocese of Salt Lake, Utah – Past Youth Minister

Gary Campbell
Roman Catholic, Dioceses Of Brentwood, UK

Carmen Almeyda

Marc Clapper
St. Demetrius, Gallitzin, PA

Robert Marro

Paul Zimmerman
Lay person who cares for the church

Mary Davis

Maria Teresa Pompei

Mary Robinson Parishioner

Allison Delach

Ellen Grandpre-Badger
St John the Evangelist Parish, Swampscott, MA. Parishioner

Kerri Louise Boughton
Lapsed Catholic. Church needs to clean house.

Barbara Van Dam
St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, parishioner

Kevin Jones
Guardian Angel Church Clawson MI

Erin Rafferty

Susan Gately
Baptized Catholic

Maureen Simpson

Chad M.Kohler
Bexley, Ohio

Mary B Alcott
Teacher, Parent, Grandparent, member People of the Promise

Robert L Charpentier ,STB, PhD
Chaplain, Elder Care/Palliative and Hospice Ministry/Parish

David Tate
Holy Spirit Parish

David & Terri Bradley
Archdiocese of Chicago

Tom Dassow
St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Crystal Lake, IL Parishioner

Sean O’Rahilly Parishioner, Saint Mary, Star of the Sea, Stonington, Maine

Elaine Marie Duclos
Masters level pastoral counselor

Constance M OConnor//retired
Villanova University
Peter J Izzo//retired
Northeastern Human Services

Monica Soule
Lector and former Minister of Music, Parish of St. Patrick/St. Mary, Newburgh, NY

David Maxwell Layman

Christopher Phillips
St. Jane Frances de Chantal, liturgical minister

James Corcoran
Yale Divinity School

Joseph Leahy
Ss John and Bernard parish, Benton Harbor, MI, Parishioner

Diane Teresa Murphy
St. Jane Frances de Chantal Parish, Parishioner

Anita Crosby

Anne Marie King

Alberto Dopico St. Theresa of the Little Flower

Rita C. DeBellis
Parishioner, Lexington Catholic Community, Lexington MA

Tim Kochems, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Newton, MA

Carl Kelley
St Raymond

Kevin Jones
Guardian Angels Parish, Clawson, MI

Rachel Wheeler
University of Portland

Debbie Dillow

John S. McCann
St Luke the Evangelist Parish, Westborough, Mass.

John Cook
Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, Parishioner

Marie Chabot
Director of Faith Formation, Holy Cross Parish, Easton, MA

Kelly Krupke
Sacred Heart of Jesus, Enumclaw WA — Infant Baptism Preparation and Coordinator

Marianne Rone

Mary Clare Schaefer R.N.
St. Mary’s Parish , Sacramento, Ca.

Mary Gorski
St. Patrick’s Church

Barbara Doty
Cathedral of Mary Our Queen

Patrick B. Sullivan, DPA
Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church

Maria Ann Finn
BarbaraDeConcini, PhD

Lee Trahan
UCSD Newman Center, music ministry

Kathleen M. Noonan
Sonoma State University, Professor and Chair of the Department of History. Parishioner, St. Ignatius Parish (San Francisco). Our Lady Star of the Sea School, Bayonne, NJ (1969). Holy Family Academy, Bayonne, NJ (1973). Georgetown University (1977)

Tamara Setiady
Campus Minister, St. Ignatius College Preparatory – San Francisco

James Rutenbeck
Parishioner, Saint Ignatius Parish, Newton MA

Christine Cirone
St. Mary’s Annapolis, MD

Deborah Theresa Johnson
Parish of St. Bernard, Madison, WI

Pierre D Hebert
Parishioner at St. Colman, Ardmore, PA

Jana Hughes
Blessed Sacrament Parish-Madison WI

Thomas A. Frederick
St. John of the Cross parish. Chairman Finance Council

Francis & Donna Painii
St Mary’s Chelmsford Ma

Alice V. Frederick
St. John of the Cross Parish. Vero Beach, Fl ; Respect Life Ministry Chairperson

Robert Ticse
Parishioner in New Jersey

Jim Moon
Saint Bernadette Church

Ed McKinley
Lay person, activist in early identification and treatment of childhood trauma.

Jane Cunningham
Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church

Daniel Cunningham
Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church

Darlene A Ross

William J Shaules
Senior Lecturer, Loyola Marymount University

Michaelangelo Allocca
Teacher, Regis High School

Myra N Coll
St. Joseph parish

Maurice J Bernardin

Jane M. E. Brinley
Parishioner, St. Camillus, Silver Spring, MD

Deborah Crater

Elizabeth Byrne Dawes
Parishioner, Our Lady, Star of the Sea (Marblehead, MA)

Lou Bruno, Parishioner,
Saint Margaret Mary Church, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

Thomas Mullen
Parishioner Holy Family Church

Eve Madden
St. Timothy’s Catholic Church, Norwood, MA-Parishioner/Lector

Michael J. McElwee, D. Min.
Adjunct Faculty and Pastoral Minister

Cynthia Studnicha
St. Barnabas Parish, Northfield, OH

Celinda M. Peña Shoffner

Genevieve P. Connell
Blessed Sacrament Parish, Washington, DC

Maria Gabriela Salvarrey
San Carlos Borromeo Parroquia Catequista retirada

Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Susan Webb
Homeschooling Parents of 13 children, RE teachers, lectors, EMs, cantor, KC family, NFP advocates

Jessica Jenkins
Former Jesuit Volunteer. Alumna of Fordham University School of Law, Graduate School of Social Service

Larry A. Lee
Archdiocese of Washington DC / Layperson

Laura Sachs

Rosario Conde
St. Ignatius Loyola, Lay Ministry

Alma Longoria
St. John the Baptist Church parishioner

Elaine Griffiths
St. Mary’s/Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, catechist

Gayle Roach

Carlos Longoria
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church parishioner

Susan Ledig Semans

Grace Goldrich-Middaugh
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Erika Meyer
MA/MSW Boston College

Diane M. O’Connor

Suzan M. Hudak

Richard Warner

Steven Lahr
Layman; Immaculate Heart of Mary parish, High Point NC

Johnrocco Sibilia

Susan Clapper
St. Demetrius Parish, Gallitzin, PA

Lois von der Goltz
Lay Minister Diocese of Charlotte – parishioner St Pius X

David Fender

Patricia Andreozzi

Robert Piscitelli
Saint Mary’s of the Assumption. Park City Utah

Lara Prescott
(Former) St. Benedict Catholic Church, Greensburg, PA

Chris Gedris

Connor May
Boston College

Ellen Raspitha
Sacred Heart Church, Patterson, NY

Nan Busse

Therese Blacketor
South Bend, IN

Allison Liedtke

Edmund S Coale, III
Retired, parishioner, active participant ACTS Mission Ministry, Clarksville, MD

Wilna Cross

Trent Duncan

Donald D Volz
Lay ministry worker and Knight of Columbus

Erick Svedoval

Brenda Stirling Olason

Robert Pendolino
St Michael the Archangel Parish, Canton, OH

Elizabeth Moriarty
University of Notre Dame, Alumna

Ellen Pollard
St Thomas Aquinas, Ames IA

Helen Fitzpatrick
Sacred Heart, Lombard IL

Shannon K.R. Schneider
St. Joseph Parish, Seattle Washington

Cathleen Ortolani
St.Mary’s B.C. Church, Wilkes-Barre, PA,

Maria E. Sanchez
Roman Catholic Church Member

Bryan Johnson
Parishioner, Catholic Educator

Matt O’Malley
St. John’s Chrysostom West Roxbury, Eucharistic Minister

Maria Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis

James Lozinski

Mary Kay Staten
Parishiner/St. Stephen, St. Henri NOLA

Kathleen Martinez

Lydia DiGiovanni
Disgusted about to change faiths

Daniel Renz, MJA
Brother, Ancient Order of Hibernians; Member, Archdiocese of Washington; Parishioner, St. Mary of the Mills RC Church (Laurel, MD)

Mary Parr Brophy
Saint Pius X

Michael J Selker
St Michael’s Parish Fryburg PA

Jason Coulis
Ontario, Canada

Margaret Readdy
University of Kentucky, Professor of Mathematics

Patricia Sue Ancowitz
Parishioner, Holy Family

William H. Manning
Confirmation Teacher, San Pedro Maldonado, Wildwood, Florida

Faith Roberts
Parishioner of St. Mark, Vienna VA

Diane Auger Smith
Holy Comforter Catholic Church, RCIA Catechist

Jim Van Kula
St Nicolas Church

Deana LaBrosse
St Teresa of Avila, Chicago

Gerard Vernot

Hannah Conti

Jennifer F Wood
St. Joseph Parish, Seattle, WA

Virginia A Clifford
St Leo Tacoma WA, Guardian ad Litem and legal counsel for endangered children, elderly and persons with disabilities

Mario De Salvo
St. Bernadine’s parish, Woodland Hills CA.

Jennifer F Wood
St Joseph, seattle, Wa

Madeline Lucas

William Lawrence Smart
Holy Cross Parish, Santa Barbara, CA

Christopher Cooper
St Francis Assisi Catholic Church, Shavano Park, TX

Leslie Sholly
Georgetown University graduate; Parishioner of Immaculate Conception Church, Knoxville; and Catholic blogger

Mary T Brown St. Peter’s Parish

Susan Dadey
St Rochus Johnstown PA

Mikayla Dawn McCallum
The University of Alaska Anchorage, Student

Connie L. McCalla
West Catholic Prep HS/ Teacher

Diane Goss

Brandon Merculieff
The University of Alaska Anchorage, Student

Mary Bufe
Mary Queen of Peace, Webster Groves, MO

Eileen OHara

Richard Perry
member Most Precious Blood Church, Corpus Christi, Tx.

Judith Frazier

Michael J. Madden
St. Thomas Aquinas College/St. Anthony’s Parish in Nanuet, NY

Mary Shane
St Agnes, West Chester PA

Thomas Everett
Notre Dame Law School, Class of 2019

Tracy Mayer
Parish secretary, St Louis Church, Clarksville, MD and parishioner at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ellicott City, MD

Alejandro Sicilia
Epiphany Catholic School (Miami, FL); Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (Venezuela)

Michael Leo Woos
St. Joseph Parishioner Seattle, WA

Kerry Rhines
Holy Family of Nazareth, Irving TX, Layperson

Denise Kunz
Roman Catholic, mother of 5

Anna Mlodzik
St. Denis Parish, Hanover, NH / Eucharistic Minister, former catechist, mother of two

Julianna Kunz
Roman Catholic youth

Gerard Kunz
Catholic husband and father

Andrew Miller
Sacred Heart, West Des Moines Iowa

Mary Tess Tran
St. Pius X Middletown, CT parishioner

Ellen Banach
Parishioner, St. Mary’s Church, Mansfield MA

Barbara Trentalange
St. Joseph / Parishioner

Amparo Sicilia Rodriguez
Epiphany Catholic Church Parishioner

Lynn Gleason
Holy Trinity Parish

Joan Klimski, OP

Tina Hieb
Lector & R.C.I.A. Team member in Maryland

Shyrl McCormick
Life-long Catholic

Jonathan Carp
Catechist, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish, Tacoma, WA

Mary Banach
Parishioner, St. Susanna Church, Dedham MA

Patrick J Bruss
St. Isaac Jogues Parish, St. Clair Shores MI – parishioner

Earlene Mara
Parish pastoral minister

Rhonda Taylor
Nazareth College alumnus

Vallente Romasanta
St. Cecilia Boston, Eucharistic Minister

Joann M Bruss
St. Isaac Jogues Parish, St. Clair Shores MI – parishioner

William T. Cavanaugh
Professor of Catholic Studies, DePaul University

Lisa Scaglione
Baptised member of the Body of Christ, Lover of Truth

Otto W. Pebworth

Brian Michael Foster

Carol Mason

Kevin Mason

Lindsey Chou
Boston College 2017, Villanova University M.A. Student, Theology & Ministry and Campus Ministry Intern

Joseph F. Brinley, Jr.
Parishioner, St. Camillus, diocese of Washington, DC, former RCIA team member, St. Anthony of Padua, archdiocese of Washington

Roberta Boffo

Mackenzie Mancuso

Barbara Turner
Ministry to the Sick, Hospice Chaplain, Bereavement Counselor, St. Rose of Lima, Roseville, CA

Roberta Boffo

Carla Eble

Daniel Jon Joseph Koleci
Sydney Catholic Schools, Australia

Mary Anne Aktay
Voice of the Faithful NJ

Rosemary E. Lipinski
St. Martha Catholic Church. Porter , TX

Helen H. McConnell
Unaffiliated, Theologian (Liturgist)

Matthew Berns
Chicago Booth

Steve Carlson

Lois Sweney
Nativity of our Lord Parish

Elaine Steele
Holy Family Parish //Pastoral Council Chair

Mathews Thundyil
St. Edward Catholic Church, Spring, TX

Janice Horn

Shawna Frederick

Donald Wuerl

Christina M Genest
Member, Voice of the Faithful New Jersey

Eric Swartz
St. Boniface – Waukee, Iowa

Brian Adams

Steven Reyes
Holy Trinity Catholic Church San Antonio Texas

Heather Theresa
St. Robert Bellarmine

Clare Iba
Gonzaga University, former Jesuit volunteer, st ignatius parish Portland OR

Jennifer Madden-Davis

Judith Collins
St. Francis, Rochester, Minnesota

Sarah Wilson
Holy Child Church, Tijeras NM – parishioner

Camilo Acosta Mejia
University of Toronto. Graduate Student

Eleanor Kennelly Gaetan, Ph.D.
Hospitality Minister, St Matthews Cathedral, DC

Brandon Radcliff
Seven Holy Founders, St. Louis, MO – Parishioner

Margaret Banach
Holy Spirit Church, Annandale, VA. Parishioner

Patricia S. Ferretti

Andy Alexis-Baker
Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago, Assistant Professor of Theology

Jeri Eckhart Queenan
Partner, The Bridgespan Group

Lawrence Pliska
Retired Fire Marshal FDNY

Kimberly Burke
Roman Catholic

Patrick Burke
Roman Catholic

Brian Thomas
Anchor at Large, DW International News, Berlin

Patricia Donahue
Lafayette College, Professor of English

Peter Richards

Ann Marie Eckert
Pastoral Associate, St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Ithaca, NY

Maryann Dempsey Sedlack

Synthia Stanosheck
Parishioner St. Patrick Lincoln NE

Robert Trostel
Former seminarian and deacon, laicized, to marry. retired probation officer, current attorney in juvenile courts.

Kira Ciupek
Parish Laity

Drew Wurst

John Triscik, MTS
St. Joan of Arc Parish, Hershey, PA Youth Minister

Tina Naylor-Riston
St Julia’s Church, Erie Pa; Carlow College, pgh pa Past President Pennsylvania Education Association Of PA, School Social Workers

Jane Martin Jacobson
PAX Christi Highlands Ranch CO

Anne Marie Tirpak

Joan Theresa Johns
St. Rose of Lima, York, PA, parishioner

Thomas C. Pituch
North American Martyrs Parish

Kristen Coyle Pologruto
Parishioner, St. Kilians, Cranberry Township, Pa, Alumni, Clearwater Central Catholic HS

Friar Paul G. Schloemer, OFM
Conventual Franciscans, Formation Director

Nancy Schell
St Timothy – Columbus, OH

Rave Osterback

Susan Bruns
Our Lady Queen of Peace

Francis Younger
Parish organist

Linda Porter
Louisville KY (Louisville KY parish – mother of 3 sons)

Stephanie Eggleston
Church of the Epiphany Richmond,Va Laity

Alison Basye
St. Robert’s parishioner

Carl G Sceusa
St Gabriels Millstone NJ

Laura Ruggiero
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Woodbridge VA

Elizabeth Brown
Certified Trauma Specialist

Cory M. Buls

Grace Werline
Parishioner, volunteer, St. Joseph Catholic Church Indiana

Anne A. Anderson

Kathryn Edwards
Parishioner, St. Thomas More

Frank O’Hara
Masters of Religion, Yale Divinity School, 1975

Mary Elizabeth
Gannon Voice of the Faithful

Brendan J. Hanehan
Parishioner and choir member, Essex Junction, VT

Mimi O’Sullivan, MDiv.
Retired Director of Religious Education

Gerard Gannon
Voice of the Faithful, New Jersey

James V. Bina
A Roman Catholic

Susan Varrone
Teacher Don Bosco Cristo Rey H.S.

Kailyn Kashevarof

John M. Humphreys

Sonia Caus Gleason
mom and lay minister, Paulist Center Community, Boston, MA

Robert G. Valiant
Parishoner, St. Joseph’s Parish, Kennewick, WA

Mary Senour
St. Peter Catholic Church Monument, CO

Ann M Walsh
The Paulist Center, Boston, member

NancyJo Ahlgren

Mary Harmon
Providence College, Associate Professor, St. Pius V Church

Michael C Powers
Parishioner, St Patrick – Tacoma, WA

Lauren Barron
Sacred Heart, Fleming Island, FL

James Barron
Sacred Heart, Fleming Island, FL

Paul Reynolds
Boston College, Adjunct Faculty

David V. Cruz-Uribe, OFS
Parishioner, St. Francis University Parish, Tuscaloosa, AL

Danette Turco
Our Lady of Good Counsel, Parishioner

Michele Somerville

Caridad Inda
CIRIMEX Executive Director

Eileen Lussen LCSW

Martha Miller
St. Cecilia Parish , Boston MA

Marcia Gabriel Fox
St. Margaret Mary, Harrisburg, PA

Sharon Gass

John Boltz, MSW and Connie Boltz, MSW

Karri Johnson
Mother of catholic children of God

Louise George

Brian Bullard

MaryLouise Candido

Rose Yesu,
Retired community college professor Newton, MA

Marie Dennis
Washington DC

Bridget Olson
Parishioner, St. Monica Catholic Church, Santa Monica, CA

Susan Durbin
St Matthew parish

Maria Zoretic-Goodwin
Indiana University

Herbert Armour

Mary M. Piecynski
St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, Zanesville, OH

Nicole Ford, Ph. D.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Tampa

Margaret Moylan Bandy

Helen James
Member of the Mystical Body of Christ

Irene Hanna
Our Lady Help of Christians

Karen Boyle
Lay perdon

Julie Griffin
Good Shephard, Rhinebeck NY, Catechist

Cecilia González-Andrieu, PhD.
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

Noelle Whitney

Christina Scheltema
Parishioner, St. Anthony of Padua, Washington DC

Brian Ballantine
Chaplain Heartland Hospice

Patricia Swetland
Roman Catholic

Valerie Keays

Richard M. Heiman
MFA, Catholic Poet

Amy Erjavac

Kayleah M Feser
Parishioner, Holy Trinity, Dunkirk, NY

Louis DellaCroce
Parishioner, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Springfield, MA

Denise Hedrick
Holy Spirit

Nicole Gretzinger
St. Vincent Ferrer, parishioner

Tina Zarutskie
St. Andrews Parish, Newtown, PA

Matt Montag
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish – Omaha, NE

Bill McAndrew
St. Catherine of Siena, Little Compton, RI adjunct faculty Anna Maria College

Sheila Kelly
Parishioner, St. Mary of the Lake, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Patricia Dunn
Saint Brendan Parish, Ormond Beach, FL

Maureen Serra
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Encino, CA

Sheila Lane
St. Nicholas Parish, Evanston, IL

Carole Ferraro
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Albany, New York

Aimee M. Cooper, MA
Founder, The Catholic Gospel Project

Patricia Fontaine
Christ the King

Maureen McLaughlin
Our Lady of Grace. Encino, California

Catherine Akers

Jennifer Gross
St. Matthews, Green Bay, Wisconsin

John W. Doering
St. Francis of Assisi

Amalia Barreda
Retired Journalist

Charles Queenan
Holy Family Parish, Boston

Susan Cyr
Parishioner, St Brigid Church Lexington MA

June Vendetti, Catechist for Children w/Spec. Needs
The Cathedral Parish of St. Augustine, Bridgeport, CT.

Lisa Wilson
Michigan Medicine/BSN,RN

Adam Whalen
Former Jesuit Volunteer, Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Clare Furay House, Baltimore, MD. 2015-16.

Daniel R Hach
Our Lady of Humility Parish. Beach Park, Illinois. USA

Liz S. Koop
St. Peter’s LNK – parishioner

Jamie Richardson

Jane Filipov
St Edwards Church Shamokin PA

Rebecca Maurer

Kevin Egan
Corpus Christi Aliso Viejo, CA

Joan McCabe
St. Stephen the First Martyr, Warwick NY

Erin Friedman
St. Joseph’s, Seattle, WA

Jessica Cooper

Kaylee Bendixen

Janet McAndrew

Allison Salerno
Member, Catholic Center at University of Georgia

Linda O’Connor
Holy Trinity Church

Juan F Lopez
Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Christine Ridd
Good Shepherd Church Camp Hill PA

Patricia A. Boroughs
Our Lady of Grace Parish, Encino, CA

Molly Ridd
Good Shepherd Camp Hill PA

Mario Vian
Choir member, St Therese, Indianapolis

James Ridd
Good Shepherd Church Camp Hill PA

Thomas G. VaVerka, LTC (Ret) USA
Senior Army Instructor

Thomas J Costa
Current parishioner and former Catechist and Usher Our Lady of the Rosary parish San Diego

Natalie Vos
University of Notre Dame, BA; Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education, University of Portland, MA

Tami Johnson
Former lifelong Catholic (former as of 8/14/2018)

Erin Forsyth
St Thomas More, Austin Tx

Dan Butler
Parishioner, St. Patrick’s, Wareham, MA

Maureen Longo
St. Therese, Mooresville NC, parishioner and Catechist

Mary Knight

Joseph Stout, Immaculate Conception Parish, St. Louis Arch Diocese. Two sons. Two Daughters. All educated at Diocese schools. Did I make the right choice for their education?

Dana Hlusko, Church of the Ascension, VA, parishioner

Catherine Murphy Associate Professor, Retired, Boston College

Fernanda Karp
St. Lucy’s Catholic Church member

Mrs. Leeta von Buelow
St. Joseph Oratory, Detroit, MI

Susan Schroeder
Parishioner and teacher

Cheryl Barczyk
St. Peter Parish/ Parishoner/ PSR Instructor

Helen McConnell
The Festival Church, Minister of Liturgy and Music

Valerie Fesh
Parishioner and former chorister/cantor, St. Peter the Apostle parish, Birmingham, Alabama

George Mazur
St James Catholic Church, parishioner

Melissa Dunworth
St. Martin’s University, Masters Student

Patricia Stewart-Nolen
St Augustine Church los Angeles

Christine Graziano
Arvada, Colorado

Asunción Purser
Parishioner – St Louis Parishs, Clarksville, MD

Sean Paul
Lay Person, Ph.D. Systematic Theology, Boston College

Stephen Ancowitz
Parishioner Holy Family

Erika Franey
Bellarmine College Preparatory, Campus Minister

Jo De Leon

Patricia Riley OP
San Rafael, CA

Susan Bettles

Ellie Armstrong
Catechist, St. Matthew Catholic Church

Christine Liebe
Our Lady of Loretto, Foxfield, CO

Stephen Rubino

Marilyn L. Cummins
Catholic layperson in Missouri

Kelly Rice Schmitt
University of Notre Dame graduate | St Therese Parish, Mooresville, NC. Daughter, wife, sister, mother.

Greg Thompson
Lay person, St. Isidores, Yuba City, CA

Catherine Rubino

Christie Cortez

Mary Wood
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Lector and Eucharistic Minister, and mother of 6, grandmother of 7, and married for 34 years

Deacon Rob Goodman
Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Larry Farin
A dissolusioneded Catholic & former seminarian.

Anna Hwang

Gregory Antell
University of Notre Dame (B.S. ’10)

Trixie Joy Aquino
Loyola Marymount University

Joe Faust
Holy Family parish, Pasadena, California

Jennifer Dorn
Student, Providence College; Parishioner, Christ the King Catholic Church in Dallas

Cheryl A. Finn

Stephen Hill

Emma Welman
St Edmunds parish Suffolk

Bobbi Moore

Thomas Venditti MA
Faithful Catholics Against Pedophilia

Christopher Fletcher
Lay person

Kathleen Waite
St. Thomas More, Chicago

John J. Riccardi
Archbishop Hoban High School

Matthew Keppel
Saint Louis University – School of Education, PhD Student

Margaret Elizabeth Honoré

Brittany bennett

Andrew DeGiorgio, MD
Parishioner St. Andrew’s Parish, Ellensburg WA

Elimika Fletcher
Parishioner at St Cecilia in Baltimore

Vivienne Joyce, sc Saint Francis
Xavier Parish NYC

Adelaide Loges
Lay person, St. Brenden, Bothell,WA

Matthew Soldano

Marianne Stroud
St. Sebastian, Akron, OH

Robert Todd Stroud
St. Sebastian, Akron, OH

Rosemary Ayala
St Paul the Apostle Chino Hills CA

Jenifer Eleanor Steffel
Holy Trinity Parish ,South St.Paul Mn 55075

Mateusz Marcinowski
Parish, Alter Server

John Carney
St Joseph of the Lakes Catholic Church — Lay Leader

Alberto Dominguez
Former Teacher, Msgr. Pace High School

Mrs. Paul Owczarek
Fleeing in Terror

Ukwajiunor Cyril
Parishioner, Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro Cathedral.

Luis Galvez Yela
Pertenezco al Movimiento Sacerdotal Mariano de Madrid- ESPAÑA

Kathryn Linhardt
Sister of Charity, BVM Associate

Joan Santorelli
Parishioner/ St. Bartholomew/Md.

Anna Torchia
Sacred Heart Parish, Lebanon NH

Connie J Asero

Christine Jerszynski

Joseph S Asero

Tim McGee
Director, Dude in the Pew Ministries

Jessica Plecas Warren
Queen of All Saints, Brooklyn, NY

Bart Mitchell
Lector & parishioner, Paulist Center Catholic Church, Boston MA

MaryAnne Cappelleri
Stonehill College Campus Minister, Spiritual Director, St. Cecilia Parish Boston Parishioner

Rick Wintheiser
Espiritu Santo Catholic Church, parishioner

Patrice Tomasello

Kara Smigel
St. Raphael’s, Rockville MD. Catechist

James J Harrington
Holy Name Church

M. Patricia Ball
St. Vincent de Paul Church, Chair Liturgy Committee

Christine Tardiff, MSW, LICSW, MAPM
Paulist Center, Boston

Paul Sullivan
Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Marshfield, MA

Patricia Alejandro
St. Francis Xavier, New York, NY, parishioner

Stephen Pack
Holy Family

Ignatius Boustin
Part of the Body

Manena Ng’ambi
Parishioner— Immaculate Conception, Towson

Florence Barnes

Roberto Echeverria
St. Augustine’s Seminary. Toronto, ON

Katharine Sargent
Parishioner, St. John the Apostle, Virginia Beach, VA

Linda Schenck Stultz
St Thomas More Catholic Church, Paradise CA

Marla Thompson
Parishioner Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Katherine A. Greiner, PhD
Assistant Professor of Theology, Carroll College

Therese Evereth
Behavior Analyst

Kathanne Fowler
St. Patrick and St. Anthony, Hartford Connecticut parishioner

Patricia McGuire
President, Trinity Washington University

Patricia Fries
Holy Cross parish Archdiocese of Atlanta

Liz Miranda
Seneca College- RPN student

Jill M. Walker
St Gabriel’s McKinney, TX

Christopher S. K. Barrett
Father, Worcester, MA

Kathryn Scales
Parishioner, St. Louis Catholic Church, Austin, Texas

Marie Considine
Holy Name of Mary, parishioner/volunteer

Janet Kenny

Michelle De Groot
Parishioner, Our Lady of Nazareth in Roanoke VA; assistant professor of medieval literature at Hollins University

Pamela R. Previti
St. Elizabeth Seton Church parishioner, Absecon, NJ

Robert Steven Mutmansky
Parishioner, Saint Thomas A’Becket Church, Jefferson Hills, PA

Daniel Crupi
St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church Music Ministry

Marcia Bunney
St. Isabella’s Parish, San Rafael, CA

Deepa Fernandes
St Margaret Church

Alicia Kiss
St. Columbkille, Imperial, PA outside of Pittsburgh, former Catholic School high school teacherand CCD teacher

Rick Caballero
Concerned Catholic

Audrie Honsinger
St. Paul’s Parish, Homeschool Mother

Richard Birdsall

Adedoyin Florence
St Joseph’s catholic church

Lisa Desmond
St. Thomas of Villanova, parishioner | Saint Joseph’s University, alumna

Peter Duffy
St. Boniface, Brooklyn NY

Mike Macauley

Sandra Bell
Retired reacher

Michael Leavy

Mark T Frankenfield
Saint Joseph’s University

Pamela Holtz
Catholic, parent

Jack Marth
Parishioner, Our Lady of Angels, Bronx, NY

Lilian Luke
University of Ibadan

Steve Nashatker
Parishioner Saint Gabriel Fayetteville Georgia

Nancy J. Tyminski
Parisher, Christ the King, Haddonfield, NJ

Roger L. Carroll
Parisher, Christ the King, Haddonfield, NJ

Bill Droel
Sacred Heart Parish

Robert G Lamond Jr
St Mary of Sorrows

Scott Cowen
Vivat Christus Rex Vivat Regina Immaculata Micha’EL

Marina McCoy
Boston College, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Mary Ann Kearney

Corrine DeSilva

Robert Rodriguez
St. John Nuemann

Dennis Machlica
Parishioner, Lector & Eucharistic Minister (on sabbatical) Church of the Risen Christ, Denver CO

Kathryn Black
Villanova University, Alumnus

Yolande Cadore
Lifelong Catholic, Our Lady of Angels Parish, Bronx, NYC

Lisa McPeak

Fr. Dean P. Perri
Our Lady of Loreto, Pastor

Erika Ferrentino

Judith M Smith
Catechist, The Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Washington, D.C.

Gina Menzies

Elizabeth Murray
Parishioner, St. Bernard Church, Pittsburgh, PA

Rick Cortright
St. Thomas More / Troy MI / Parish Council Chairman

Miriam Ford
Our Lady of Angels, Bronx, NY

Juanita Saco
Voice of the Faithful NJ

Alison Kaplan Mother

Morgan Guion Harrigan
St. Michael’s, Olympia WA

Margaret May
Parishioner, Our Lady of Mercy Church (Potomac, MD)

Gabriela Perez

Thomas A. Shannon
Profesor Emeritus of Religion and Social Ethics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Church of the Resurrection Parish, Muncy, PA

Terri Ford

Noah Sell
Student, Pinecrest Academy

Joseph Cooper RPh MBA
Catholic in Seattle Washington and Denver Colorado – Former pharmacist who left profession unwilling to dispense contraceptives and drugs used for abortions

Tanya Slaughter
St. Catherine Sienna, Diocese of Fort Worth, TX

James Hannon
St. John the Guardian of our Lady, Clinton, MA

Nathan Beers
Blessed Sacrament parish, Kitchener, Ontario

Kevan Ickes
Saint Barbara Baptized

John N. MacPhee

Ann S. Cousins
St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Shelburne VT Parishioner

Marc DuMoulin

Andrew Pavilonis
St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, Schola

Barbara Ann Assendelft
Parishioner, Immaculate Conception Church, Traverse City, Michigan

Ann Marsh
Christ the King, Seattle, parishioner

Molly Pavilonis
St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, | Women of St. John’s Board Member

Andrea Vera

Emily Brabham, OSF
Lewis University, Coordinator of Social Justice Formation

James F Day, Th. D.

Richard Gaillardetz
Boston College

Carole F. Barrett, JD
Graduate: Sacred Heart (Roslindale), Fontbonne Academy (Milton), Regis College (Weston), S. John’s University School of Law (NY), mother, grandmother, former Catholic school teacher

Lisa Marie Dunn
Baptized Catholic, Teacher, & Mother of 3 sons

Edward J. Barrett
Father, grandfather, life long Catholic

Douglas Shaughnessy
Parish RCIA

Cecibel Contreras
It was ME Campaign, Inc

Sharon Kohout
Lay person St Peter Parish Greeley, Colorado

Mary Eileen Collingwood, ARCWP
Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests; Community of St. Bridget, Brecksville, OH; Former Director of Pro Life Office, Diocese of Cleveland,OH

Maureen Mullins
Parishioner, Melbourne, Australia

Patricia Casey
St. Ignatius Parish Chestnut Hill MA

Christian Pristipino
Paris St. Maria Regina Pacis, Roma, Italy

Angela Jennings
Catholic Laity, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

Stephen Weyer
Member of the Pastoral Council, Our Lady of Lourdes, Atlanta

Bradford Hinze
Fordham University, Professor of Theology, Our Lady of Angels Parish, Bronx

Peter Roberti
Garden City NY

Neil P. Downing, EA, CFP
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, Seekonk, Mass.

Mary Pierce
St Jane Frances de Chantal, Parishioner

Christopher M. O’Keeffe
Paulist Center, Boston MA. Lector, Eucharistic Minister, former Pastoral Council member

Matthew Pitcock
St. Nicholas Church Parishioner

Patricia Ann Torchia
Resurrection Catholic Church

Katherine Hudson zrike

Nicolas Odeh
Holy Family Parish – Kirkland, WA

Joanne Haley
St Paul of the Cross, Park Ridge, IL

Nicole Hallada
Previous church member

Patricia Byrne
Parent and parishioner

Kevin McLaughlin
Former Catholic

Joy Mersmann
Washington University in St. Louis, student

Clare Walsh
Retreat Director, Spiritual Director Boston

Gail Faith Edwards
Grandmother of a Catholic family

Rebecca Freeh Adomshick
Parishioner, volunteer, Mother of four,

Jacqueline Rozanski
St Therese Church, Succasunna, NJ

Hannah Lee
St. Francis of Assisi, NYC

Meredith Williams

Jennifer Leonard
St Louis MO

Martha Hesser
St Joseph Catholic Church (Tacoma, WA) parishioner

Magalie Pierre Brunache
St Mary of the Angels Parish

Margaret DiLollo
St. Jane Frances de Chantal

John G. McHugh
Religious Education Teacher, Spiritual Director, Boston College High School

Ann Rutten Commers

Tomas J. Nally
Parishioner, Archdiocese of New Orleans

Seth Toft
St John the Baptist

Jaculyn Hanrahan
Director, Appalachian Faith & Ecology Center, Inc. Norton , VA. Parishioner & Minister of Music St. Mary’s Parish, Coeburn, VA. Diocese of Richmond VA

Joe Devlin
Cathedral of Christ the King, Parishioner

Paula M. Devereaux
Catholic Charities Volunteer

Shannon Mischler

Robert Peppey
Parishioner, Dolores Mission, Los Angeles

Geraldine M Fialkowski PhD
Retired Assistant Professor Pastoral Counseling. Loyola University MD

Kenzie Green
Holy Family Parish, parishioner

George Kraus
Corpus Christi Church, parishioner, Mineola NY

Charles B. Saco
Estela Gonzalez
St. John the Baptist Parish, Young Adults Group Coordinator

Franklin Freeman

Karen Quinn
Our Lady of the Magnificat

Mary R. Peeters
Holy Cross Youth Ministry

John Inglis
University of Dayton, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Cross-appointed to Department of Religious Studies

Olivia McKnight
Southern Methodist University

Graham F. Loynd MD
Obstetrician & Gynecologist, retired

Glenn E. Miller

Sheila Hebein
St. Nicholas Church, Evanston – Chair, Parish Pastoral Council

Robert Scott Garner
Salisbury University

Chad Lyons
Branford CT

Samm Lewis
Diocese of Youngstown, Liturgical Minister

Christine Benenson
St. Ignatius Parish, Portland, OR

Astrid Weigert
Parishioner, Holy Trinity, Washington, DC

Kathleen Howard

Teresa Elvin ARCM Dip RS
RCM London, St. Christina’s Catholic School Head of Music and PSHE (rtd)

Wanda Graham
St. Raymond’s RC Church: Proclaimer and Usher

Kortni Spaulding
Holy Family Church, parishioner

Katrice Adams
Former Catholic

Marie LaBollita
Former President of Sacred Threads Center

Clara Sanders
Parishioner/ Lunchroom Aid Volunteers

Catherine Flaherty
St. Pius X Church, Bowie MD, parishioner

Joseph Beaubouef
Laity / St. Joan of Arc / Oberlin, LA

R. Santomin
St. Barnabas Church / Long Beach CA / Parishioner

Mary Elizabeth Garner
St. Pius X Catholic Church, Greensboro NC, lay parishioner

Frank J. De Frank
St. Patrick, Lake Forest, Illinois Deacon

Frances Ryan

John Grimes
Parishioner, St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish, Somersworth, NH

Colleen Kelly
Fordham University Church

Lorrie Donnell
St. Teresa of Avila, Chicago, IL

Donald Laventhall

Daniel M. Maloney
Sacred Heart Catholic Church lector

St. Louis Parish, Maryland

Jeffrey and Marguerite Blue
Saint Bavo Parish Mishawaka Indiana

Joseph Scilufo

Patty Palmquist
Parishioner, wife, mother, grandmother

Kevin Hickson BA MFA
The Catholic University of America Parishioner St Peter of Alcantara, Port Washington, NY

Deanna Frazier

David J. Buzzell
Society of St. Vincent DePaul, Catholic Church of St. Monica, Duluth, GA

Stephano Junghoon Kim
St. Joseph Korean Catholic Church

Andrew Barnett
Catholic, Diocese of La Crosse

James Deddens
Parishioner and Parent – Evanston, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Galecki
Baptized parishioners

Cindy Chester Moran
Lay Ministry Diocese of Pittsburgh

Jane Balbirnie
Chief Financial Officer, St. Matthew Catholic Church, Charlotte, NC

Jessica Tillery
RE teacher St. Columba’s

Kevin Boyle
St Andrews Myrtle Beach

Mary Maio
Catechist, spiritual director, grad student theology

Aaron J Glynn
St. John Cantius Knight of Columbus

Rose Marie Berger
St. Camillus Catholic Church, Silver Spring, MD

Clare Wojda
Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis, MN. Parishioner

Carmen M. Villafañe
Masters Degree in Pastoral Studies, Loyola University New Orleans; Online Facilitator, Camino de la Fe/McGrath Institute for Church Life, Notre Dame University

Carolyn Cassetty
Parishioner, St Joseph Parish, Kentlane, Indiana

Jeff Nevins
Former parishioner at St. Mary’s Church, Augusta, Maine

Brenna C. Cronin
General Manager, ONE LICENSE | Parishioner, St. Nicholas Church in Evanston, IL

Michele B. Wagner, MD, retired
Brought up in Catholic Church, now Lutheran

Keith Kennedy
Parishioner, St. Paul’s Newman Center Parish, Laramie, Wyoming

James O’Toole
Boston College History Department

Elizabeth Figueroa
Parishioner, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Atlanta, GA

Emma Alvarez Gibson
American Martyrs parishioner

Virginia Ryan
College of the Holy Cross

Robert Barreto-Bajana
Volunteer @ Our Lady of Rosary, Land O Lakes, FL

MaryBeth Bonfiglio
Antioch University

Juan de la Riva

Rosheen Glennon, csj A kgn and first grade teacher for 32 years, pastoral associate 18 years, currently part time staff at a retreat center in Santa Cruz, CA Children are God’s gift and treasures. We have a responsibility to cherish them and keep them safe. Let us be the voice for the vulnerable.

K. Deirdre Lane
Star of the Sea Parish, White Rock, B.C.

Virginia Ryan
Christ the King Parish, Worcester, MA

Justin William Almeida
Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry

Tim Fane

James E. Sheflin, Jr.
Parishioner – Rochester, NY

Michael Fiechtner
Parishioner at Large

Emily R. Lindsay-Deddens
Regina Dominican High School/Theology Teacher

Melody Layton McMahon
Professor Emerita of Theological Research and Bibliography Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

Ellen Dougherty
Parishioner, Saint Ambrose, Cheverly, Maryland

Elizabeth Buttice Cannon
Baptized, confirmed, sexually abused catholic

Ella Pieterse

Donald Botts, Jr.

Charles R. Noel, PhD
Church of St. Gerard parishioner

Gretchen Zietowski
St. Joseph Catholic Church member

Rev. Sarah Andrade
Minister, Missionary Church International

Paul J. Rowan, Jr.
Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Augusta, GA, USA / Lay Faithful

Lynda G Styer
Jesuit-educated Cradle Catholic, Current Parenting and Pregnancy Support Volunteer, Former catechist, crisis pregnancy volunteer, lector, youth ministry volunteer. Yakima and Spokane Diocese

Amber McCulloch
Director of Youth Ministry at St. Michael the Archangel Church, Aurora CO

Benjamin Winter
Saint Louis University

Gerald Christopher Sr

Elizabeth Buttice Cannon
Baptized, confirmed, sexually abused catholic

Valentina Maria Rossi

Clark Power
University of Notre Dame

Victor Perez
Lifelong Catholic, BC grad, member of St. Ignatius Parish

Ross Stimely
St. Bernadette Parish Severn MD

Clarice Peninger
Retired Principal, Diocese of Ft. Worth, Texas

Rev. Thomas W. Tassone
Diocese of Rockville Centre

Carol Blanchard
Holy Rosary, Parishioner

Joanne Turnell
Lay Person, and Mother

Jean Di Francis
Diocese of Houston-Galveston Parishioner

William Duncan
St. Rose of Lima Parish, North Wales, PA

Susan Ordway
St. Joseph Parish

Kevin Bresnahan
Saint Bede Catholic Church, Williamsburg, VA

Michael DiMartino
Parishioner-Our Lady Star of the Sea-SC.

Winta Haile, St. Mary of the Angels in Boston, MA; parishioner

James Ewens, Editor, Corpus Reports

Megan O’Brien Crayne, MDiv, University of Notre Dame. Campus Minister, Brown University

Marsha Brumleve Wagner, St. Teresa de Avila, Chicago

Matthew J. Gardocki, Parishioner, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

Adam Kleinholz, St Benedict, Diocese of Richmond

Nanci Kleinholz, St. Benedict, Diocese of Richmond

Heidi Russell, Institute of Pastoral Studies, Loyola University Chicago, Associate Professor

Patricia T. Paulus, Resurrection Parish, Wilmington, DE, parishioner, past lector, past Environment committee, past Liturgy committee member, Past Musician

Maria Muellerleile, Teacher, Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Alyson DeCosa, Baptised in the Syracuse diocese

Darryl Kitagawa, Parishioner

Lynn Robbins, St. Benedict Phoenix AZ

Timothy Reidy, Graduate, University of Notre Dame, Active Catholic in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA

Elizabeth Fahey, Jesuit School of Theology, Master of Divinity candidate

SK. Robert N. Chandler, Knights of Columbus, St. Mary Magdalen Parish, Metairie, LA, USA

Benjamin Fierke

Rev. John Dear

Gina Coffin Smith, Parishioner, St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Auburn, AL

Elizabeth Fahey, Jesuit School of Theology, Master of Divinity candidate

Sara Frederick Knizhnik, Instructor (Former), University of St Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary

Leslie McKernan, Una Voce (Membership committee) Ocala, FL

Michael Maguire, Parishioner, Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish – Madison, WI – Father, Husband…hoping for justice, healing, and peace.

Dr. Patrick B. Reyes, Forum for Theological Exploration, Director of Doctoral Initiatives

Andrea Buckley, Layperson

Jamie Donelan, The Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Washington, D.C.

Luis Carvallo, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Vienna VA / Tennis Coach

Kathleen McClaskey, Make Learning Personal

Marilyn Fischbach, St. Nicholas Parish, Evanston, IL

Megan Altendorf, Lay Person, Seattle, WA

Susan Delphine Delaney MD, MS, survivor, Diocese of Dallas

Vanessa Buchko, Parishioner and mother

Carol Dunworth, Parish

Julia McArthur

John F McKernan Active

Nicholas J. Conley, DDS, Seattle, WA

Bridget Davis

Kathleen Kane, MA, Providence College. lay leader

Dr. Robert Magliola, Istituto Vangelo e Zen, affiliate; former prof. of philosophy and religion, Assumption U. of Thailand; Carmelite lay tertiary

Johann Lourde, Our Lady of Lourdes, UK

Jeanne Becker Lynch, Holy Trinity Parish, Washington, DC

Richard V. Moynihan, Catholic Layman

Brian J. Plachta, Master of Pastoral Counseling/Lay spiritual director- Dominican Center at Marywood

Anthony Joseph Holewinski , St Thomas More Student Parish parishioner

One Hwang, Catholic lay person

Pat Nichs

Barbe Fogarty, Parishioner – Allentown Diocese (PA)

James E Miner, Junior Oblate of Mary Immaculate

Mary-Lou Roberge, Our Lady Star Of The Sea Parish, parishioner, Bremerton, WA

Richard J Hanson, Senior Lecturer/University of Wisconsin-Rock County

Robert J Gallagher, Assumption BVM parishioner

Mary Sue Flanagan, Parishioner, Holy Trinity Church, Washington, DC

Michael R Bardini

F.W.Brownlow, Professor emeritus, Mount Holyoke College

Megan Hinds, St Joseph Church, Coraopolis PA Parishioner

Gwen Orlowski, St. Matthias

Kate Sell, Mission Advancement Partners

Hayden Mercer

Tom Curtin, parishioner, St Francis of Assisi, Baltimore city, Maryland

Carrie Kline

Deborah Ciolfi, Parent, Former Catholic, Wayland MA

Paul Bell, St John Cantius

Geraldine Quinzio, unaffiliated

john v salvati, student, STM at Boston College, parishioner Christ the King, Evergreen, CO

Rosetta T. Rizzo, BSN MMS

Janet Rae Montgomery, St. Francis Xavier, LaGrange, Illinois – Parishioner

Joseph Burns, University of San Diego, Ascension Parish

Deborah Doyle Green, Holy Family Catholic Church

Kate McAvinue, Parishioner St Francis of Assisi, Baltimore City

Robert Hanley, Action now.

Lee Lynch, Parishioner, Diocese of Arlington, VA

Margaret Feit Clarke, St. Nicholas Parish, Evanston (Parishioner)

Lindsay Miller, Saint Albert the Great North Royalton Ohio

Kate Cummings, Parishioner at St. Liborius

Rosemary Ganley, Peterborough Canada diocese

Joseph P. Drake, Corpus Christi/St. Bernard’s Parish, Newton, MA

Belén Perfecto San Miguel, Madre de familia

Kathy Kearns, Loyola University Chicago graduate, FJV, parishioner of St.Nicholas of Evanston

Patricia Ann Rutherford, Paulist Center Boston

Kathleen Peterson, College student raised Catholic

Jessica Weber, Mother

Carol J. Dempsey, Professor of Theology

Mary Therese Norris, St. Matthias Parish, Columbus, OH

Jeffrey Staniszewski, Shrine of Saint Anne Roman Catholic Church, Arvada Colorado

Sarah Hopkins, St. Ignatius Baltimore, Maryland

Debbie Lingen

Paul Sullivan, Parishioner, St. Mary’s, Mansfield, MA

Edward Kryn, Medical Doctor

Sarah Hinojosa, Campus minister (retired), Archdiocese of Chicago

Sandra Kryn, Pharmacist

Joan McAghon, St. Theresa Parish Limerick PA

Sarah Hopkins, St. Ignatius parishioner

Brother Jeffrey L. Calligan, FSC, Brothers of the Christian School, SFNO District

Jerome Morzinski, IHM Parish, Los Alamos NM

Mary Henry

Laurie Rinaldi, St. Joseph Parish, Makawao, HI

Joshua Sadlock, Holy Name of Jesus, Harrisburg, PA

Anna McNamara, Parishioner- Saint Peter’s – NJ

Mike DiGiacomo, St Margaret of Scotland, parishioner

Israel Galindo, Columbia Theological Seminary, Associate Dean

Mary Pat Donelan, Prison Minister, St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in
Columbia, MD

Ellen Sullivan Farley, St.Mary Parish School

Joan Ballard, parishioner

Catherine M. Mooney, Ph.D., Boston College School of Theology & Ministry, Assoc. Prof. of Church History

Linda Werthman RSM, Christ the King parish

Jon R. Moran, Saint Joseph’s University, Class of ’76

Charles J. Holderness, Parishioner of St. Thomas Aquinas Alpharetta GA

Jackie Keyes DeLaney, Diocese of Spokane Youth Ministry 32 years

Jack DeLaney, Former Catholic now practicing Christianity

Maureen C. Saldarini, Bereavement Minister, Funeral Coordinator, St Ignatius, Chestnut
Hill, Boston College

James Hagan, Christ The King- Tulsa, OK

Caroline Whitmoyer, Mission Advancement Director, MSC Sisters/St. Francis de Sales

Andrea F de Mars, St Elizabeth Seton Parish N Famouth MA

Stephanie Zawada, Baptized

Carla Raines, St. Francis Church in Valier, MT.

Thomas Hakala, O.Carm., Pastor, Our Lady of Peace, Niagara Falls, ON

Christopher Blitz, St. Irenaeus, Parishioner

Timothy James Aloysius O’Donnell, Ivy Tech Community College / Adjunct

Ann M. Capoccia, Our Lady’s Parish – SHOL Collaborative – Newton, Mass – CoChair –
Justice and Peace Committee – Coordinator – Refugee Ministry

Kathleen Mae Burke Overby, St. Catherine’s university, Compassion of Christ Catholic

Paul Sefranek, St Peter’s Church, Omaha NE

Gabriela Sefranek, St Peter’s Church, Omaha NE

Michael J. Gallagher, Sacred Heart RC Parish, West Reading, PA, Lector and Religious

Richard Brooke, parishioner, Corpus Christi church, Oxford UK

Janet Decembrino, St. Catharine if Siena, Reading, Pa

Charles R Anderson Jr, Parishioner, St John the Baptist, Ypsilanti MI

Liz Hejlek, Alum of Boston College, former theology teacher and campus minister at

Rosati-Kain High School (St. Louis), parishioner of St. Francis de Sales

Susan A. Driscoll, Mustard Seed Communities, Parishioner, St. Mary’s Mansfield,
Graduate Student St. Joseph’s College ME

Dani Clark, Mother, writer, member of the church

William Roch Johnston, parishioner St John the Baptist

Mary E Reynolds, Parishioner, sister of abused

Mary Anne Hillery, Grandmother of many attending Catholic church.

Ann M. Bruno, St. Anthony’s Parish, Mattapoisett, MA

Geoffrey J. Ladue I, Holy Infant Parish, Ballwin, MO – Parishioner and parent of four
faithful Catholic children

Linda Wilcox, Parish

Claus Noppeney, Baptised & confirmed

Johnna Conti, Holy Apostles Parish

Peggy Trombino, Layperson (St.Patrick’s Parish)

Thomas Thimons, Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Krista Nicole Wells

Carol Culley, St. Joseph Catholic Church Parishioner

Kevin Wells, Catholic author, writer, evangelist

John Paul Wangermann, Parishioner, Christ the King Church, Dallas TX

Susan L Secker, Seattle University

Brigid Sheehan, St Ignatius Parish, Chestnut Hill,Ma

Lindsay Sena, St. Alphonsus, Chicago

Donna Marie Gaspar, Woman

Dorothy E. Klepchick

Margaret Hayes, Dignity Boston board member

Hughes Bakewell Jr.

Andrew Bankson, Parishioner, Minor Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul, Chattanooga, TN

Mary Jo Hoskinson Cronin, St. Julie Billiart, Tinley Park, Illinois. Mother, nurse, former spouse, sister, daughter, aunt, parishioner

Daniel A. Brown, California State University, Fullerton, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies

Larisa Hart, None

Ana Castaño, Mexicali

Anita Rothwell, St. Bartholomew Parish, Bethesda MD, parishioner

Patricia Ann Bradley, St Anthony Parish

James E. Arens, Jr., Diocese of Columbus (various lay ministries)

Mary C. MacGillivray, St. Ignatius Catholic Church-member

Ray J Greisinger

Alison Macdonald, Harvard University, records manager/archivist

Virginia Malloy, High School Teacher and Administrator

Susan Collins, University of Notre Dame

Gail M Donovan Ph.D., Parishioner, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Newton, MA

Jennifer Smith-Norman, I refuse to be affiliated with any organization that supports
child sexual abuse

Mary Anne Crooks

Maria Paula Elizondo, University of Notre Dame ’10; parishioner at Saint Camillus, a
Catholic multicultural church near Washington, DC

JoAnna Wahlund, St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Church, Surprise, AZ

Mark Allan McMenamin, Mount Holyoke College, Professor of Geology

Francis M OHearn, Parishioner St Therese Church North Ft Myers Florida

Peter Czerwonka, St. Hilary of Poitiers Parish, Rydal, PA

Catherine Hicks, St. Ignatius

Andrea Chymiy, St. former member, St. James Parish, Seattle, WA – parishioner

Theresa L Turk, None

Maco Cassetta , Psychotherapist in private practice

Barbara T Denslow Mattei, parishioner of St Michael the Archangel Church, Port Richey,Fl

Mara Alejandra León Pinto, Laica Católica, Esposa y Madre

Elizabeth Murphy St. James Parish Parishioner

John Murphy , Victim survivor Christian brother central catholic

Francis Spaman, Divine Mercy Parish Central Square, N.Y.

Kathy Gross, Parishioner, St. John the Evangelist, Columbia, MD

Mary Kay Kelly, Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center, Finance Director

Francesca Jackson , Parishioner, Archdiocese Washington DC

Kevin O’Keefe, Parishioner, Immaculate Conception Church, Towson, MD

Daniel McDonald, University of Notre Notre Dame ’10, parishioner at Saint Camillus, MD

Mary Alice Shofner, SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Weyauwega, WI. CCD teacher and

Castellano Turner, Sacred Heart Parish, Newton Massachusetts

Marilyn M. McGalloway, Holy Family Guardians of the Faith

Paula Perry, Jewish mom who sent both kids to Catholic Schools from pre-K 3 until graduation.

John Fogarty, Layperson, Diocese of Allentown, St. John’s University

Michelle Sherman, Villanova University Campus Ministry

Lou Ann Perry, Sts. Joachim & Anne, MN

Christine Kou

Irene Ingemann, St. Vincent DePaul Church, Austin, TX

Laura Martin, Church of the Resurrection, parishioner

Michael Ingemann, St Vincent DePaul Church, Austin, TX

Sara Mackin McLaughlin, St. Joseph Paris, Needham, MA

Moira Reilly, MAPM, Chaplain, WVU Medicine

Jim Weiland, St. Mary Parish Appleton Wi.

John Davidson, Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Austin, TX

Bren Ortega Murphy, Loyola University Chicago

Mary Kelley, Retired Director of Office of Justice and Peace (parish)

Michael Goode, Salt Lake City, UT

Erica Pierson, St. Catherine, parishioner

Brian Robinette, Associate Professor of Theology, Boston College

Mrs. Winifred M. Hughes , St. Dominic’s Parish, Oyster Bay NY

Laura Lank, Parish Volunteer

Richard J Kearns, Lay person Immaculate Conception Parish Marlborough, MA

Linda Cataldo Modica, Friend of a survivor of clergy sexual abuse

Carmela Senzino

Genevieve O’Toole , St Nicholas Church, Evanston, IL Parishioner and Lay Minister of

Hunter Bradford, Texas A&M University

Marjorie McCawley, St. John University Parish

Jean Croce Hemphill PhD, Family Nurse Practitioner, St. Mary’s Catholic Church Justice
and Peace and Integrity of Creation member, parishioner, life-long Roman Catholic

Harry W Forbes , St Mary Parish, Wrentham, MA

Charles Paxson, Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

Anna Marie Olivieri OFS

Lisa Fazio, Confirmed Catholic/ State University of New York

Sandy Carroll, Parishioner, mom of 3 kids attending Catholic School, St Raymond
parish, diocese of RVC

Sarah White, Johns Hopkins university student

Michelle Baldino, Sacred Heart Parish, Havertown PA

Kathy Gross, Parishioner, St. John the Evangelist, Columbia, MD

Juan L. Hinojosa, Ph.D., Founder: Solidarity Bridge, Solidarity Lay Association,
Puente de Solidaridad

Sharon Roan, Saint Michael Catholic Church

Joseph D. Kilduff, Holy Family Parish, N. Y.

Rob Briggs, Parishioner

Carl Andrew Adamczyk, Christ the King Parish Philadelphia PA

Paige Holzbauer

Margaret Saxon

Melanie Teska, Wheaton Franciscan Sisters

Lisa Scicchitano, St Joseph Catholic Church, Mechanicsburg , PA

Beth Wagner Schelle, St. Joseph’s Cockeysville, Maryland, USA

Patricia Balassone , St Thomas More Newman Center at the Ohio State University in
Columbus OHio

Susan Marie Sparacino, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Pinehurst, North Carolina,
outraged parishioner

Susan Nunez, Non-practicing Catholic

Susan T. (Maturi) Masiak, St. John Fisher Chapel University Parish

Emily Archer, St. Paul the Apostle parishioner

Jen Violi

Sarah Lutterodt , St. John the Evangelist parish, Columbia, MD

Jane Daly Seaberg , Parishioner, Old St. Joseph Church, Philadelphia

Charles Edward Sparacino, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Pinehurst, North Carolina,
outraged parishioner

James E. Masiak, St. John Fisher Chapel University Parish

Dianna McKittrick, St. Margaret’s Parish, Reading, PA :Catechist

William J. Carroll, Benedictine University, President Emeritus

George & Polly Cardone, Sacred Heart Church, Altoona, Pa

Richard J Kearns, Lay person Immaculate Conception Parish Marlborough, MA

Dr. Ann Salamone, Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Ridgewood, NJ

Barbara Wolski , St Patrick’s parish, diocese of Spokane

Craig N. Schelle, St. Joseph’s Texas, Md. Usher

María José Lissi, Laica

Dr. F. Paul Fuhs, Diocese of Richmond Virginia — Haiti Commission

Gina Buckley O’Toole, Layperson

Richard James Parsons, Holy Ghost Parish, Tiverton, R.I.

Robert Curtis Jr, University of Alaska Anchorage, Student

Deborah Forczek, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Arlington, VA

Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D.

Catherine Wolfe, Church of St. Francis Xavier, NY, NY

Janet Roe, Newman Center of Iowa City, Iowa

Cheryl Ortega, Lay leader

Julie Harman, Notre Dame alum, parishioner at St. Mary of the Lake, MN

Frank Hyland, St Lawrence parish – parishioner

Kathleen K Needham, St. Joseph Parish, parishioner, grandmother, mother

Clare Crocker, St. Ignatius/Yardley,PA

Kathleen D Cagnina, St Francis Xavier Church NYC

Gerard Vernot

Steven Edward Pudis, St. Teresa of Avila. Pittsburgh, PA

Codi Louis

Carlos Miguel Salinas, Human Rights activist and also member of Pastoral Council of
Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington, DC

Mary Lou Schoettler, St. Francis de Sales North Kingstown, RI

Jane Bandyk, St Francis Xavier Parish, LaGrange, IL

Caren Direen , St. Paul’s , whitesboro , n.y.

Cynthia Moline, Holy Family Parish, Galveston TX

Jean Acerra

Richard Acerra

Linda Pappa, St. Philip Church Norwalk CT

Katy Noack , Parishioner, St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church

Janet Robinson

Joseph F. Weiss, Archdiocese of Washington, DC, parishioner

Robin Cook, St. Ann, Parishioner

Eileen Wirley, University of Notre Dame, BA; Parish Pastoral Council, St. Paul’s
Church Webster NY (Diocese of Rochester)

Linda DeMeyer, Parish

Thomas Zerhusen, Parishioner, Baltimore, Md

F. J. Erjavec, parishioner, Immaculate Conception

Eileen Zerhusen

Lillian Conroy

Dr. Michael F. O’Hear, Michael F. O’Hear, Purdue Fort Wayne

Alex J Firmager, School of Hard Knocks

Deb Zabloudil, St. Elizabeth parishioner

Lynn Kinlan, Albany NY diocese

Shanna Maria Pelluda, University Professor

Mark M Karas, MD, Primary Care Physician, Veteran’s Health Administration

James Alton Croker III, St. Peter School ‘95; Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School
‘99; Wright State University Dorris Scholar in Religious Studies BA Religion;
University of Iowa Phd Student

Barbara Formaniak Turner, Sacred Heart Parish, Newton, MA

Brenda McLaughlin, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, M.A. 2021

Diane Peske, Catechist of Adult Faith Formation from San Diego

Constance Agatha Walker, St John Vianney Church

Nanette Cutrona

Joanne Spalding St. John’s, Columbia, Md.

Theresa Marshall

Patrick J. Clancy, Attorney, Georgetown University, Class of 1972

Jean Mulrooney, Retired Pastoral Worker

Raul A. Romaguera, Former parishioner

Alice Lee, UCLA Kyrie

Pat Moskowitz, Holy Mothers Collaborative, Hanover/Norwell, MA

Susan Kuhn, Parish, Member

Art McDonald, PhD, Unitarian Universalist Catholic

Rocco Fortunato, Spread the Blaze – Founder (and a repentant sinner)

Jeanette Jenkins, St John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church, Columbia MD

Robert L. Hillegas, Jr., parishioner St Theresa, Houston, TX

Sam Valenzuela, UTEP

Nicole Worlikar, Parish

shaz joyce, st. george’s, ardmore,pa.usa. member

Carl Kozlowski , Catholic Laughs Co-Founder/CEO

Cheryl Valenzuela, St Ann’s

Linda B Matthews

John Hefferon , U.S. Catholic

Krystyna Crawford, Concerned Catholic, RN

Kate Gerwin, St Matthews Parish

Kathleen Ryan, St Mary of the Angels Parish parishioner

Joseph Vallely, St Mary of the Angels Parish parishioner

Todd Fahey, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Concord, NH, Music Minister, stalwart servant of
Catholic Charities and all holy acts and servants (lay and religious) of the Catholic
Church in New Hampshire

Brian J Cooney, Holy Trinity Parish Des Moines Ia

Linda D. Keegan, Parishioner

Eleanor Sullivan, St. Patrick’s parish Bedford NY

Grace Gorman, Parishioner Church of St. Ignatius Loyola New York, NY

Carol Rossetti, St. Jude Catholic Church, Allen, TX.

Elizabeth Bishop McCaffrey

Edward F Gerwin Jr, St Luke, McLean, VA

Patricia Murphy, Mt. Mercy College 70-74 , now church of the Holy Family, VA Beach, Va

Susan Lyncn NP-C, Hospice

Heidi Schleif, Faith Formation Coordinator

Cheryl Neshek, Parish-laywoman

Eileen Tydlacka, St. John the Evangelist, Columbia MD

Constance Twyman, Akvernia University, retired professor.

Eric Rivera, Holy family catholic church

Marsha L Helmstadter, Parishioner, volunteer

Juan Pablo Marzetti, Most Holy Redeemer, San Francisco, CA (Music Liturgy)

Charles W. Tidd III, St. Robert Bellarmine Parish, Andover, MA

Patrick B Fox, DRE YM Retired Roch NY

John Rauber, Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist, St. Raphael Parish,
Rockville, MD

Raymond J.Hannapel, PhD, Washington DC

Rudy Juarez Sr., Man of god

Diane Boyd Rauber, St. Raphael, Rockville, MD

James D. Dooher

Orville Bellar, st. Michaels parish KofC EMHC


Rosemary Sokas, MD, Professor, Georgetown University; parishioner, Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Marie Lebair O’Brient, St. Monica Parish, Moraga, CA

Carolyn Zerhusen, School of the Incarnation, teacher

Timothy Walsh, Music Minister, St. André Bessette Catholic Church, Portland, OR

Deirdre Kelly, Spiritual Director, St. Francis Xavier Parish NYC

Eliana Hen, Church of st Mary

Matt Altrich, Parishioner

Lauren Bedard, St. Thomas University Parish Volunteer

Kathleen Jeanne (Roberts) Carstens, Catholic Lay Person Renton, WA

Kira C, St. Anne’s, parishioner

Julia Satti Cosentino, Needham, MA

Margaret Adams, Boston, MA

Laura Evalyn McGregor, Holy Cross Catholic Church, parishioner

Kimberley A. Mahagan, Church of St. Patrick in Armonk, NY, Parishioner

H. Pike Oliver, Christ Our Hope Parish, Seattle, WA, USA

Betty Jane Schlachter, St. John Fisher Chapel University Parish

Mary Sher Kenney, Saint Anthony of Padua Parish, Ambler, PA

Carlos Miguel Salinas, Human Rights activist and also member of Pastoral Council of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington, DC

John M. Reynolds, Miami University

Amy M Edwards, Parishioner, Archdiocese of Atlanta

MaryAnn Horst Nicolay, Cleveland Catholic Diocese

Heidi Areaux

Rev. John Patrick Spencer, SJ, Boston Massachusetts

Mrs. Sara Wykes, treasurer of the Altar and Rosary Society of St. James Parish, Rockford, IL

Katherine Reves, Parishioner, Dallas County, Texas

David Nicolay, Cleveland Catholic Dioceses

Kate Horst Nicolay , Cleveland Catholic Dioceses

Dr. Rosalie G. Riegle, St. Nicholas Parish, Evanston, IL 60201

Caroline Nicolay Patel, New York City

Kathleen Durkin, St. Mary Student Parish in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and mental health counselor/social worker at Michigan Medicine

Benjamin Rowe, Holy Cross Parish

Carole Garibaldi Rogers, MA theology/VOTF NJ

Sharon Coogan, Nativity of Mary Parish, Janesville, WI

Michael V. Coogan, Nativity of Mary, Janesville WI

Zdzislaw Wygonowski, Paterson NJ Diocese

Harrison Whisenant, Parish

Chelsea Solomon, Music Teacher, St. John Catholic School

Gertrude Vernot

Salvatore M. Cutrona, Sr. – Sacred Heart Parish, Wyomissing, PA [Formerly of St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Mount Penn, PA and St. John Baptist de
le Sale Parish, Shillington and their Parish Finance Committees, Eucharistic Minister and Lector)

Matthew Beringer

Daniel J. Wykes, Music minister, St. James Parish, Rockford IL

Emily Edwards, St. Thomas the Apostle

Eugene Lawrence Souza, St Joseph Seminary Los Altos Ca

Adrienne Turek Markworth, Roman Catholic

Michele Pfannenstiel DVM, Our Lady of Hope Parish, Portland Maine

David Pennington, Pastoral Associate, Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Lori Duraj, Parishioner, mother , aunt, Sunday school teacher

Laura Padalino, St. Mary Student Parish, Ann Arbor, MI

Sarah Reger, St Catherine of Siena parishioner

Mario Jaramillo, Franciscan University of Steubenville, lay missionary

Kathleen Maguire, Parishioner, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Madison, WI, Mother, Spouse, Kindergarten Teacher

Lorie Paldino, Catechist, Church of the Ascension, Overland Park, KS

Corinne Viglietta, Layperson, Washington, DC

Madeleine Beaudry, Retired Lay Person

Mary Ellen Koenn, St John University Parish, Morgantown, WV, hospital minister

Patrick Smith, Chaplaincy Volunteer

Kevin D. Bell, Lifelong Catholic, Cantor, Church Musician Ascension Parish, Portland, Oregon

Catherine A. Bell, Parishioner, Mother, Parish Volunteer, Ascension Parish, Portland, Oregon

Lisa Larsson , Parishioner of Immaculate Conception, Jacksonville, Florida

Elizabeth A. Drummond, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair, Department of History, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA; Georgetown
University alumna (F’ 1993, G’ 1997, G’ 2004)

Jimmy C. and Rosalyn A. Johnson, Parish members

Jeremy Vincent , Family Medicine resident physician Michigan Medicine

Joseph Petriello , Lifelong catholic – Immaculate Heart of Mary

Joan Sellari

Rosie Lahrman, Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend

Denise Dalli Petriello , Lifelong catholic – parishioner at Immaculate Heart of Mary

Jennifer Popiel, Saint Louis University, Assoc. Professor of History

Victoria Kehoe , Parishioner

Joseph A. Spitzig, St. Cecilia Parish, Cincinnati, Ohio

michael d keiser

Lorena Rivas, St. Pius, Tulsa, OK

Jennifer Gabrish, Parent

Maria Cerniauskas, Licensed Family Therapist LMFT

Susan Lamanna, College Professor Emeritus, Franciscan Associate,Catholic Church Ministry

Rachel Rusinko, MD, Streetsboro, Ohio

carol keiser, concerned catholic -st.francis de sales robesonia,pa.

Maria Isabel Iacona, None of the above

Frances Jensen

Cheryl Lynn Mello, St Ignatius Parish, Sacramento CA

Frances Jensen

Paul Gerard Marx, Lay Minister/Parishioner, Cure of Ars Catholic Church, Leawood, Kansas; Oblate of St. Benedict’s Abbey, Atchison, Kansas

Meghan Schirger, St. James Parish, Rockford, IL. Parishioner and mother of five

Jennifer Ingemann Rees, St. Elizabeth Catholic Church Pflugerville, Texas

Shelaugh McGrath, St.Patrick St. Anthony parish, Hartford, Ct

PJ McDonald, Registered Nurse

Jane Feit

John Plaschke

Josephine Di Giustini, The Jesuit Parish of St. Ignatius of Loyola (Spiritual Life Commission)

Adrianne Hamilton, St. Ann Parish, Arlington, VA

Astrid, Legión de María

Edward Lewis, St. Ann Church, West Palm Beach, Fl. Par

Elizabeth Buckley, Parishioner, Cathedral of Christ the King, Atlanta, Ga

Susan Defibaugh, St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church

Jessica Seidman, St. Ignatius, layperson and catechist

Linda Dalferes, St. Theresa Catholic church – Houston

Victoria Dynda Burke, Parishioner of St. Andrew the Apostle RC Church, Chandler, AZ; also attended St. Mary’s RC Church & School and Central
Catholic HS in Reading, Pa (1951 to 1973)

Kathy Hauser

Rachel Kelley, medical student, UCSF

Pam Sprute, Villa Academy, Seattle, WA

Annika Rose Bell , Student at Oberlin College, and parishioner at Ascension Parish in Portland, OR

Mercedes Loprinzi, St Rose of Lima, Portland Oregon

Karl Krcma, St Rose of Lima, Portland OREGON

Carlos Crespo

Kelly Wathen, Catholic homeschooling mother

Heberth Celis Melgarejo, Hospital Regional de la Orinoquía, Casanare, Colombia

Sara Francesconi, St. Vincent’s, Philadelphia, PA

Tony Cavagnaro, St. Katharine Drexel

Peter Sandwall, PhD, St. Peter – Mansfield, Ohio

Jo Braun, St. Mel’s Catholic Church, Fair Oaks, California, parishioner

Susan Sandwall, St. Peter, Mansfield, Ohio

MaryEllen Sinkiewicz, Lector, Saint Anthony Shrine, Boston

L Pat Bonneville , Nomad: St Mary’s Astoria, Or St Mary’s Longview, Texas

Peggy York-Jesme, Parishioner, St. Anthony’s Parish, Ely MN

Louise C. Gregg, BA, MPS, MA. BCC, retired Chaplain in MD & TX, St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Baltimore, MD parishone

Patricia Shoemaker

William c. Curtin, Former priest

Janet OSullivan, St. Joseph Parish

Melenese Sivells, St. Jane Frances de Chantal

Kenia Milloy Fuenmayor, The Newman Center UCSD/Choir Member/The Preuss School UCSD/teacher

Eric von Brockdorff, Hartwick College, Retired College Bibliographer and Professor Emeritus

Barry J. Hannahoe, St. Catharine of Siena parish, Reading, Pa. Eucharistic Minister and Lector

Miriam Todoroff, St. Frances of Rome

Charles Smith, St. Bedes, Los Angeles, California, USA

Gustavo Burkett

Mark Gotvald, Christ the King Parish, Pleasant Hill, CA

Like Romer, The Ohio State University

Gerard Grandi, Holy Martyrs Catholic Church

Marissa Donnelly, Allentown, PA Diocese

Elizabeth sher

Nancy Willman, Early Childhood Advocate, Practicing Catholic not a member of a specific parish

Theresa Cameranesi, RN, MSN, St. John of God Catholic Church, SF

Elizabeth K. Curtin

Jennifer Marran, Pastoral Associate

Michaela Coleman, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, parishioner

Johnny K., SSCM elementary school teacher

Guillermo Cajas Lermanda , Laico Parroquia Miraflores /Guayaquil

Graciela A. Cargni, Resurrection Catholic Parish, Tualatin Oregon

Nancy Louise Pyburn, University of Portland, Alumni, theology

Linda Coleman, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Charleston, SC – Parishioner

Tim Corwin , Parishioner, Sacred Heart Parish, Lebanon, NH

Thomas Kevin Adams, Ascension Catholic Parishioner, Portland OR

Theodore Dedon , Georgetown University

Guy Valponi, Catholic Theological Union, Graduate Student

Heather Hogan-Spencer, Community Vocational Services Honesdale PA

claudia alicia schroeder bedoya sánchez

Holly Ramos, mother, baptised at Good Shepherd in Manhattan

Neal Gutierrez, St. Agnes Catholic Church, Parishioner

Nancy Rourke, Canisius College

Jeanne Branch, St John the Evangelist Parish, Director of Adult Faith Formation

Celia Anne Boyle, Catholic Community at Stanford CC@S

Ann Marie Brennan-Zelenka, Retired Religious Studies Teacher; St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Baltimore

jean kirk, Siloam Wellness Philadelphia Pa

Christine Firer Hinze, Heartbroken Catholic parent and educator, Fordham University, Our Lady of Angels Parish Bronx NY

Connie M Erck, St.Peters Church Parish

Ronald B Erck , St.Peters Parish

Christa Read, Licensed Social Worker

Merri K Windmiller, St.Elizabeth Parish

Alicia Quiros, Notre Dame Class of 2010

Joseph Murphy, Notre Dame Class of 2008, Holy Rosary Parish Memphis TN

Jane Marie Shifflet , Saint Joan of Arc Church. Hershey PA

Julie Miller, None

Celine Bautista

Jennifer Castello, Catholic School Counseling Director

Sean Bailey, Edinboro University

Sean Edwin Storm, Personal Ordinariate of St. Peter

John James Callanan, Paulista Community Center, Boston

Laura J Schwartz, Daughter of God, Most High, convert, choir member, RCIA team member, St. Charles Parish, Spokane, WA

Tom McLaughlin, La Salle Catholic College Preparatory, Milwaukie, OR

Dan J. Smith, St. Joseph Parish, Mission San Jose, CA. – Parishioner

Julia Campagna , University of San Diego, University Minister

Justin James Garcia, Newberg Young Life Area Director, St Peter’s Catholic Church, Gonzaga University Alumnus 2014.

Zhu Jun Liong, Alumnus, University of Notre Dame; Parishioner, San Antonio de Padua, Anaheim Hills, CA

John J. Slattery Jr., University of Notre Dame alumnus

Meg Bertolami

Cecilia Allcott, Oklahoma State University

Lucia Analise DeLoach, California – Catechist/Lector/Pastoral Council Member/Meals Minister to the local Homeless/Extraordinary Minister of Holy
Communion/Member of the PAR Committee/Student at my Local Diocesan School of Ministry

Angelica Del Pilar

Cristian Mojica, Choir Member, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Modesto, CA

Laura Kennedy, St. John Fisher Chapel University Parish, parishioner and Companion Ministry Co- Leader,

Richard Cussigh, Parishioner, Old St. Pat’s Church

Angel Moraleda

Alex F Sanchez MD KM, Knight of Malta Charlotte NC

Vincent R. Anthony

Donna Jayne Hannon Von Den Bosch, Mom of Marquette University, Student

José Luis Álvarez de Mora, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, estudiante

Michael Snozek , History and RCIA instructor, Our Lady of Joy Parish

Amanda Mayoh, MA, Parishioner St. Joseph Church, Chehalis WA; Alumni St. Martin’s University, Lacey WA

Brenda Sheridan, Parishioner, St. Ignatius Church Boston

Joseph Cordes, Professor of Economics, The George Washington University

Guadalupe Howell, St. Mary Magdalene Church Altamontr Sprg, Fl – Parishoner

Richard J Salvucci, Trinity University San Antonio Texas

José Martí Florenciano, Profesor de Instituto

Raymond P. Scheel, St.Thomas the Apostle parish, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, president KPIA-LPFM Catholic Radio, youth/Scout leader, CCE

Sandra McDevitt, Parishioner

Mark Klespis

Debra Bigelow, Life-long Catholic, mother and grandmother

T Thomas, St. Edwards

William A. Rice, Jr., St. John the Evangelist Parish, Winthrop, MA

Edward Maher, Parish of St. Francis Xavier, NYC

Anne Hayden, St.Mary Magdalene Community, Mother, Grandmother

Karl Hedlund, Knight of Columbus

Dan Toussant, Christ the Servant Parish, Canton, Ohio

Elizabeth Nyman, Parishioner, St. Helena Church, Blue Bell, PA

Katherine A. Greiner, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Theology at Carroll College

Patricia Jo Ann Jennings

Anne Kirkhope, Lapsed Catholic

Eugene and Mary Doyle, Parishioners, Our Lady of Grace Church, Howard Beach, NY

Eugene and Mary Doyle, Parishioners, Our Lady of Grace Church, Howard Beach, NY

John Allcott, Ex laymaster Ampleforth Abbey and College, St John the Evangelist, Easingwold, YORK, UK Parishioner

kathryn moranty, St. Albert the Great church

Laurel Tobin, St. Alphonsus Liguori Catholic Church, Youth Ministry and Young Ministry Board Member, Parish Council Member

Michael Doolittle, St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, Hellertown, PA

Hannah Cunningham

James J Cullen, Parishioner

Scott Hodgman, St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church

Christine Petrone, Retired Catholic HS Theology Educator

Meghan Larsen-Reidy, Campus Minister and Mom Diocese of Pittsburgh

Jerome Braun, St. David Catholic Church; Davie, Florida//Eucharistic Minister

Janice Carter-Lovejoy, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Richmond, VA 23234

Eileen Mast, Mother, devout Catholic

Franklin Bayless, layman

Dean Leh, M.A., M.S.Ed., Fordham University,

Sandra Bayless, laywoman

Frank J. Tassone, Parishioner, Church of the Presentation, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Kimberley Franke

Matthew Fein, Boston College

Colleen Beringer, Cathedral of Christ the King, Atlanta, GA // Associate director of youth ministry

Alec Gubics, Paulist Center parishioner Boston

Joseph E. Casey, Parishioner, Queenship of Mary Parish Plainsboro, NJ

Jeankof Morales, Saint Benedict at Auburndale

Steven Carter-Lovejoy, Church of the Sacred Heart, Richmond, Virginia 23224

Anne Fullerton, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Arlington, VA — Webmaster

Maureen Leo, St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish, Acton

Theresa Petrill, Lay member

Eileen Hogan Heineman, St. Nicholas Parish, Evanston IL

Bob Heineman, Call to Action

Kevin Cavanaugh, St Mary of the Assumption, Brookline, MA

Nancy Daly, St Mary of the Assumption, Brookline, MA

Barbara Belle, Marianist Social Justice Collaborative

Lenora Fuller-McCall, Agree

Michelle Pittel, Catholic Educator, Detroit Michigan

Jennifer Czwodzinski, Holy Spirit Catholic Community/parishioner

Beth Ann Tambini, St Patrick’s Church

Mary Jo Bane, Paulist Center Community, Boston, lector and finance committee member

Father Paul Scaglione, Archdiocese of Louisville, KY

Marie Spicuzza, Layperson, St. Anne Parish

Marie Spicuzza, Layperson, St. Anne Parish

Stanley Sievers

James Mitchell Ollis III, parishioner/Extraordinary minister St Mary Catholic Church, Mobile,AL

kristen giarrusso, Resurrection Parish, Hingham MA

Richard Nicoletti, BA Church History ex teacher union president

JoAnn Proscia, Saint Philip Neri Parish member 45 years

Elisa Vela Ferguson, St. Catherine of Siena Church, Adult Faith Formation and Youth Minister

Elizabeth Clark, Saint Stephen Catholic Church, Parishioner and former director of youth ministry

Alessandra Rose, Parishioner, St. Patrick’s Church. Bedford, NY

Felipe Fernandez Rivas

Maryann Molishus , St Vincent de Paul Church, PA

Kelly Lee Manion, St Matthew Catholic Church, Charlotte NC, parishioner

Mary Ellen Griffin, Parishioner, St. Mary’s, Colts Neck NJ

Charlie Sears, Gesu Church, Detroit, MI , a former priest

Mary Ellen Burt, Lay person, Baptized

Dede M. Potticary, Our Lady of Sorrows parishioner, Monroe, OH and cousin of one of the PA victims

Kathleen Koch, Mother/ Grandmother

Judi and John Benestante

Marcia LaHaye Kellner, NOrbertine Center for Spirituality

Mike Jackman, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Richmond, VA Catechist

Mary Elise Herbert, Beatitudes of Our Lord Church, parishioner

Stephen P. Newton, CSC, Congregation of Holy Cross and member: Association of US Catholic Priests; Campus Minister

Elizabeth Pyne, Fordham University

Deborah Ann Whalen, St Ignatius Church Chestnut Hill, Ma

Brian Reynolds, UBS

Fr. Emmett Coyne – , Diocese of Manchester, NH

Marissa Corliss, Boston College

John J Proscia, St. Philip Neri Church, Northport, NY, 11768 (45 years parishoner)

Kathleen M Smith, Parishioner in Naples FL

sylvia anne graham

Ruth Lah, St. Anthony’s Church , Ely , MN

Aimee May, Parishioner, St Christopher Parish

Paul Cerniauskas, Parishioner

MaryBeth Garding

Philip M Schaffer, St Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church

Madeline Schaffer, St Stephen the Martyr. Lilburn Ga

Monica Sidor, St. Ignatius, Chestnut Hill, MA

Margaret A. Farrell, Retired administrator, Catholic Education and parishioner

Joanne s Robb

Patricia Aileen Suttmann, Lay parishioner active in many ministries

Elizabeth R. Johnson, Deeply disappointed former Catholic

Rev. John P. Wentland, Uniquely Yours Marriage Preparation & Celebration, Facilitator

Harry Matthews, Holy Family Parish Kirkland WA

Ann Dearani

Martha Mancuso

Cecilia Garibay , St. Mary Star of the Sea/ Parishioner

Samuel Mancuso

Kathy Newell, OLGC Southampton Pa

Stephen Descher, Parishioner, Catholic Church of St. Monica, Duluth, GA

Laura Ford , St Vincent’s Church Phila PA

Maureen Brennan-Miller, St. Norbert’s parishioner & former CCD teacher at St. Isaac Jogues

Pete Newell, OLGC Southampton Pa

Kathy Newell, OLGC Southampton Pa

Melissa A Bentley, parishioner Santa Maria Del Mar, Flagler Beach, Florida

Kristen Baier

Ilse Descher, St Monica

Nancy Rowen, Sister of Notre Dame de Namur, member of St. John the Baptist Parish in Peabody MA.

Susan Gilman

Mark D. Barrett Esq. , J.D. Ave Maria School of Law

Jeanne LaBelle , Retired Catholic School Educator

Clare Kappenman, Saint Gregory the Great Ordinariate Parish (MA), parishioner

Richard J. LaBrake, Dioceses of Ogdensburg, NY and Columbus, OH; Director of Religious Education and teacher, disabled, retired

Lorraine Kisly, Parishioner St. Anne’s Hampton, NJ, USA

John P. Newman, Los Angeles

Marie Venner, Coordinator, CatholicNetwork.US

William L Moon, Our Lady of Lourdes Church; Atlanta GA

Cynthia Vittum Davis, Parishioner at St. Mary’s Parish, Johnson City, TN

Phillip Thompson, Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish

Colleen Margaret Golden, Member of the Catholic Church

Jim Piccolo, St. Catharine Parish Spring Lake NJ

Jody V. Maliga, Resurrection Parish (musician, parish council )

Geraldine O’Hare, MSN, CRNP, baptized catholic, Mercy Associate

Michelle Costley, Resurrection Parish

Hannah Gokie, Christ the King Parish, Omaha NE

Nancy C Hardy, DMin Student, Boston University

Ms. Francine Grant, Roaming Catholic

Stephen Eberle, Baltimore, MD

Martha Simms, Resurrection Parish, Canton, MI/parishioner

Christine Louis Olson, Director of Rligious Education, retired

Donald Dauphin, St Lucy Parish St Clair Shores Michigan

Anne Irena Moon-Quitzau

Andrea Feeney, Saint Cecilia Parish, San Francisco CA – Parishioner

Patricia Russell, St Ignatius Church, Chestnut Hill, Ma

Lorraine Galloway

Anthony F. Bucci, St. Peter Catholic Church

Barbara L Larose

Mary Costello, Parishioner, St. Bernadette, Maryland

Brandon Setering , Sacred Heart, Coronado CA, Parishioner

Elizabeth Bouton, parishioner/catechist, St. Peter Catholic Church

Gerald Sheehan, St Ignatius Parish

Laura Trovato , Holy Family San Jose California

Toni Collis, Mother/Grandmother

John Vallely, St. Mary of the Angels – Roxbury, MA parishioner

Renny Golden, St. Harold’s

Barbara Christ Sarangoulis, Central Catholic High School Alumni

Desiree King, St Mary’s parish, New Berlin, IL

Colin T. Donnelly, Parishioner, Holy Name Parish, West Roxbury, MA

Rosemary Denshaw, Diocese of Harrisburg, PA

Susan Matthews, Catholics4Change.com

Paul Amrhein, St. Bridget, Director of Human Concerns

Maggie Wells, St. Augustine Catholic Church, DC, parishioner

Jennifer Roy, St. Ignatius College Prep, San Francisco Campus Minister

Torie Denby

Barbara Dean, Blessed Sacrament

Alice D. Campanella, St. John the Evangelist Church, Wellesley MA

Chris Sontag, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ellicott City, MD

Michel Paul Lambert, Ex-Seminarian, St. Francis Seminary, Loretto, PA., Parishioner in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Mexico.

James L. Lissemore, John Carroll University, Professor of Biology

Teresa Keefe, Parishioner, St. Saviour’s, Brooklyn, NY

Colleen flinn, St augustine Catholic Church, lay person

Teresa Alouf, Parishioner

Sue Cavanna, CRS, Foundations & Corporate Engagement, HQ

Sarah Rassoul, Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County Communications and Marketing Manager

Holly Bird Hough, St Bartholomew, Cincinnati, OH

Michelle Patel, Blessed Trinity Ocala, Fl

Rita M Rodriguez, Parish, Hispanic Ministry, Saint Ignatius, Chestnut Hill

Beth A. Armbruster, Survivor from Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Paul Banner, Parishioner, St Thomas More Student Parish, Kalamazoo, MI

Martin Mariano Ignacio Alfano

Katherine T Drummond, St Ignatius Loyola Church, NY NY

Steven Walker, Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Osterville, MA / Parishioner

Melinda Lee Jackson, Spiritual director, lifelong Catholic, mother, grandmother, and parishioner, Portland, OR

Marybeth C. Phillips, Catholics4Change – member

Ann Therese Sinclair , Religious Congregation

Sara Elizabeth Dodd, St. Theresa Catholic Church parishioner

Jessica Hausmann, Georgian Court University, Associate Professor

Jake Wolf

Anne Bransfield, Our Lady of Good Help Church, Brandon, Vermont

Rose Helen M. Tomassi, St. Joseph High School, Brooklyn NY, English and Religion Teacher and Communications Assistant

Michael W. Ryan, Voice of the Faithful, Trustee

Mary Black

Dorothy V. Seek, St. Mary’s Catholic Parish, Johnson City, TN

Martin J. Leahy, Ph.D., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Joanne C. LaPorte, St. John the evangelist

Margaret Heller, lapsed

Cynthia Hall, Baptized

Tim Flinn, St Augustine Ashland IL

Laurie Wilcox

James Vandenberg, Fallen away Catholic, now practicing ELCA Lutheran

Corinne Charlton Barbour, Lay Parishioner, former Catholic School student at school that had at least 2 known pedophiles, & parent

Jim Jackson, Spiritual Director, cradle Catholic, parishioner, Portland, Oregon

Patricia L. Ristow, Parishioner, St Catherine of Siena, Ithaca NY

Rebecca Camacho-Frank, Denver, CO

Catharine McGeever, Member St. Bernadette of Lourdes Parish, Drexel Hill, PA, Graduate of Villanova University, 1985

Patrick K Ryan, St Francis Xavier Parish, Medina, Oh

Mary E Nowacki LCSW, St. Joseph’s Parish, Diocese of Metuchen NJ

Thomas McCarthy, Brookeville, Maryland

Susan Gaudin-Mountain, St Andrew the Apostle Parish-parishioner

Jane Meneghini, Faithful, active Catholic for 79 years. Divine Mercy Church, Peterborough, NH

Brian Trexel

Dolores Oscos-Flores, St. Anthony Mary Claret, Grandparent

J. Celso Castro Alves, Prescott College

Ann B Mascareñas, San Juan Bautista Catholic Church. Eucharistic Minister

Laura Flores-Dixit, Parishioner – Immaculate Conception Parish

Michael W. Phillips, St. Victors, Parishioner, volunteer

Janice Lichtenberger, St. Mary, Greeley, CO,USA

Debra Packard, St. Ignatius Church, Chestnut Hill, MA

Cat Bulaon

James C. Gorman, Paulist Center Community member, Boston, MA

Phillip Ratliff, Graduate student, Spring Hill College, Mobile AL, layperson, St Paul’s, Birmingham

Phillip Ratliff, Graduate student, Spring Hill College, Mobile AL, layperson, St Paul’s, Birmingham

Susan Jacobson, St Joan of Arc

George Mastroni

Edward P. Stivender, Holy Cross Parish, Springfield Pa., Theologian

Ann M. Desmond

John J. Drummond, Fordham University, Southwell Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
and the Humanities

Sue J. Hoffman

Eva Jimenez, University of California, Davis; Holy Family Catholic Church (Visalia); St. James Catholic Church (Davis)

Lauren Costello, St. Peter’s Parish

John Sontag Sr.

Meghan Dietzler, Villanova University, Campus Minister

Ellen Kelly, Parishioner of St. Luke the Evangelist, Glenside PA

Michele Crowley, St. Mary’s Church, Stonington, CT

Autumn Brown

Cindy Ackermann , Parent of a Catholic School Student

Andrea Colao, Parishioner

Susie Paulik Babka, PhD, University of San Diego

Rose Casserly

Lydia Procario, Parishioner, Holy Name of Jesus, Valhalla, NY

Annmarie Bernadette Boyle, Hofstra University

JaneMarie Baker, Parishioner St Agnes, Naples FL

Rev. Louis Arceneaux, C.M., Promoter of Peace and Justice, Congregation of the
Mission, Western Province, USA

Prof. & Mrs. Robert K. Zimmer, University of Denver

Joseph Bartolomeo, Professor and Associate Dean, University of Massachusetts Amherst;
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Northampton, MA

Edward C McCarthy

Jose de Jesus Herrera Jr. , Retired CA Civil Rights Administrator/Executive

Kathleen A. Coyne, Our Lady of Loretto Parishioner

James Prasert Arsenault, Regis High School, Class of 2010; Emory University, Class of

Margaret Burke

Mary Reynolds, St John Vianney Parish, Flint, MI

Donna B. Doucette, Voice of the Faithful

Kesi Lumumba, St. Augustin, parishioner

J. Stemmler, St. Anthony Catholic Parish Renton WA lay member

Victoria McBride, Campus Minister & Music Minister

Christian Santa Maria, Campus Minister, University of Notre Dame

Frank Meneghini, Catholic Laity

Lee Meadows, St. Ignatius Loyola, Sacramento, CA

John Barnes

Kathleen McTeigue, Lay person

Ashley Nicole Blank, St. Catherine of Siena

Deborah M. Lodel , Baptized Catholic Not Affiliated With Parish

Angie Pete Yowell, St. Ignatius, Martyr Catholic Church parishioner

Jo O’Sullivan, Parishioner – Music minister- Ireland

Brighid McGowan O’Donnell, St. Rose of Lima, York, PA

Linda M. Doran, St. Patrick Church, Providence, RI

Jonathan Hehn, Campus Ministry, University of Notre Dame. Choral Program Director and

Barbara N. Pierce

Elizabeth McCabe Deal , St. Peter’s Church, Washington, D.C., parishioner

Frances M. Lissemore, St. Malachi Parish, Cleveland, OH

Karen Johnson

Ashley Wolf, St. Thomas More, Decatur, GA

Donna Cunningham

Matthew Hahm, Jesuit Volunteers International

Philip A. Ferrante

Graciela Del Rio, Faith in the Valley

James M Lewis, Notre Dame Law School, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Alexander Garoutte, Campus Minister, Santa Clara University

William l Murphy, Fordham University, St John’s University and St Peter’s Catholic
Church in Charlotte, NC

Gilbert Marsh, M.S.W., psychotherapist–Bloomington, IN

Christina Shukie, Christ on the Mountain, Parishioner

Tom Kelly, St Lukes Glenside

margery eagan, St. Ignatius Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Julie Byrne, Hofstra University

Susan McGrath, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Betty Levin, St, John the Baptist, Kenmore, NY

Sara Hoverstad, Boston College, Doctoral student in Theological Ethics

Karen McDonough, Parishioner

Mary Buatti Small

Cindy J Holden, Saint Michael Roman Catholic Church Laity

Denise Wiard, St Joseph Parish Pinole California

Michelle Verner, Campus Minister, Saint Louis University

Julia Nouse, Saint Louis University student of theology

Mark H Payson Jr, Board Member of Catholic School

Elizabeth Lawson

Michael S. Carey, Parish

Tara Griffin, Catholic Central High School, Theology Teacher

Georgeanna Ribbing, SS Peter and Paul Church, Parishioner

Paul T. Falk, Our Lady Queen of Peace Parishioner

Jan Tucker, Lay person

Marissa Tucker, Lay person

Stephanie Desgrottes, MD, St. Matthew parishioner, New York

chris haaga

Jacqueline S. Jevne

Chris Byrd, Catholic Writer

David Azzarello, St. Thomas More Church – Parishioner

Domenick DeGeorge, St. Luke the Evangelist, Cheat Lake, WV

Barbar Novero, Ft. Worth Diocese , Lay minister

William Novero, Diocese of Ft. Worth TX

Barbar Novero, Ft. Worth Diocese , Lay minister

Kathleen Silc, Newman Catholic Student Center Parish, Chapel Hill, NC

Jonathan Zeier, St. John the Baptist parish, Diocese of Trenton, NJ – father of four
and a practicing Catholic

Roberta Hart, Parishioner

Maria Foreman, Star of the Sea-Parish Laity

Carol Ann Lashomb, St Andre Bessett Parish, Malone, NY 12953 Mother & Grandmother

Margaret Esterly

Kathleen Esterly

Karen Heiss, Parish

Bro. Joseph Glebas, C.F.X., Campus Minister

Kathleen Mary Hands, A Spiritual Soul / Human / Humanity

Mary Ann Droel, Sacred Heart Church Palos Heights IL

JoAnn Chick, parish

Rosemarie Dougherty, 86 year old lifelong Catholic. Retired Social Worker. Associate
Sisters of Saint Joseph. Worships with Roman Catholic Women Priests Community of St.
Bridget Brecksville Ohio

James Dillon, Member of Dioces of Albany, NY

Anthony Garascia

Jane Ryan Carrell, Catechist, Church of the Holy Spirit, Roscoe, IL

Janet Lehman, St. Mary of the Lake – White Bear Lake, MN

Louis J. Milone, III, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Director of Faith

Erin Campion

Barbara Davies

Thomas Gaudet, Catholic, Groton, Massachusetts, no parish affiliation

Louis Niglio, Geophysicist, Anchorage, AK

Barbara Winandy

Bertha Whitby, Parishioner

Lorraine T. Pacocha

Christopher L. Himes, ST. James. Jamestown, NY

Glen McLaughlin, Saint Joseph University Phila. Graduate

Donald L. Bouchard, Ste. Anne’s Parish, Gorham Maine

Prof. Peter Beisheim, Ph.D., Director, Catholic Studies Program / Stonehill College

Barry F. Ryan

Glenda M Peters, Parishioner, St Mark; Principal, (Ret) All Saints Catholic School

Carolyn B. Priest, Christ the King parishioner

Kathryn Wellenstein, St. Pius X Parish Community Director of Liturgy and Music

Jeanmarie Bishop, St. Helen Parish, Glendale Arizona

Mary Teresa LaCugna

Margaret Gannon, IHM Sister

Sheila M. Ford

Alfred L Antonsen, Deacon Chicago

Glen McLaughlin, Saint Joseph University Phila. Graduate

Lorie Simmons, parishioner, Holy Cross Catholic Church, Portland, Oregon

Diane McLaughlin , Saint Ann’s Catholic school Admin Retired

Eileen Morales, St. Francis Cathedral, Metuchen, NJ, Parishioner

Joshua ben Mary, Founder of Christianity

Mary Ferraro, Member, Body of Christ

Brooke Kopp, St. Theresa Catholic Church- Arizona

Nick & Frances Babic, Retired teachers of the humanities High School & College

Daniel Daly, Holy Family Church—Vernon, NY

Emily Espana, North Park University – Student

Mary E. Cuni, Parish/ Eucharistic Minister/lector/Faith Group coordinator

George R. Frantz, Cornell University, Assoc. Prof., City & Regional Planning

Member , Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites, Washington, DC

Christopher Clow, St. Ambrose University, Campus Minister

Katharine Leggat

Roe Sauerzopf, Lay person Church of St Francis Xavier, NYC

Carol Chowdhry, Holy Comforter, Charlottesville VA, parishioner

Norma Stanley

cookie k gittleman, institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest/Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter

Mary Lane Brown , St Ignatius Parish, Chestnut Hill, MA

Anne L. Deming, Unaffiliated Catholic

Elizabeth Costello

Dan Johnson, Parishioner, St. Thomas More, Paradise, CAdp

Bernadette McSparron, The Parish of Mater Christi DRE

Ariane Franc, St Mary’s church, Walnut Creek , CA

Sharon Elizabeth Riley, PhD, St, Anne’s Walnut Creek CA 94595

Scott Laidlaw, Parishioner – Christ the King Parish – Pleasant Hill California

Drake LJ Humphrey, Paulist Center Community, Boston

William and Patricia O’Connor

Keely Frayser, St John the Baptist/Edmond, Ok

Sister Dr. Dolores Poelzer, parish member

Mary Pat Fox, President, Voice of the Faithful (VOTF), member Holy Trinity Parish,
Washington, DC

Roy Tucker, Chair, Social Justice Committee, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Southport,

Eileen Teresa McGovern, Sisters of St. Joseph, Philadelphia

Claire Palmer, Parish

Charles F Deeg, Former seminarian Oblates of Mary Immaculate missionary order

Nicholas William Schmidt, Parishioner//St. Paul on the Lake Catholic Church;
Alumnus/University of Notre Dame

Suzanne Kidder

Anne Maguire, Saint Mary’s College Student

Catherine Miyamoto, St Thomas More Catholic Church Paradise, CA

Linda Laundry, Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Dr Robert H Deming, Unaffiliated Catholic

Larry Novello, St Patrick Parish Watertown, MA

Elizabeth Sullivan, Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle (DC), parishoner

Michael Finneran

Maureen Olbrich, Our Lady Of the Lake Parish. OR

Nora C. Coyne Cordero, Lay Ecumenical Minister, Allentown pa Diocece, member St.
Charles Borromeo Church, Ashland Pa

Chris Wilcox, Holy Spirit at Geist Parish & KOC

Gigi Eakins, St John the Baptist, Covington, WA

Dennis Arthur Deslippe, St. Mary’s Parish, Lancaster, PA

Charles P O’Conor, No Institutional affiliation

Melinda Jankord-Steedman, Parishioner, St. Mary’s, Seattle

Ronald Putz, Parishioner

Jose E. Siman, Parishioner: St Augustine Catholic Church, Coral Gables, Florida

Celia Berdes, Retired from northwestern university

Brittany Dunn-Pirio, Parishioner, Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church, Sterling, VA
(University of Notre Dame alumna)

Tracy Zona, Msgr Urell needs to be held culpable

Paul Vermaelen, Brandeis Catholic Community

Jeanne Davis, All Saints Parish

Michael John Angeli, Retired

Nicolas Sosa, Parishioner, St. Catherine of Siena, Riverside, CT

Robert Doherty, Parish

Frances Oleay, VOTF member d member

Beth Davies, CND, Congregation of Notre Dame

Marcy Shea-Frank, St. Joseph’s

Karen Silver, St. Joseph Parish, Garden City, NY

Margot Sosa, Parishioner and CCD Volunteer, St Catherine of Siena, Riverside, CT

Beth Davies, CND, Congregation of Notre Dame

Antoinette Nolan, Parish, Eucharistic Minister

Richard Bernardi

Marie A. Sosa, Parishoner, St. Mary’s, Clinton, CT

Julie Caire Jacob, Faithful member of the laity, Our Lady of Grace, Kenner, LA

Chris Wood, Dominican Sisters~Grand Rapids

Joanne Fantini, CSJA, Sisters of St. Joseph

Lorrie and Morris Horning, St. Anthony Parish, Anchorage, Alaska

Anthony Gautsch

Sharon A Powers, St. Dorothy

Jean Aggarwala, Holy Name of Jesus, Valhalla, NY

Michael Kidder, St. Theresa Church, Houston, TX

Donna Stefanelli, Parishioner, Church of St. Joseph

Sterling Millet, Parish

Denise Lardner Carmody, Professor Emerita, Religious Studies Department, Santa Clara
University, Santa Clara, California

Christopher Borth, Parishioner, St. Aloysius, Spokane, WA

Mary Ortega, St. Joan of Arc

Maura K Fitzgerald, Holy Name Parish West Roxbury, MA

Mary Lou Dellapa , Parishioner – St. Raphael parish – Rockville, Md.ille, Md.

Karen Coulombe, No parish any more.

Patricia Benedetto

Julie Dowd, University of San Francisco, Director of University Ministry

James Mooney, No Affiliation

Teresita Schaffer, Holy Trinity, Washington DC, parishioner

donald taylor

Winifred Holloway

Jennifer Peters, St. George Church/ Parishioner

Margaret McEntee, St. William Parish, Philadelphia

James Fottrell

Marie Natoli

Clare Kim, Sacred Heart in Palm Desert

Waleska N. Williams, Concerned Christian

Mary Jo Blankemeyer

Charlotte Emerson Presler, St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Church School Teacher

Erich Baumgartner, St Raphaels parish

Lorrie Horning, mrhx67@gci.net

Anne Southwood, Voice Of The Faithful Treasurer, Holy Family Duxbury MA parishioner

Stacie Baltrusitis, Our Lady of Lourdes, W Islip NY

Lynne Allen, Parishioner

Patricia B. Leggat, St. Anthony Parish, Cohasset, MA

Marilee Halpin, Parishioner/teacher

Susan Vandenberg, Former parishioner of St. Andrew’s parish Saint Paul MN, sent all
children to Catholic school through high school

Jean Ann Mccloskey, Catholic

Janet Millette, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Northridge, CA

Jim Robertson, Resurrection Parish, Canton MI

Larry O’Malley, St. Maria Goretti Parish, Hatfield, PA and member and one-time
webmaster of the now defunct Voice of the Faithful of Greater Philadelphia, PA

Karin Bennett, St.John the Baptist Parish—–OFS

Margaret Chatterton , St Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Eucharist Minister of Holy

Valerie Day, American Martyrs Parish, Bayside N.Y.

John Hydar, Intentional Eucharistic Community

Mary Volkmer, Cathedral of the Risen Christ Church Lincoln Nebraska Parishioner

Charlotte Emerson Presler, St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Church School Teacher

Bernadette Grimm

Bryna Bozart, Spiritual Director Charlotte Spirituality Center

Mary Treacy Thompson

Shaughn Gorman, St. Mary’s Church Seattle WA, parishioner

Jane M. Pianucci, St. Hilary Parish, Tiburon CA, Women’s Scripture Study Leader,
Bereavement Ministry

Rev. Gene Pistacchio, ofm, St. Anthony Shrine

Janice M Bonner, St Vincent de Paul/ Baltimore, MM

Sheila Lynch, St Peter parish, Madison, WI member

Margaret Fiels, St Giles Family Mass Community Oak Park IL

Mary Highland, Parishioner

Mary Treacy Thompson

Carl Grimm

Debra Mayoh, Baptized Catholic Chehalis, Wa

Sandra Yarrow Rueb, St Thomas More at Yale University parishioner

Kathleen Bauer Burke, Holy Spirit Parish

Eugene C. Best, 1956 S.T.D., Sem prof, Vat II Journalist, Laicized 1972ained in Rome,
1952; S.TD., Gregorian U. 1956; Seminary Professor, 1962-1965; Accredited Journalist,
Vatican II

Bud Hefley, St Helen Parish, Portales, New Mexico

Rocky Balsamo, The Center for FaithJustice, Board Chair Emeritus

Rita Bryant , St. Rita Parish, Wellington, Florida

Aleta Galusha, St. Luke, Mint Hill, NC Lay Annulment Advocate

William G. Rueb, St Thomas More – Yale Catholic Chapel parishioner

Michelle Salois, Sister of Mercy

Sheila McMahon, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Centerport, New York

James D Green jr, St Kevin’s Springfield, Pa

John L. Worden III, St. Eulalia Church, Winchester, Mass. ; member of VOTF

Nicholas Clifford, Church of the Assumption, Middlebury VT; Middlebury College

Lyndy D Green, St Kevins Springfield Pa

Brian Ayotte, U of British Columbia

Kathryn Petz, St. Helena Parish

Michael J Sala, SJ, Metropolitan Hospital, Chaplain

Michael L. Prendergast, Knights of Columbus

Kathryn Petz, St. Helena Parish

Frances Hofmeister Voice of the Faithful Bellarmine Chapel, Cincinnati

Mary E. Kelly, St. Mary Church, Columbus OH

Joe Salvati, Epiphany parish – Cliffside Park NJ

eleanor jean mcgill, lay woman

Margaret Ellis, State College, Pennsylvania

Miriam Hankins

Stephen Hayden, St Lucy’s Parish (Bronx, NY)

Richard W Jonsensa T, Santa Clara Alumnus, Class of 1955

Karyn Jacobs, Santa Maria del Mar Parish, Flagler Beach Fl.

Mrs. Patricia Larger, St. Joseph/ St. Raphael Parish Springfield, Ohio- Pastoral
Associate/ Office Manager

Georgia Crissy, Church of the Transfiguration – Pittsford, NY

Mary Ann Behm, St. Francis Xavier Parish in St. Louis

Sister Patricia Cornell, Sister of the Holy Cross

Henry Rayburn, St Paul Parish, Hingham, MA 02043

JoAnne Nowak, M.D., St. Robert Bellarmine, Andover, MA

Bernie Cook, Georgetown University

Dr. Mary Ann Biller-Fischetti

Harriet Burke, Catholic Church of the Beatitudes, RCWP

Daniel J. Lane, St. Ann, Bethany Beach, DE

Mary Maher, Theresa LIving Center Special Project Volunteer

Joanne Halt, St. John xxiii Parish – Outreach

Christine Sacino, St Paul’s parish in San Francisco, California. Masters in
Theological Studies from the Jesuit School of Santa Clara.

Edward J. Kansa, St Charles Borromeo Church, Livermore, CA 94550 Eucharistic minister

Amen.., Rob Cameron Vlacancich

Mary Turgi, CSC, Sisters of the Holy Cross

Rev. Richard G. Rento, Retired R.C. Priest, Paterson Dioc., NJ

Julia Thomas

Patricia Ferrone, Pax Christi MA Co-Coordinator

Paul C Spina, Concerned Christian

Laura Basting

Cristina Czaia , Guardian Angels, Oakdale, MN, Parishioner

Monica Quintero, FSPX Bogota

Elizabeth Freiling BSN, RN Pediatric Nurse, mother and grandmother

Ricardo M Letelier, Saint Mary’s Parish, Corvallis, Oregon

Earl Eugene Nokes, Jr., St. Raymond Parish, Dublin, CA

Edward Lewis, St. Ann Parish, West Palm Beach, Fl.

Patricia Doyle, St Nicholas Parish – lay person

Robert J. Merikangas, Voice of the Faithful member, Resurrection parish

Marilyn Merikangas, Spiritual Director, Retreat Director affiliated with Holy Trinity
Church, D.C.

Sister Carren Herring, Sisters of Mercy

Tim McManus, Voice of the Faithful member and parishioner at St. Agnes Rockville

Brad Rosse, St Michael parish Bedford MA

John O’Hurley MD, St Pius Milton MA

Gunnar J Schonning, Saint Mary Wilmington, NC

Robert Gappa, Parishioner, St. Jude, Eugene, OR

Sara Gunn, Life-long Catholic

Christine B. Yu

Margaret M Tocci, PhD, Ft Myer Catholic Community, Ft Myer, Virginia

Diane Marie Tollick

Paula Kelleher, No parish until ALL criminals are in jail.

Kathleen Lyons, Sisters of Notre Dame, Chardon OH

Selma Gappa, Parishioner, St. Jude, Eugene, OR

George Schoen, Concerned citizen

Jim Wehan

Chacko Neroth, St. Martin’s Parish, Sunnyvale, California. Member

Sylvia Hernandez, Sp Dir

Elizabeth Teufel, Our Lady of Lourdes parish , W, Islip, N.Y

Liz Muller, St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Ann Arbor, MI, Parishioner

Sue Beede, Portland, OR

Judith Reese, Diocese of Harrisburg, PA

Rev. Victor Clore, STL, Pastor, Christ the King Parish

Joanne F. Moran

Suzette Pabit, Parishioner at St. Catherine of Siena, Ithaca, NY

Mary Dhand, Parishioner, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Angélica Flores, Laico

Margaret M Connolly , Coordinator of Children’s Liturgy of the Word-Old Saint Joseph’s
Church, Philadelphia, PA

Joanne F. Moran, VOTF member, West Hartford, CT, 06107

Stephen G. Orkus, St. Joseph’s Church, New Orleans, LA

Jeanne Urschel, CSJ, Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Marybeth AmantrVOTG, VOTF, The Parish of St. Joseph Kings Park LI, NY

Maureen Selskis, St Mary’s Parish. AZ

Suellen K Tozzi, Archdiocese of New York

Rodget Powets, St. Joan of Arc-San Ramon, California

Harry Fatkin, parishioner, Holy Family Parish – Concord MA

Frank Kennedy, VOTF member and parishioner at Good Shepherd Parish

Dr. James T. Hanlon, St. John XXIII Catholic Community, Albuquerque, NM, Liturgical

Diane V Owens, St Rita Parish Marion Ma

Gloria Slagle, St. Raphael Parish, Fairbanks Alaska, Retired Youth Minister, Pastoral
Administrator, Liturgical Musician

Marianna P. Sullivan, St. Vincent de Paul parish, Philadelphia

Carmel Brosnan, St. Leo the Great Fairfax, VA

Frances Lucille Happe, St. Thomas More Parish, Sarasota, Florida

Kathleen Ferrara

James Allaire, Webmaster catholicworker.org

Clare Keane, Voice of the Faithful

Corbin Johnson, St. Joseph Parish, Seattle, WA, Catechist

Tammy Ichinotsubo-Ezzi, PhD, Holy Trinity Parish

Brianna M. Beedy, Business Manager- St. Joseph/St. Raphael

Avril J. Madison

Margaret King, Parish

Barbara Bogle

Eileen Toomey, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church Outreach staff/ Opening Word
ESL teacher

Patrick Hirigoyen, Lifelong Catholic, parishioner, Lumen Christi Catholic Community,
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Lawrence John Happe, St. Thomas More Parish, Sarasota Florida, Florids

Robert Boguski, St. Agnes Parish, San Francisco, Lay Minister

carol f lee

Nancy Sinclair, Boston, MA Laity

John J. Dagney

Carol Newton

Jennifer Yu, Our Lady of Grace Parish

Clarence F & Shirley A. Kast, Holy Cross Parish, Mesa, AZ

Frank Massey OFS, Parishioner, St. Mary’s, Greensboro, NC

Marylyn Felion, Saint John’s Catholic Church/Creighton Campus and Mercy Associate

Frances L Dollard, Our Lady of Assumption Church

Christina Reeves Eisenberg

John J. Dagney, Voice of the Faithful member and parishioner of St. Andrew, Sag
Harbor, NY

Barbara Dalzell

Louise Quattrone, Parish/parishioner

Adrian J Martin, Ex-Catholic,Ex-Believer/Fully Human/No part divine.

Ann P. Kelly

Elizabeth Gavula, St. Genevieve Parish

E. Jean Johnson, Baptized

Deanne Corcoran, Holy Cross Parish, South Portland, ME

Sister Mary Margaret Weber, CSC, Sisters of the Holy Cross, Notre Dame, IN

John J. Cooper, Member of Voice of the Faithful

Thomas J. Wright, St. Vincent dePaul Parish, Diocese of Salt Lake City, Utah

Diana Wilkinson, Our Lady of Peace Niagara Falls general assistant

Carrie A. Bowie, Director of Liturgy, Sisters of the Holy Cross

Michael J. G. Pahls, Saint Agnes Academy, Christian Brothers University

Randy Hay, Parish

Mary Ellen Norpel, SSJ Associate, St. Vincent de Paul, Phila.

Andrew LaRocco, St. Thomas More Parish

Maureen Cerny, Volunteer Future Church

Jamie Dance, Former Chair of VOTF-Bridgeport, CT

Mary Jane Higgins, St. Paul’s Parish, Cambridge, MA

Marion Kaple, St. Thomas Aquinas parish, Alpharetta, GA

Eileen Corey Sadasiv, Christ the King Parish, Kingston RI, RI, Christ the King Parish,
KIngston, RI

Larry Mulligan , Secretary & Trustee, Voice of the Faithful, and parishioner, St.
Stephen Parish, East Grand Rapids, MI

Laurence Burns, Parish of St Stephen, Grand Rapids, MI

Nancy I Mehlem, Paulist Center Boston. MA

Mary Ward, Self

Karen Dettwyler, St. Edmond parish, Rehoboth Beach DE

Jennie Motto Mesterharm, Parishioner, Old St Patrick’s Church (Chicago, IL)

Marcia Hince, St. Mary’s Parish, Lancaster Pennsylvania

Mary George

Mary E. Moore, SC, Sisters of Charity

Donald J Auriemma

Joan A. Ward

Jean Stokes, Voice of the Faithful Member and St. Elizabeth Seton Parish

Joanne Santagate, Incarnation Parish

Susan O’Connell, St. Mary’s Parish, Winchester, MA – Parishioner

Rose Rappoport Moss, St Paul, Cambridge, MA

Barbara Williams Mother

Mariann Perseo, Lapsed member- St. Francis Xavier, NYC

Kevin Barquinero, Parishioner Holy Trinity Catholic Church, DC, Alumnus Fordham

Silvia M. Munoz, Instituto Jesuita Pedro Arrupe

George P. Ward, St. John Paul II, Ponte Vedra, Fl

Mary Rebecca Schmitt, Active member St. Thomas More Catholic Student Parish, former
catholic teacher of religion, former co director of family life, former catholic
sacramental preparation for families coordinator

Nancy Elizabeth Harrington, Baptized

Kenneth Furlong MD, retired Professor of Medicine

Joan Hill, None — inactive

Aida Basnight

Ellen W. Healey, Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Indianapolis IN

Daniel J. Daly, Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA

Edwin Hess, “Voice of the Faithful member and parishioner at St Marys Church, Roslyn
Harbor, NY

Ronald N Montaperto, Ph.D., Professor, Carteret Community College (ret)

Leo F. Piecz, St. Mary’s Parish, Shrewsbury, MA Parishioner

Judith Shackelford, Parish member, Parish Finance Council member

Richard Peterson, Sinner

Christine O’Connor

Gregory Eufinger, Parish

Christine Tansey, Writer and Editor

Lisa Fitzgerald , Brandeis University Catholic Community

Dorothy Nowell Reilly, Diocese of Western North Carolina/Parishioner St. James the
Greater Concord NC

Svea Fraser, Voice of the Faithful, st John the evangelist, wellesley, MA

James N Day

John Leggat, Parishioner

Sister Mary Margaret Weber, CSC, Sisters of the Holy Cross, Notre Dame, IN

Kenneth R. Fredgren , Parishioner

Barbara A. Marian, St. Nicholas Parish, Evanston, IL

Phillip Parks, Holy Family Parish, Shorewood, Illinois

Margaret(Peggy)Sullivan, Holy Name Parish Boston

Eileen Leonard, Vassar College, Professor of Sociology

Erin Sullivan Marney, Our Lady of the Woods Church, Assistant to the Pastor

Alecia garcia

James J. Alstrum

David J. Shufelt, Williams Catholic (Williams College, Williamstown, MA)

Beverly Hall Spencer

Colleen Keaveny, St Norbert Parish

Anita Nixon, Parishioner

William Sirnack , Parishioner

Sidney Ann Overland , St. Joseph’s Catholic Community, Parishioner

Louise Healey Henderson, Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish-Indianapolis, IN

Edwin Nungesser, Gesu Church, Toledo, Ohio

Nancy Lorence, St. Francis Xavier Church, NYC

Raquel Otheguy, San Juan Evangelista, Guaynabo, PR. Ministro de la Eucaristía y

Ron and Myrna Ohmann, Cathedral of St. Mary, St. Cloud, MN

mike herrick, sacred heart parish manassas va

Evan Rossi, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Gene Roman, Freelance Reporter, NYC

Charles Leyes, St. Thomas More, San Francisco, CA (parishioner)

Mary jo bowers, Vote and member st Gertrude’s parish chicago il

Christine Bart, Parishioner- St. Mary’s/St. Peter’s Church, Rome, New York

Rick Horstmann, Sts Simon and Jude Catholic Curch Huntington Beach CA Bereavement

Kathryn Stewart

Deanna Bartalini, St. Peter – parishioner/deacon’s wife

Gina Maria Picone, Gina Maria Picone

Robert F Ryan, Brandeis Catholic Community

Robert D. McGillicuddy, Voice of the Faithful member and Member of St. Louis Church,
Clarksville, Maryland

Mary Jo Canar

Karl Martersteck, Parishioner, St. Julie Billiart Parish

Stuart O’Brien, Former priest

Rachel J McGourthy, St Anthony’s, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

Martha J Miller, member–St. Thomas More Newman Center

Andrea Close Rowson

Suzi Fuller MacDonald

Mary Jo Canar

Brother Thomas Berube, SSE, Society of St. Edmund

Marlene Olivencia, Catholic Parishioner

Eileen Skolds, St Brendan’s Parish Rockland, Me

Susan A Lavoie, Parish

june cuomo

Peggy L. Mitchell, Private citizen

Mary Supple Dailey, St. Ignatius Parish, Newton, MA

Nancy Felker

Alfred D. Calabria, Our Lady of the Lake Parish, Lake Oswego, OR

Suzanne Shay Travers,Church of St.Timothy,West Hartford,EucharfisticMinister

Ruth Matthews, St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Washington, DC

Chester Zwonik, St. George, Framingham,MA.01701

Maria Graciela Gonzalez Johnson, St. Thomas More Parish

Donna Hooven Frithsen, St. Thomas More Parish, Cherry Hill, NJ; AB Theology Boston
College 1978

Margie Massey. Parish St Mary’s in Greensboro NC

Marty Kennedy, Saint Zachary in Des Plaines, IL

Jeffrey Ledford, St. Eugene musician

Madeline Foley, Student, University of Notre Dame

Diana Elizabeth Lane, Immaculate Conception School Bronx, NY = 4th Grade Teacher

Paul Turtle

Chris Donovan, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry Th.M ‘18, MTS

Kay Lennon, Resurrection Parish

Shanna O’Grady Frost, St. Gabriel’s Parish, Upton, MA

Daniel C. Schneble, Our Lady of Refuge, Orchard Lake, MI KofCCouncil #600

Mary Jo Canar, VOTF Member, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Milwaukee, WI

Ted Brucker, Parishioner of Archdiocese of Denver CO

Shana Hormann, Antioch University

Virginia Glover, Saint Elizabeth’s church, Rockville, MD

Rosemary Rundell, Seven Dolors Parish Pastoral Associate

Vici Butler, Parish catechist

Philipp J. Bischoff, St. Therese, Mooresville, NC

Donald C. Horrigan, Parishioner, St. Pius X, Bowie, MD

Víctor Manuel Balam Villanueva , Coordinador de la catequesis en la capilla María
Madre de la Divina Gracia, Parroquia San Miguel Arcángel, Mérida Yucatán México

Paula Sullivan

Patricia Horrigan, Parishioner, St. Pius X, Bowie MD

Christine Martin, Parishioner, St. Michael the Archangel, Aurora, CO

Kim Sadlier, St. Raphael Catholic Church, Springfield, Ohio

Marilyn Clarke

Cynthia M. Platko, St. Luke Catholic Church, Mint Hill, NC

Tom Lloyd Sr., St. Rose of Lima Massapequa, NY

Marilee Hearn, Religious of the Sacred Heart Associate

Dr. Thomas E. Welsh III, Chairman of Liturgy Committee, Catholic Community of
Meridian, Mississippi

Marlene Weisenbeck FSPA, Ph.D., J.C.L., Consultant

Lorraine M. Whalen, M.Ed., Carlow University Graduate in Theology. Masters in Health
and Human Development from Penn State University

Judith M Slisz, St Thomas More Catholic Chapel at Yale University

Amy Tatusko

Amelia Royko Maurer, Graduate, Our Lady Queen of Peace, Madison WI

Michael S Shimskie

Sidney Martin, Holy Cross Parish

Nancy Smith, Boston College

Dr. Richard E. Wokutch, Pamplin Professor of Management, Virginia Tech

Kathleen Ling, Member of FaithWeavers of St Mary’s, lifelong Catholic

Barbara Karcher, Parishioner at St. Joseph’s Church, Marietta Georgia

Sofia Carozza, Student, University of Notre Dame

Santino Bernasconi, Deacon

Holly Taylor Coolman, Providence College, Asst Professor

Abby Martin, Holy Trinity Church, Washington, D.C.

Maureen Vega , Member of Our Lady of the Mountain Parish

Maryann Dolan, Voice of the Faithful

Laura Lee Naranjo

, Cathy LeClair St Elizabeth Seton Church , Carlsbad ,CA

Lori Angel Aber Garza, RN, BS USA

Bob Hernandez, St. Theresa, Oakland

Laura Lee Naranjo, Southern Ute Native American Church / Mile High Church of Denver/
Four Winds American Indian Council

Sr. Marian Noll, OSU, Ursuline Sisters of Bruno, SK — contact person

Thomas Karam, University of Notre Dame Graduate Student

Rachel Sortino, Student – St. Columbkille -(K-8) (Papillion, NE), Omaha Mercy (9-12),
Fordham University (BS), University of Notre Dame (MEd)

Carolyn Disco, Survivor Support Chairman, Voice of the Faithful, NH

Ada Magni

Beatriz Hernandez, San Miguel Arcangel, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Católica, feligresa.

Judith Hallock, CSC, Sisters of the Holy Cross, Raleigh, NC

Annette Nelson

Fran Clarida, Catholic

Margaret Roylance, Vice President and Trustee, Voice of the Faithful (VOTF),
Parishioner of Our Lady Help of Christians Patish, Newton MA

J Ackerman

Kristyn L Hall, Holy Family Parish, Memphis MI (Lector, sacristan, homeschooling mom)

Leslie S.Ward, Women of the Word, Our Lady of the Lakes Parish

Samuel J. Thomas, PhD, Michigan State U. Emeritus History; St. John Church and
Student Ctr

EJ Madden, Sacred Heart parish, CT

Peter Philip Smith, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Greensboro NC

Jeffrey M Klop, None

Susan Maude, Retired Professor

Robert L Anders, University of Texas at El Paso. Professor Emeritus

Jackalyn A Terrell, None

Maureen Wallace

Erin Dunn, Former Catholic

Gene O’Loughlin, St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Wooster, Ohio

Patricia Griffin, NA

Maureen Wallace, Educator

Tom Weiner, Consultant with Massachusetts Mediaiton and Education Solutions

Cheryl Hoff, St Thomas Aquinas Parish, Madison WI

Kristina Adams, MA Pastoral Ministry, University of Portland

carole colantoni, voice of the faithful member and parishioner of Holy Family Parish in Inverness, IL

Katherine Spraggon

Terrence O’Neill

Mari Meyer, St. Odilia, former Director of Worship

Dr and Mrs Robert Odabashian , Educator

Marilyn Monagle, Retired DRE, St Paul’s Catholic Church Juneau Alaska

Alex thomas, Gloucester Massachusetts, St Ann parish

Katherine Frandsen, St. Francis de Sales Parish Lansing Kansas

Antonio Sanchez Gomez , Doctoral candidate, Bard Graduate Center, Bard College.

Mary Scarella, Parishioner; Retired Catholic School Teacher

Ruth Ann Clark, St Francis Xavier parish NY,NY parishioner

John Quinn, Retired teacher with Graduate Degrees in Theology and Education from
Boston College and Niagara University

Christine Keleny-Craven, SUCC, New Glarus, WI

William LaHay, clergy abuse survivor

Kristin D. Schaner

Mary ann crosson ford, St. Katharine drexel parish

Mary Ellen Burns

Judith Benson

Michael T. McElherne

Sylvia Carroll, Parishioner

Peter Anthony, Holy Trinity Parish

Decan C. Murphy, Ph.D., EDHEC Business School and Holy Comforter parish,
Charlottesville, VA

Stephen McKenna, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Media & Communication Studies, The Catholic
University of America

John O’Connor, St George Parish, Atlanta Archdiocese

Ellen Swendrowski-Evett, St. Mary’s Holliston, MA

Michelle Pablo , Holy Trinity Parish

Kerri Dietz Pillen, O.D., F.C.O.V.D., St Mary’s Bellevue, NE

William McKinney

Dan O’Connell, College of the Holy Cross

Jeffrey Horne, St. Michaels — Belle Plaine, IA

George J Rossi, St Paul’s Catholic Community Leesburg, Fl 34748

Ann Ganch, Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church and grade school attendee

Ellen Nelson, RSCJ

Scott Constantine, University of Victoria Law School

Barbara Connors, St. Ann Parish, Quincy, MA

James C. Sweeney, DignityWashington

Cecile L Sanders, St Anthony Parish. Mattapoisett MA

Jennifer Kurtz

Elizabeth Jordan Gianturco, Parishioner, Holy Trinity Church, Washington, D.C.

Joan D. Spalding

Richard Christen

LaDonna Silva, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Fran Pletschet, Mother of 8 children, Corpus Christi Piedmont CA

Laurie Harkrader, Holy Family Parish, Middletown, Oh. Parishioner

Dr. Thomas J. Veryser, St. Francis X, Petoskey, Michigan

William S. Cossen, PhD, H-SHGAPE – Book Review Editor; St. Thomas More Catholic Church
(Decatur, GA) – Faith Formation Committee

Janette Chaumont, Catechist and parishioner

Marilee Gorman

Maggie Burns , Madalene Parish, Tulsa, OK. Parishioner

Erin Conway , Saint Martin de Porres High School, Theology Teacher //Saint Dominic
Parish, Youth Minister

Mary Liz Austin, LCPC, Pastoral Counselor

Michael Harkrader, Parishioner, Holy Family, Middletown, Oh

Carol Cerniauskas, St Mary Catholic Church, Johnson City, Tn., parishioner

Elizabeth Jane Via, Pastor Emerita, Mary Magdalene the Apostle, Bishop. Roman
Catholic Woman priests

Katie Harkrader, Former Catholic raised in Catholicism, educated in Catholic Schools,
Middletown, Oh

Edson Choi, talk time

Kelly Harkrader Fullan

John Doyle, Dignity NY

Andrew Henry Morgan, Catholic University of America

Carmen vives santamaria

Lisa Kay Shadow, St. Patrick’s Brighton, MI

Natalie Gorman

Nancy M Roemer, Parishioner, Immaculate Conception Highland Park IL

Gary Mello, Knights of Columbus member

Yolanda Sutton

Ann Ross

Brenda Sevcik, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Alpharetta, Georgia

William C Rice, St Peter Catholic Church, Charlotte, NC

Mary Ellen, Catholic in Virginia

Mason Dee Allen, St. Mark’s Catholic Church Parishioner

Shelagh Lustig, Assumption Church Seattle, Member of Finance Council, EM and lector.

Melissa Callegari

China Galland, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA, former Professor in
Residence, and Director of the Images of Divinity Research Project

Patricia Somers, St. Genevieve Parish

Mark Smithhisler, Diocese of Cleveland

Linda Thompson , St. Mary’s Church, Seattle, WA

Nancy Kehoe RSCJ, Religious of the Sacred Heart

Shirley Foley, St. Mary-St Catherine Paris, Charlestown, MA

Amy Mason, Catholic Community of St. Francis Xavier, Hunt Valley, MD ; parent,
volunteer in children’s ministry

Amy Mason, Catholic Community of St. Francis Xavier, Hunt Valley, MD ; parent,
volunteer in children’s ministry

ricardo norberto devrient, feligres de la FSSPX

Kelly Fitzgerald, Former teacher, Philadelphia Archdiocese

Maureen McAlpine, Catholic parent

Mary Eileen McCabe

Jeffrey A Beyer , Church of the Epiphany, Coon Rapids, MN

Joseph Galluzzo , St Robert Bellarmine Parish -Amdover MA

Suhey Fisher, Suhey Fisher

Catherine Wolff, Catholic Community at Stanford

Jean Forbath, PARISH

Christine Auerbach, Annulment Advocate, Portland, OR

John McKeon, A fellow Catholic

Ellen Liston , Member Holy Family Concord MA

Robert Snell, St. Paul’s // Member of the Congregation… Concerned Christian!

Ann Mallison, Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church

Michael Staicer

Daniel tracy

Maria Martinez Hernandez, Parishioner at Annunciation Catholic Church (Denver, Co),
Gateway Vincentian Volunteer, Vincentian Lay Missionary, Alliance for Catholic
Education alumna, and Teacher

Sally Jones, Parishioner

Terrence G Geil, St. Mary’s

Karen Greklek, Parish Ministry Leader

Barbara Cohn, Member of Catholic Church The people

Daniel Breen

Allyson Marcus, St. Pius X

Brenda Stubbs Lawrence, Non-denominational

Nancy J Vaughan, St. Mary parishioner, Anderson In

Margaret L Thorne, Voice of the Faithful member; St. Catherine of Siena Parish

Patricia Goertz, Parish in Round Rock,TX, mom/grandmother/teacher

Kathryn Manela, Voice of the Faithful member; parishioner of Our Lady of Sorrows,
Sharon MA

Wayne R. Clesi

Mary F Felts-Nordstrom, St Edward Parish, Chillicothe, IL

Theresa Quigley, M.Ed., Parishioner and Catholic school educator (Archdiocese of

Douglas McMaster, Holy Name, Birmingham MI.

LuAnn Orie, Parishioner, Church of the Redeemer

Lee A Nordstrom, St. Edward Parish, Chillicothe, IL

Fr. Joseph C. Spina, OSF , CACINA community of faith in Wilton Manors, FL.

John H. Jack Harold

Mary Ann Smith, St.Stephens Lay Person

Gerard Travis, Gerard Travis

Janet M. Krocheski

Leanne Rich, Ancillae Assumpta Academy – Former Art Teacher

Barbara Guzzo

Ethna Kress, St. Sylvester Parish, Medford, NY

John R. Dearie, MA, St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, Lay Leader, Lector, Eucharistic

Yukiko Hartman, Private Practice, Psychotherapist

Randolph S Hunt, St. Anthony of Padua, Las Vegas, NV

Marianne kindya, Votf member,, st mary church bethel ct

Donald D. Edwards St. Jude Parish Eugene,Or

Dana Judd, St. Martha, Menifee, Ca/ diocese of San Bernardino

Lydia J Sarro MD, Pediatrician, parishioner and music minister, St Elizabeth Ann Seton
Parish, Northampton, Massachusetts

Lisa Harrison, St. Bede Parish parishioner

Suzanne Lee

Lindsey Hutson

Regina Lathrop, St. Agnes Parish, San Francisco, Lay Minister

Earl Valentovic, The Loving Body of God, WPB, FL

John Wolfe Blotzer, M.D.

Magnus Leopold, UC Davis

Mary Baltierra

Linda Madison

Donna Britt, Catholic School Volunteer & Parent

Libby Clark, St. Mary’s Parish, Seattle, WA

John W. Prados, St. John XXIII University Parish. Founding Member

Gerard Vernot, Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Florida

Kathleen McGee, St Martin of Tours

Diane Skurat, parishioner

Michele Watts, St Francis of Assisi Yuma AZ

M Verbeeten, Retired

Adele kasinskas, St Bridget of sweden

James Hayes

Maureen Smith, S.F.O.

Sharon A Powers, St. Dorothy

Luis Felipe Alvarado

Richard Hauf

Margaret Rosenfield

Ed Gunn, ex catholic (ex seminarian – religious)

Patricia Lorenz Moore, University Catholic Center, UCLA

Joseph Varni, Annunciation Parish, Stockton, California

John K. Brennan, Member of Voice of the Faithful and St. Thomas More Newman Center at
Ohio State

Charlene A. Giblin

Thomas J Froehlich, Kent State University

Eileen Garabedian, St Bede the Venerable

Thomas A. Brown

Judith A. Brown

Marilyn Clarke

Patricia Wittmann-Todd, St Mary’s Parish Seattle

Julie M Murray, MA, Former Catholic High School teacher, active parishioner St Monica
St. George Parish, Cincinnati, OH, Spiritual Director

Margaret Murray, Parish ST Patrick’s South Hadley MA 01075

Joanna Warner , Lay person

Karen Hinson, Saint Gabriel Catholic Church, Parishioner

Eleanor and Jim LeGates, Voice of the Faithful members, parishioners at St. Mary’s in
Kutztown, PA

Maureen Duane, St Elizabeth’s Wyckoff,NJ

Emily Abramczyk, Undergraduate, University of Notre Dame; Parishioner, Our Lady of
Peace, Diocese of Erie

Alyssa A Schneider, Miami University, Board Member

Franco David Colmán, Comunidad Misionera de Jesús/Laico

Joseph C Bayer

Heather Waxman, St. Mary’s Parish, North Attleboro, MA

Margaret And Greg Didden, St Agnes parish, lector & Eucharistic minister

Stephanie Patterson

Marilyn Palmer, Sacred Heart Parish, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Bonnie Degenaars, Nativity Parish

Jo Ann Zanotti, Visitation Marianist State Community

Dorothy Kennedy, Good Shepherd Parish, Wayland, MA

Jack Langelaan, State College, PA

Loretta Walker

Nancy Anne Beyer, Epiphany

John Dale Nash, MD, Horrified parishioner, Vienna, Virginia

Marie Ford Reilly

Marie O’Connor Foley, St. Ann Parish Wilmington, DE

Robert Super, Disciple of Jesus

Howard Travers,Church of St.Timothy,West Hartford

Daniel C Lawrence, member St Paul’s Catholic Church, Richmond VA.

Katherine Travers, Church of St.Timothy,West HArtford

muriel meade, our lady of Lourdes

vincent meade, our lady of lourdes

Charlene Bader, Writing Team, FemCatholic

Brenda Amaral

Mary L Balestra, Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Catharine’s Parish, Pelham, NY

Michael Waxman

J. Kelley Brennan, Member, St. Thomas More Newman Center at Ohio State University

Janice Drinan, Member of VOTF and parishioner of holy cross parish, South Portland,

Lynn Sunsdahl

alex magnan

Colleen Wyse Chave, St. Agatha Parish Milton, MA. teacher. St. Agatha School

M. Bridget Brennan, The Cana Institute

Jason Miller, Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, Arlington, VA

Lynn Robbins, St. Benedict Phoenix AZ

Sr. Mary Ann Noonan, St. Edward the Confessor Parish

Kristen Scott , Madison Metropolitan School District

Cheryl Hopkins, Holy Family Parish, Parishioner, Mother

Joseph McHugh, Immaculate Conception Revere, Mass.

Jean Getty Klein, Retired

Patricia Morris-Beeler, Our lady help of Christians -Sacred Heart

Peter J Grondin

Allison McGrellis , Parishioner and parent.

Melanie McDonald, M.A. , People of the Promise Catholic Community

Ellen Hellawell, Visitation Church. Darnestown Md

Patricia Robertson, Resurrection Parish, Canton MI

Mary L Kresge, St. Joseph University Parish

Annemarie O’Connor, MA, Pastoral Ministry, Boston College; MSW, St.Louis University; spiritual direction and retreat ministry, CT

Francis L. Daniel, Sacred Heart Parish, Norfolk, VA, Liturgical minister(mass coordinator)

Renee Marie Mistretta , St. George

Patricia OSullivan

Julie Hirschler, Holy Family Parish, Concord, MA, Music ministry

Louise J. Oates- Voice of the Faithful Member – Parishioner at Church of the Nativity,
Midland Park, NJ 07432

Deanne Dixon , Former Catholic, former Choir Director and Liturgical Minister,
Religious Education Teacher, St. Michael’s Parish, Lowell, Massachusetts

Mary Lou Jackson

Deborah Steedle, Parishioner of St. John Nepomucene & CSJ Associate

Jane Hynes Robinson

Leighanne Denja, Mom, Wife, lifelong Catholic #wordtotheBlessedMother

Ellen Edelman, Member of Voice of the Faithful and Parishioner of St. Augustine’s,
Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Patricia E Clement, D.Min., 30+ years as a Parish Catechetical Leader in Virginia,
Florida & Louisiana

Sean Fraser, St John’s

Christine M Redman, Immaculate Conception Parish, Somerville NJ, parishioner

Andrew T. Bell, Parishioner, St. Andrew

Jean Leverich, PhD, LMSW, Former Catholic//Trauma therapist, Women’s Center of
Southeastern Michigan

Teresa Guerra, St Augustine, coral gables, fl parishioner

Monica Pacheco, Our Lady Help of Christians, Volunteer Minister

Ronald Lemmert

Ann M. Baratta, Voice of the Faithful and parishioner at St. Eulalia Winchester, MA

Maryellen Delaney Mungovan, Parish Minister, St. Ann’s Manlius, NY/Holy Trinity, West
Harwich, MATrinity,

Rafael Iraheta, Laico

Mary DeCourcey, St. Eulalia Parish, Winchester, MA

Richard T Blake, Parish Deacon

Andrea Ellis , St. Aloysius, Kitchener Ontario Canada

Juleann H. Randles (member Voice of the Faithful), Immaculate Conception Parish.
Hendersonville NC

Anne Carpenter, Assistant Professor, Saint Mary’s College of California

Richard P McFeely, Franciscan Friar

Carole Gallagher, St. Anne Catholic Comm., Houston, TX

Deacon Norm Carroll, St. Benedict Parish

Joseph Patrick Dunn, Chico, CA.

John and Sharon Hart, Parishioners

Karen D Jennings, Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish

John Leurck, Parishioner, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Newport News, VA

Timothy J O’Leary, MD, Saint John Vianney Parish, ADW

Raymond Joyce, Voice of the Faithful member and St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish

Judy Huwaldt

John Matera, St. Augustine Parish, Andover MA

Jeff Mower, Parishioner

Jane Donovan, Ph.D, Loyola Blakefield

Jayne O’Donnell, St. Peter Claver Church West Hartford, CT, VOTF member

Daniel Harrison Augustine Gray , Father of eight

William and Trudy Carroll, St. Patrick – St. Anthony Church, Hartford, CT

James M. Caccamo, St.Peter Parish

Christine Lovley, St.John Vianney, Cumberland, MA

Anna Baglione, Student – University of Virginia

Elizabeth Ann Garland, Holy Family Parish, South Pasadena, CA

Matthew Denby

John Mungovan, Holy Trinity Church Harwich MM

Barbara Hundt, Parish

Mary Cambria

Mary E. Kennedy, Parishioner, Little Flower Parish, Indianapolis

Sheila Conroy, St. Anthony’s Parish, Northvale, NJ

Jason J. DeSilva, Diocese of Providence

sue schuetz

Steven M. Lanoux, Ph.D., St. Joseph Parish, Port Aransas/Knights of Columbus Council
14739 (Fourth Degree)

Susan Stievater, Lay minister, St. Joseph University Parish, Buffalo, NY

Jennifer DeSilva, Diocese of Providence

Tom Bender

Martha Sullivan, St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish, Chestnut Hill, MA

Thaddeus J Zimmerman, Machine Operator

Katherine Sitarz, Catechist/ Mother

Ann M. Bruno VOF St. Anthony’s Mattapoisett..MA

Elizabeth L. Breglio, St. Catharine’s Parish, Pelham, N.Y.

Frances Shawcross , Voice of the Faithful member. Parishioner of St Mary’s Winchester

Joseph J Ward, sr

Nora Jacquez, St. Ignatius Loyola Parish, Denver, CO

Rita Porreca

david a anderson, St Stephen Parish, Grand Island NY

Nancy Nichols Kearns, St Mary St Catherine of Siena

Nancy J. Caccamo, St. Peter’s Parish, Member-Adult Faith Formation Team

Richard Shea, St Ann Church, Arlington, VA

Christina Nassif, St. Francis Xavier College Church-St. Louis

John Cadigan, Voice of the Faithful, and parishioner at St. Anne, Littleton, MA

Patrick F. Conroy, St. Anthony’s RC Church, Northvale NJ

Kathy Lilla Cox, PhD, Theologian, Research Associate USD

Grace M. Smith, St. William the Abbot

Cynthia M. Mosqueda Campbell, Parishioner, St. Catherine of Siena, Ithaca, NY

Sam Sinnett, Archdiocese of Saint Louis, MO

Robert Young

Marjo Gray, Parishioner, St. Mark’s, San Marcos, CA

Helen Arnolds

Peter M.Brennan, St. Angela Merici Parish, Fairview Park, Ohio 44126

Gabriel Briseno, Georgetown University

Nancy M Tim, St. Augustine Parish, Bklyn. N. Y.

Amanda C. Green, St. Ignatius Parish, Chestnut Hill, MA, Past Chair, Parish Pastoral

Edwing Eduardo Diaz, Iglesia Católica Santa María, Woodstock. Illinois. Parroquiano

Carol Schwartz, Parish

Mary Alice Howe, Resurrection Catholic Church, Catechist, teacher, parent, and

Katherine Cramer, St. Mary’s Delaware Oh

Arthur Fitzmaurice

Susan Kiernan, Lifelong Catholic, Villanova grad, Parishioner- Blessed Sacrament
(Madison, WI)

Peter Kennedy, St. Dunstan, Parishioner

Arthur Fitzmaurice, VOTF Member

Deli Lanoux, Ed.D., St. Joseph Church parishioner in Port Aransas, TX

Anne Ridder

Mary Ann Rechtien, St. Thomas Aquinas, East Lansing, MI

Susan Buratto, St John Fisher Parish

Adam Cramer

M. Teresa Galk

Fr. Hector Trevino

Susan Gallo, St. Catherine of Siena

Daniel Frydrych, Parishioner, St. Mary of the Assumption, Delaware

Judith Miller, Spiritual Director

Karen Scheer, RSM , Sisters of Mercy, Philadelphia

Wendy Frydrych , Parishioner, St. Mary of the Assumption, Delaware

Dr. William H. Green, Jr., Board Member, MIT Catholic Chaplaincy

David Green, Member of St Ignatius Chestnut Hill MA, student at Amherst College

Ellen Secrest , St. Mary Newport RI

Mary Esther Stewart, ofs, M.Ed., Catholic, Franciscan, and Educator

Marchelle Bakken, St. John Neumann Parish, Lancaster , PA.

Carol Messina, Holy Family Parish, Concord, MA

Theresa M Vela, St. Mary of the Angels Catholic Church, Roxbury MA

Suzanne C Snoddy, Parishioner

Nancy Fifer

Herbert Ely, Catholic University of America, class of 1964

Melissa Vela

Payal Salsburg, Paulist Center, Boston, MA (Pastoral Council member, Eucharistic minister)

Marlana Portolano, Towson University, Professor; member of St. Francis of Assisi Deaf Catholic Church

Xavier Gravend-Tirole, Chaplain at EPFL (Switzerland)

Dorothy Mazaitis

Lauren Savage

Christina Keil, St. Vincent de Paul Arlington TX

Isaiah Emmanuel Jones, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish/lay historical theologian

Marilyn Hanlon, parishioner

Dana Christensen, St Julia Parish

Rebecca Terwelp

Cathy McNally, Parishioner

Mica K. Knapp, Our Lady of Fatima, Sudbury, MA

Sheran Tioran

Jack Hartjes, St. Raphael’s Parish, Springfield, MN

Helen Y. Dolan

Mary Ann Dantuono, Esq., Mother, grandmother, Long Island, New York

Maureen Doyle, Voice of the Faithful

Frances Crispinelli Vetrano, Transfiguration – Tarrytown NY Former Sister of Mercy

Natalie Moore, St. James parishioner

Mary T. Danhauer, laity

Kevin Finn

John F. Horrigan, Jr., Sacred Heart Church, West Reading, PA 19611

John Charles Massam, Greenwood Parish

Jim Russo, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Ann Arbor, MI

Barbara Brill

Joanne Nelson, Holy Family and St. Lawrence Parish, Liturgical Minister, Catechist

Rose Moss, St Paul Parish, Cambridge, MA

Jerry Browne, Catholic

Don & Ellen, CUA alumni (’67) St. Joseph Stuart, FL

Shannon Land, Catholic, Mother

Mary N. McDow, St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Waynesboro, VA

Mallory Zolyan, CITI Ministries

R. Raymond Bordine, R. Raymond Bordine

Andrea Randel, St. Francis of Assisi Parish – Stewardship Council Chair

Liz Johnson, Liz Johnson

William P Ford, Student, College of the Holy Cross

Martha Malone, St. Catherine of Siena, parishioner

Marie Wilkes, Parishioner and former lector at St. Pius X, Dallas, TX

Walt Guller, faithful laity

Kathleen Pieslor, St Therese of Carmel Parish

Judy Gordon, Parish/retired

Patricia A. Smith, Parish, Lector & Eucharistic Minister

Mary Louise Chism

G. Joseph Seeber, III, I am an active parishioner of Our Lady of Grace Parish, Penndel, PA.

Rosanne Keller , Lifelong Catholic and active choir member

George Schaefer, Catholic Community of Greenbelt IEC

Paul Ward, Archdiocese of Fall River, MA Parishioner

Beverly Shaw Hayford, Sts Faith, Hope and Charity

Katherine M Mickelson

Henry Milanowski, lay servant of the Church

Mary Kay Eichman, RSM

Kevin Freer, PhD, St. Stephen Catholic Community, Winter Springs, FL

Msgr. Robert Hartnett, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Baltimore

Gina Sullivan

Maureen Cleary , St clements
John Sheehan

Mindy Bocko, therapist

Mary Hughes, St Pancratius, Lakewood, CA

Mary Martha Simkins, St Joseph Church , Howell Mi; Layperson, lector , Eucharistic Minister

Joseph Hastings

lena bey

Kathy Norris, St Agnes parishioner, Louisville, Ky

Charles Keeling, Concerned US citizen

Hannah Savage, University of Colorado

JoEllen Vavasour , Retired Administrator, The College of New Rochelle

Kevin J. Conroy, St. Clement’s Parish

Kathy Sweeney, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Buffalo Grove, IL

Stephanie Mandeville, Immaculate Conception Parish, Cranston, RI

Eileen Ihrig, CRS, Child Protection Social Worker

Raymond K. Smith , St. Thomas Apostle West Hartford, CT

David J. Berilla, St Edmonds Rehoboth Beach, De 19971

Eileen Sharkey, St. Cecilia Parish, Parishioner

Peter Davey, St. Joan of Arc Parish – San Ramon, CA

William A Ramos, Sts Philip & James Church

Alec Hufford, Resurrection Rye Parish

Carolyn Rebbert, St Jude member

Marguerite M. Coyle, St. Paul the Apostle, Greensboro, NC

Lauren Aurecchia, St. Mary Church, RI

Nancy Jo Reedy

Fr. Michael George Monogue, Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN

Elena Muñoz, Minister of the Holy Communion, Lector, and just a follower of Jesus

Mary Beth Dye, St. Augustine Parish in DC

Patricia Kennedy, Sister of Mercy

Marie K. Rose, retired

Tanya loretto, Sacred heart, Vancouver BC

Janet Sagnella, St. Patrick Catholic Community, Coordinator, Hospitality Ministry

Roger Patovisti , Diocese of Tulsa Oklahoma – Laity Minister

Solange Garvey, St. Augustine

Colette Gilewicz, Parish

FJ De Frank, St Patrick Lake Forest Illinois. Deacon

Stephanie Lesicko , Protestant, born again Christian

Rebecca L Tiebel, none

Vicente Notario, St. Jane Frances de Chantal, Bethesda, MD

Kathleen Day, MDiv, Lay Ecclesial Minister

Bill Murphy, alumnus, Benedictine U, U of Notre Dame; parishioner, St Joseph’s Penfield, NY

Mary Elinor McCarthy, Our Lady of Refuge Parish

Linda MacCammon, St. John Fisher College

Isabelle Taylor, Parish

Dan Meehan

Ethan McClennen, Parish

Sylvia Eulitt

George Eulitt

Jane De Hawkhurst, St. James Parish, Johnson City, NY

Patricia Murray Former CCD Teacher

Anne Bullock Sublett, Church of the Resurrection, Roman Catholic Parish, Tulsa, Ok

James Murray Former Fordham University Teacher

Anne Bullock Sublett, Parishioner, Church of the Resurrection, Tulsa Ok

Rosemary A Regan

Mary Jane Sullivan, RSCJ, Member of Voice of the Faithful

Norbert Langer, College of St. Elizabeth certified pastoral minister

Caroline Mary Percopo, St. Bartholomew Parish Bethesda MD parishioner and catechism

Maureen R Kelly, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Maria Vidal-Michel, Parishioner

Ann Rave, IHM Parish layperson.

Gloria Chambers

Carole Galante, SJU 2005, BSTheology- retired DRE, former Catechist, Member of parish former Sexual Abuse Forum,current association with Medical Missions, Phila

Kathleen Sprague, Resurrection parish, Ellicott City, MD

Anne M. Mulvaney

Rev. Dr. Nancy Parent Bancroft (Former Catholic Religious, Ethicist and Ordained Christian Minister

Lynn Johal, St Thomas Aquinas, W. Lafayette, IN

Amy Sucich, Spiritual Director

Paula D. Nokes, St. Raymond Parish, Dublin, CA

Joan Clancy, St Albert the Great Parish

Catherine Racek, St. Paul Catholic Center & St. Charles Catholic School

Thomas Behrens, St. Teresa of Avila, Chicago

Kathleen Magno, Theology Student

Caitlin Toner, Corpus Christi Church in Chatham, NJ

Virginia Sullivan, Voice of the Faithful

Steven J Eosco, St. Timothy Parish & VOTF

John Sullivan, Voice of the Faithful

Sandra Guynn, Voice of the Faithful

Kathy Knoeppel, Catholic

Sue Tempero, IHM

Katharina Kroll-Fratoni, Versöhnungskirche, Köln

Paul David Leon, Catholic High School – Campus Minister

Carol C. McFadden, Parishioner, All Saints Parish, Maine, USA

Patricia O’Donnell SSJ PhD, Sisters of Saint Joseph, Chestnut Hill College

Paulina Gonzales , St. Brigid’s Parish, San Diego, Catholic educator

Suzanne Luntz , Suzanne Luntz

Thomas Dunne

Gertrud Mueller Nelson, Prayer and Fasting

Teresa Manidis, Immaculate Conception parish, author

Fred Hayes, M.Div., Catholic University of America

Robert Hengstebeck, Parishioner, St Norbert

Brigid E. Sullivan, MD, Physician

Mary Lucile Barnum, Parish

margaret brown, teacher in a Catholic school minnesota

Margaret L. Dudarchik, Immaculate Conception Parish, Fayetteville, NY

Marianne Saccardi

Daniel Levis, Duquesne University Alumnus, Previously Pastoral Associate

Patrick Brunnock, Church of the Presentation Upper Saddle River N J

Daniel Jurek, SFO, Pax Renewal Center, Catholic Marriage and Family Therapist

Angelo A. Vigorito, Pax Christi

Kristine Rooney, St. Kateri Tekakwitha Parish, Pastoral Associate for Pastoral Care and Adult Faith

Lara Ericson, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, MDiv; St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish

Marie J. Barry, St. Camilus\St. Francis, MD parish ,Archdiocese of Washington; parishioner, mother, social justice advocate

Christopher Rooney, St. Kateri Tekakwitha Parish

DIane DeRoker

Virginia Saviano Ayling

Sean Welsh, Parishioner, Holy Spirit Church, Denver, NC

Wayne T. Nungesser – , Former member of ST; Mark Catholic Church, Lancaster, Ohio, USA

mary p burke, Paulist Center, Boston/active member

Maureen Power, St. Laurence

Sally Trablod Krawczyk, St. Thomas parish CDA Idaho

Diane Trewin, MHR Parishioner

Megan Fitzpatrick

Colleen Whelan, Loyola Academy

Kathryn Weyenberg, Holy Cross Parish, Kaukauna, WI

Clement J Unrein

Jean C. Berg, St. Catherine of Siena Parish

Joan C McLaughlin, Voice of the Faithful

Matthew Skawin

Alex Williams, St Augustine Catholic Church in Washington, DC RCIA Team member

Minhduc Cao, Vietnamese Catechetical Youth Group Leader at St. Lucy’s Parish

Geoffrey A. Zokal, Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish in Crystal Lake, IL

Denise M. Berilla

Kathleen Blank Riether

Garrett Collins, Saint Paul the Apostle Parish, Greensboro, NC 27410

Joseph Kozely

Patricia Fettig, Parishioner Spiritual Director, former CCD teacher, parish council member, etx

Jenna Boyer, Parishioner, St. John Fisher, Portland, Oregon

Dianne Murray

Lou Ann Horstman

Mary Ann Haley, St Mary’s Church, Tipton, Iowa

Daryl E Haley, St. Mary’s Church, Tipton, Iowa

Scott Kruize

Celeste V. Savage, Catholic School Teacher

Paul D. Matthew, St. Lawrence Parish, Shelton CT, USA

James Ullman, Parishioner, St. Mark’s, San Marcos, CA

Floyd Grabiel, Edina, MN Christ the King Mpls parish

James G. Moore, Parishioner, St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church, Rockville, MD, USA

Alfred Dabrowski, Follwer of Jesus

Hal Richard Grafer, Member of Voice of the Faithful and Parishioner of St. Peter of Alcantara Church in Port Washington, NY

Dawn Neenan

Catherine Miller, St. Frances de Sales Catholic Church, Salisbury, MD

Sharon A McNamara, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Parishioner

James D. McNamara, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, parishioner

Catalina de Leon, Archdiocese of Newark

Jerry Monroe Maynard , Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Minister of Music/Catechist

Elizabeth Chan, Parishioner at St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church, Arlington TX

Jeanne K. Foley, St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, Chicago, Franciscan Associate, Mother, Grandmother

Trudy Beaton, Merville BC, Canada

Brigid Kenney, Laywoman,mother and grandmother

Rita Selin

Douglas Gleber

Jessica Jankovits, Lay Woman St. Thomad Aquinas Parish, Dallas

Christopher J. O’Connell, St Mary’s Church

Joshua Encarnacion

Sophia Carter, Boston College

Alexander Lupo, High School Minister

Don and Helen Manson, members of Voice of the Faithful and St. Andrews parish Holts Summit

John Reid

MaryAnne Robeeto, Mother

Joseph J. Foley, St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, Chicago, father, grandfather

Michael McGuirk, Parishioner, Our Lady of Grace, Hatfield, MA

John Andrew Kupsky, Saint Louis University, Librarian

Nora Kratz

James Rodney Recj

Stephen Francis Green

James Ullman, Parishioner, St. Mark’s, San Marcos, CA

Susan C Ellis , Mother, grandmother, aunt, and sister.

Cecelia Beirne, Saint Joseph’s Church, Greenwich Village, NYC

Paul E. Bumbar, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Stamford CT

Jeane Ann Bowers, Assumption Parish Green Harbor MA 02050

elizabeth and john lane

David and Beth Guth, Holy Ghost Parish, Fountain Hill, PA

Anne Sweeney, Catholic school teacher for over 40 years in the Diocese of Worcester, MA. Was forced to retire when my “position of junior high religion teaches was eliminated”

Robert James Rusin, San Sebastian Catholic Church, St. Augustine, FL – Parishioner

Dwight david, Retired theology teacher Catholic central Troy ny

Charlotte Fuller, I grew up Catholic now non-denominational

Edward F Rezek, Notre Dame of Bethlehem Church, Catechist

Jen Petruso, Saint Louis University and the University of Notre Dame alumnae. Manager in Mission Integration for Catholic healthcare

Nora Thompson, Parishioner, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Richmond, VA

Jeremy Vasellina, Parish, Audio Visual

Thomas Keevey, St. Ann, Lawrenceville, NJ

Chuck Zannetti, Ordinary Lay Person, St. Peter-All Hallows; Diocese of Sacramento, Ca.

Terese Maier

Amy E Mullen, St. Barnabas Parish Portsmouth, RI

Mary E. Torbali

Grace Leon, College of the Holy Cross ’14

Mary Beth Wellington, St Patricks Church in Armonk, NY

Rosemary Lorenz, St. Augustine Parish, Philadelphia, PA

Nancy Carol Kurowski

Mary Kathryn Kelly, Michigan State University

Patricia A. (Borgstede) Evans, Alumni of University of Dayton, OH; Former Catholic School Substitute Teacher, Parent & Parishioner in Hazleton, PA; Current Parish: Nativity of Our Lord in Monroe Township, NJ

Edwin R. Perez, University of Arizona

Mary Ellen St. Amour Parishioner East Syracuse NY

Edward J. Murray

Deborah Fornwalt-Beiswenger , St. John the Baptist Lay Minister/ secretary

Jeffrey Franklin Lau, Parishioner, Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.

Alison parks

Eleanor Tyler non aliened

James S. Dick, Parish

Michelle Harris

Peter McLoughlin

Bridget Dolan, Saint Christopher/ lay parishioner

Thomas Sharkey

Patricia M . Brocks

Sandy Everett, St. Mary Parish, Simsbury, CT–Catechist and life long Catholic

Robert J. Kowalsky, Trustee, Holy Family Parish, WFB, WI

Helen Borders Pennington, St. Peter parish St. Louis. Parishioner

Blontas Mitchell , St. Raphael Spfld. Ohio 45503

Arlene McGarrity, Baptized Woman

Margaret Bauman, Parishioner, St. Stephen

Martha Perez, Parishioner

Audrey Pei, Parishioner, St. Genevieve Catholic Church, California

Aleasa Crary , Na

Kathleen Marek Gleich, St. Thomas Aquinas, MN

Jackie Cardarelli, St Patrick’s Armonk

Katherine DeBacker , St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Julia A. Richmond Oliver , Parishioner, President Saint Gabriel’s Altar Rosary Society Marlboro, NJ

Richard Davis Anderson, Jr., Professor of Political Science, UCLA, Lector and Eucharistic Minister, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Thousand Oaks, CA

Michael I. Herold, Church of the Epiphany, Miami, Florida

Erin Duggan, Parishioner for 23 years at Holy Family Parish Duxbury MA

Sharon M. Hampton, St. Hilary Church, Tiburon CA

Jonathan I Lunine , Parishioner, St. Catherine of Siena, Ithaca, NY

John Duggan Parishioner for 23 years at Holy Family Duxbury Ma

Matthew, Colman, Monica Duggan Parishioners for 23 years Holy Family Duxbury MA,

Robert Jensen, Catholic Spiritual Director

Dr. Stan Heck, St. Barbara Church, Erlanger, KY — lay leader

Sylvia Pituch , St Thomas More /Allentown PA

Patrick L. Walsh, Music Director, St. Andre Bessette Catholic Parish, Portland, Oregon – Brother of a Survivor

Mary Roberts, Church of St. John Neumann

Patricia Roloff, Sacred Heart Parish – Fleming Island, Florida

Mary McCloskey Corzine, Holy Trinity Washington, DC

Donna Whitaker St. Mark Parish Vienna VA

Debra S. Walsh, Parishioner, St. Andre Bessette Catholic Parish, Portland, Oregon

Patricia Brandl

Laszlo Peter Kestay, Faithful Catholic, San Francisco de Asis Paris, Flagstaff, AZ

Joan Love, Grief and Music Minister, St Cecilia Parish, Stanwood, Washington

Pat Gavula, Online Mass Viewer

Shirley L J Robless, OSF, Franciscan Family of Greensboro

Mary Ann Macias, parishioner

Jeanne-Marie Gagnon, Holy Name of Mary Parish, Montessori School Director

Mary Kenney, St. Thomas More Catholic Student Parish, Kalamazoo, MI – Parishioner

Allan W Chalmers Parishioner St. Mary’s Longmeadow, MA.

Ricardo Sarmiento

Lauren Lindstrom, St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Prayer Group Leader, Music Minister

Anne Brennan Raderstorf BA Theology The College of St Catherine , St. Paul, MN, Newman Center Community, Columbus , Ohio

Donna Lee Garland

Joan Troy Pelli, St Brigid Catholic Church

Timothy Gaulin, St. Matthews Church, RI

Eileen T. Duff, Our Lady’s Parish Newton, MA – Parishioner

Mary Rippy, St.Patrick’s Church

Joanne Nuzzo, St. John the Evangelist Winthrop Ma

Helen Donovan, Saints Philip and James Parish/ Parishioner

Bambi Vargo

Anne-Marie Yu-Phelps, Paulist Center Community Member

Peter Martin Gleich , Catholic High School Campus Minister & Religion Teacher

Robert E Evans, UNIVERSITY of Dayton

Lisa Morley, Voice of the Faithful – Friend

Fran Minichiello, Fran Minichiello

Deborah Gregson, Paulist Center, Boston, MA; Co-coordinator/Lay Minister Youth Liturgical Ministries

Rose Ann Walla

Michelle Sirois, St. Mary’s Dedham, MA – parishioner

Diane Maguire, Our Mother of Consolation Philadelphia

Vanesa Garces-Welsh, Parishioner at Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Mary Sulgit Mallon, VOTF Member, Immaculate Conception Parish, Elmhurst, IL

Mary McFadden Boyle

Helene Zubey , St. John the 23rd, Tamaqua Pa

Erin Killebrew, St. Francis Xavier College Church, St. Louis; lay person

Mary Anne Klement, St. Anthony of Padua, Westbrook, Maine

Dave Tracey, Educator/Clinical Social Work

Jane Webre, St. Francis Xavier (College) Church, Parishioner

Margaret Dolan, Parishioner Holy Family

Judith Robb Bullock, St. Michael the Archangel Parish

Michael J. Harvan, Ph.D., Psychologist, Parishioner Holy Family

John Mayernik

Susan Elliott, Holy Family Cathedral, Anchorage, AK

Anh Phillips, St. Thomas More, Decatur GA, Parish Council

Patrick X. Gardner, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion (Catholic Studies), Christopher Newport University

Jennifer Princivalle, St. Alphonsus Parish, parishioner

Christina Graf

Renee Kazarnowicz, St. Thomas More Parish

Sarah Borden, St Thomas more

Barbara Birch, Church of the Epiphany, North Chesterfield, VA

Tyler Austin Spears, Holy Comforter Catholic Church, Charlottesville VA

James A Burk, St Patrick’s, Malvern PA

Margaret Dolan, Parishioner Holy Family
K.R. McElynn M.D., Prayer without action will bring no Grace. U.S. Bishops, the time is now.

Marietta Grabowski, Church of the Epiphany, North Chesterfield, VA 23236

Christine Johnstone, Saint Ephrem’s

Anne Fredrickson, Parish member

Jennifer Meehan , Baptized Catholic

Michael C. Kazarnowicz, Parishoner St. Thomas More. Allentown, PA

Theresa A Connell, Voice of the Faithful memberand parishoner at St. Patricks Church, Southold, NY

Allan S. Connell, VOTFmember and parishoner at St. Patricks Church, Southold, NY

Wayne Johnstone, St. Ephram’s

Julie Pichur

Marilyn Cassidy, Roman Catholic, wife, mother, grandmother

Steven William Castillo , St Louise De Marillac

Alaina Griffin, St Augustine Catholic Church

Margaret McMahon, Retired; Member of Risen Christ Catholic Community, Boise, ID

William and Donna Amy Podobinski, Dignity Pittsburgh Chaplains

Jacqueline McCawley

Elia Rubio Cuomo, St. Matthew Church, Hallandale Beach, FL, Parishioner

C. Michael Reimringer, Spiritus Christi, Rochester, NY

Renee Cassidy Gushurst, St. Cornelius parish, Chadds Ford PA; cantor, choir member, and catechist

Joseph Ciaravino, Church of All Saints, FSSP Minneapolis

Martha Lauffer, Our Lady Queen of the Americas

Theodore Victorio

Kim Dillon

Cathleen Elizabeth Corbett, St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church, Parishioner/Oregon Faith and Sharing, Coordinator

Jasen Michael Sawyer, Discerning RCIA, I am a parishioner at Sacred Heart Parish, Turlock, CA

Gabriela Silvani Antonelli

Christine Phelps, Parishioner, Church of the Epiphany, Chesterfield, VA

Victor B. Pituch, St Thomas More, Allentown PA

Dominic Hartjes, St. Paul’s Church in St. Cloud, MN

Martha R. Kurowski, St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish

Cynthia C. Mathews

Emily Lippert, St. James, Wilkinsburg, PA

Christopher Agron, Youth minister.

Kevin O’Connor

Krista N Crennan , St Joseph’s Cathedral San Diego, CA – Parishioner

Elizabeth J. Wittschen, Theology Teacher, Georgetown Visitation

Kevin Borden, St Thomas More Allentown

Denise Marks, St bonaventure’s catholic community Eucharistic minister

Margaret Maxwell, St. Joseph’s University Parish, Buffalo, NY

Brian J Manning, St Ignatius Loyola Church NYC

Jean Pieczynski , St Ignatius R C Church, Parishioner, Diocese of Scranton, PA

Jacqueline Purvis

Jane Cavolina

Paula Sapienza, Pastoral Associate, St. Ignatius Loyola Church, Denver, CO

Gwen torre, St Patrick church Armonk, Ny

Mallory Green, University of Dayton Alumna, Saint Louis University graduate student, Campus Minister St Mary’s High School

Michael F. Luzzi, St Catherine of Siena, Ithaca NY

Andrea McGinley , Parishioner

Jean Luzzi, Active parishioner, St. Catherine of Siena Church, Ithaca, NY

Fr. Stephen Yavorsky, SJ, Jesuit priest, pastor of St. Francis Xavier parish, Kansas City, Missouri

Mark Consilvio , Holy Trinity Church

Joe Fitzgerald, Saint Anselm’s, San Anselmo, CA

Tara Hajhamou, St. Patrick’s Church, Armonk, NY

Alice Teufel, Saint Ignatius Church

David W Larsen

Victor Zielinski, Spirit of Christ Catholic Community, Arvada, CO – parishioner

Ellen Reuland , Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish, Alpharetta, Ga.

Elizabeth McDyer, Saint Joseph, Aston, Parishioner

Jessica DiMatteo , St Patrick’s Armonk NY

Patrick Mulligan, Church of St. Mary, Ponca City, OK

Demetra Schwieger, CGS Catechist, St Leo Parish, Tacoma, WA

Lisa Marie Hughes Bank, Lay person

Emilio DiMatteo, St Patrick’s Armonk N.Y.

John Paul Miles

Susan Authement Dunnam

Mary H Ryan, St Charles-St Ann’s Syracuse NY

Paul Ryan, St. Charles/Anns

Theresa Paul, Sacred Heart Parish, Pullman, Washington. Director of Faith Formation

Sarah Farrell, St. John’s Parish Worcester, BA Theology Fordham University

Jo Golden, Church of St Patrick

Alice Serensits

Linda Doyle, DRE-St. Peter Catholic Church

E. Jean Johnson, Voice of the Faithful, St. Thomas the Apostle Church, W.Htfd., CT

Tom Doyle, St. Peter Catholic Church

Patrick H. Ryan, St. Charles Parish Syracuse, N.Y.

Kourtney DeRosa, Saint Patrick’s, Armonk

Jeanne Hallinan, St Joseph, Downingtown PA

Deborah Otto Sunderman

Irene Amezcua , St Francis of Assisi

Sandra Lorde Michael, Oblate OSB

Grace Manidis, DeSales University, Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Diocese of Allentown)

Elaine Richardson, St. Thomas More, Allentown, Pa

Abigail L Lofte, PhD Candidate, University of Saint Michael’s College at the University of Toronto

Andrew Philip Hannawi, St Brigid Church, San Diego, layman

William Engleman, Past member, Diocese of Albany Peace and Justice Commission. Past member, Board, National Catholic Rural Life Conference. Involved in social justice & peace ministry at parish level for two decades. Experienced pathological acts of priest who’d abused, marginalizing & stifling prophetic voices.

Barbara Williams Mother

Vincent J. Gaitley, Dean Emeritus, Harcum College

Chris Arredondo , SSPX.
Marisa Caviness

Melinda Muenzberg, Parishioner & Catholic Cursillista – Excelsior, Minnesota

Tim Murphy, St. Bede Church Williamsburg, Virginia

Beth judge, Teacher Newhall School District

Alison Grace , Old St Patrick’s Church, Chicago IL
Marcy J Homel, St Margaret Mary Church, Lower Burrell, PA

Sabrina Yang, UCLA

Sarah Kleman, Former Catholic

Donald C. Wunsch II, Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology
Mary K. Finley Missouri Distinguished Professor

Jo-Ann, Parishioner

Anne Jeffries, Sacred Heart Parish, Caruthersville, MO

Mary Steele

Susan M. Seniw McNamara, Religious Education Secretary

Patricia DeBenedittis May

Damaris Molina, St. Louis of France Church, Catechist

Anne Wicks , Parishioner at St. Joseph the Worker Parish

B Soltis, St Vincent de Paul Philadelphia Pa

Rosanne C Cowen, St Andrew Newtown, PA Concerned parent

Fr. Patrick McSherry, OFM Cap

Mary Dwyer, St. Mary’s Church, Mansfield MA

Danielle Rossi, Chestnut Hill College

James Stuart Osbourn, Dignity New York

David Larson, Parishioner – Tampa, FL

Catherine Dunn, Parishioner

Judith Cute

Nancy Clark-Chiarelli, St. Rose of Lima

Carol Gammell, Psychotherapist

Alex Anne Worth , University of Michigan, catechist and future teacher

Susan Foster Driscoll , St Joseph on the Brandywine, Wilmington DE

Reed Aubin, Chimacum High School, teacher

Marisa Januzzi-Thomas, St. Pius X catchist, lector

Frank C. Fillmore, Jr., St. Pius X, Archdiocese of Baltimore; Lector, EM, Thurifer

Lee Myalls, St. John the Evangelist Naples, FL

Robert E Sletvold, Esq, Sacred Heart Bethlehem

Scherlie A Devine, 50 years a Catholic; BA Theology

Michael Luby, Notre Dame Parish New Hyde Park,NY

Herbert Ely, Catholic University of America, class of 1964

William Driscoll, St. Joseph’s on the Brandywine