Daily Theology

Theology Ruined My Life

By: Elizabeth Nawrocki

Dr. Jessica Wrobleski, Dr. Andrew Staron, Elizabeth Nawrocki, & Dr. Dan O’Hare at Wheeling Jesuit University’s 2016 commencement

When I officially decided to switch my major from biology to theology during sophomore year, I knew the transition would be a little rough. No longer would my nights be filled with lab reports and studying for tests but rather with hundreds of pages of reading and comparable amounts of writing. But study habits weren’t the only thing to face massive transformation.

Spending my undergraduate career studying theology has ruined my life and destroyed my faith. I am not who I was when I started college, and I thought I was in a pretty good spot. Little did I now that simply switching my major would take my life in a whole other direction. Here’s how studying theology can really mess you up:




If you’re happy with the way your life is right now, don’t study theology. If you don’t mind having your life ruined and then rebuilt in an absolutely beautiful way, then go for it.

In the weeks leading up to graduation, I became very emotional about leaving such a wonderful place filled with wonderful people who have helped me rebuild. Then I realized that if graduating from college is the worst part of my life right now, things are going pretty well. Looking at where I am now, I think I can say the three things Rev. Ryan Maher, S.J. suggests graduating seniors say as they leave. So, to those of you who were a part of this experience: thank you, I am sorry, and I love you.



Elizabeth Nawrocki graduated from Wheeling Jesuit University in 2016 with a major in Theology with a minor in Justice, Gender, and Diversity. During her time at WJU, she was a resident of the Mother Jones House, was active with the Service for Social Action Center, and the retreat program.  In the fall she will join the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest and work in a L’Arche community.